What you need to buy for soldering a soldering iron

Before you solder or bummer something, you need to acquire the appropriate materials and tools. The main thing you need to solder with a soldering iron is a soldering tool, tin and flux.

Soldering process

Soldering is the process of joining elements by injecting solder between them.

In addition to them, you will need a stand for a soldering iron and various holders for parts that are to be soldered. Do not do without pliers, side cutters, a knife and tape measure.

The choice of devices

Soldering Iron Stand

To protect against fire when soldering, you must use a stand for a soldering iron.

The choice of tools for holding parts depends on the imagination and acquired skills. It can be all kinds of clips, tweezers, vices, which are designed to provide the desired position and immobility of parts. The stand for the soldering iron will prevent damage to the table on which it is working, and other surrounding objects from temperature. When soldering large structures will need fixtures for heating parts. To adjust the temperature of the soldering iron, you can use the dimmer dimmer.

If you have to do soldering work regularly, then the best option would be to use a soldering station. Such stations are equipped with a device for adjusting and maintaining the temperature of the tool tip within the specified limits. The set of such stations, as a rule, includes a large set of accessories. Often the plumber is in such a position that he lacks hands. There is a device "third hand" that allows you to conveniently arrange and secure the parts to be joined. Foam sponge is used to clean the tip.

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Choice of a soldering iron

Soldering irons come in a variety of designs depending on power, temperature and method of heating. The same parameters are guided in choosing a soldering iron depending on the object to be soldered. According to the method of heating devices are electric, gas, with heating from an external source - a blowtorch, fire, blacksmith's forge. By power, electric soldering irons range from 12 to 250 watts. The choice is made depending on the purpose of the work: soldering chips, working with thin or thick wires and large metal objects. For safe soldering, soldering irons with a voltage of 12 or 36 V are suitable, but they will require the use of transitional equipment. Universal voltage will be 220 V. There are soldering irons with autonomous power. Charging batteries will last for 2 hours.

Soldering device

Soldering device.

For convenience of soldering, soldering tips are used in various shapes and sizes. Wrought copper is used as a sting material. It is more convenient to use the tool with interchangeable tips and adapted to change the length of the tip. When soldering thick-walled parts apply a hammer soldering iron. So soldering iron restore radiators cars

Some soldering irons use gas for heating. A small burner is built compactly with a gas tank that can be refueled just like a regular lighter. Such a soldering iron can be used independently, as well as a battery.

In addition to the soldering iron and auxiliary tools can not do without solder. There are many types of solder. Most solders have tin and lead in their composition. The difference of solders from each other in different melting temperature and hardness of the composition. There are different configurations of the appearance of solders. It is most convenient to use solder in the form of wire or rod. There are solder rods with flux inside.

Fluxes are needed to remove dirt and oxides from the surfaces of the parts to be joined and the molten solder. Flux provides good wettability of the solder and diffuse penetration into the metal structure.

One of the most popular fluxes is rosin.

This substance is part of many fluxes. Having a soldering iron, solder and flux, you can already solder. Everything extra that is needed for soldering is acquired simultaneously with experience.

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