Which is better to choose an inverter welding machine

How to choose an inverter welding machine? Today, among the welding machines, the most popular is the inverter welding machine. Such a device, due to its compactness and ease of use, is a very useful and necessary thing, both for the professional and for the amateur.

Welding inverter design

The design of the welding inverter.

An invertor apparatus is a direct current device, the operation scheme of which is quite simple. Its components are a network rectifier, followed by an inverter, then a high-frequency transformer, after it an output rectifier and at the end a choke. The alternating current in the network rectifier is converted to direct current. In the inverter, the DC voltage is converted again into an alternating high-frequency voltage, which is reduced in the transformer. Next, the alternating current in the output rectifier is converted to a constant high-frequency voltage, and the design is terminated by a choke. In other words, the operation of the inverter is to convert AC to DC.

Below are the main types of devices, their pros, cons and scope.

Household inverter welding machine

Ways to connect a welding inverter

Ways to connect a welding inverter.

This unit is used mainly for short work (from a few minutes to half an hour) in living conditions. Averaging of a home appliance averages 200 A, which allows for small or one-time work.

The main advantages of a household welding device are its small weight, up to 10 kg, and compact forms, which makes the use of such a device very convenient in living conditions.

In addition, this unit can work from a 220 V outlet, i.e. has less power consumption.

It is worth noting such a plus, as the good quality of the weld. Due to the stable voltage, any device in the hands of an inexperienced welder will weld the seam qualitatively.

An important advantage of the device is the presence of the welding current control function, which allows the use of argon-arc welding.

Now for the cons. The first is the high price of the device. The unit is afraid of moisture and dust, so it is recommended to store it in a dry and ventilated room. Do not throw it, because this unit does not take out strong blows.

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Professional inverter welding machine

Panel Inverter Welding Machine

Panel inverter welding machine.

Professional unit is not much different from domestic. Its weight is insignificant, but it should slightly exceed the weight of the domestic appliance, at least 10 kg.

Unlike a household appliance, the pro device has an amperage of 200 A and can work for several hours without interruption. It is also important that the power supply has a voltage of at least 220 V. There is a function for adjusting the current, and operating modes can be set.

Due to a considerable power level and a long working process, such a device is used in workshops, in utilities, for repair of communications, etc. In other words, this unit is used in hard maintenance work and for a long time.

The disadvantage is again considerable value. After using the device, it is necessary to make sure that it does not get clogged with dust or dirt, and it is recommended to periodically blow it. It is undesirable to use it at a low temperature.

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Industrial inverter welding machine

The principle of operation of the inverter

The principle of operation of the inverter.

The industrial inverter device, as well as the previous ones, has a low weight and small dimensions, which makes it very convenient to use. Depending on the type of welding, such inverters are distinguished: a device for welding in an argon environment and inverters for electric arc welding using stick electrodes.

The industrial device is used for welding of complex metal structures, during the installation of pipelines, in the construction of industrial zones, i.e., where a large amount of welding and continuous operation of the inverter is needed.

The high price here is the main drawback. Do not use it at low temperatures, and do not forget to clean the device from dust and dirt.

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Which inverter to choose?

Principe Welding Inverter Circuit

Principle electric circuit of the welding inverter.

If there was a question about the need to purchase such a device, you can consult with experts. How to choose a device will depend on some points to consider.

Experts advise when choosing a device, first of all, to determine in which area the welding will be carried out (in living conditions, at a construction site or at industrial sites). Next you need to know what voltage will be at the place of welding. For this it is better to measure it immediately.

It is also necessary when choosing a device to take into account the metal with which welding is supposed. If, say, cast iron, then you need a powerful device and, accordingly, a greater voltage in the outlet, and if steel, then an average power device will do.

And, of course, you need to determine the duration of welding.

The longer the work will be carried out, the device must have greater uninterrupted operation.

Thus, given the above, you can easily determine and select the desired device.

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