What soldering iron to choose for the house

The soldering iron is used for soldering and is in great demand in everyday life. Before deciding which soldering iron to buy, it is recommended to find out its design features.

Types of soldering irons

Types of soldering irons.

Constituent elements

The instrument in question is available with a ceramic and spiral heater. The first type of soldering iron heats up quickly, but requires careful handling. Analogs with spiral heaters are durable, but warm up for a long time. A soldering iron is recommended to choose according to the shape of the tip. This parameter is presented in the form of a cone, blade, needle. When selecting the considered instrument is taken into account:

  • sting resistance;
  • thermal insulation handles;
  • the ability to self-adjust the length of the sting.

The soldering iron can have a different power (from 10-500 W). It is recommended to buy a unit for the house with a working voltage of 220 V. Such a tool is suitable for any outlet. From a security point of view, experts advise buying a 36 V unit. If the soldering iron is 12 V, then you can also buy a step-down transformer. The apparatus with a spiral heater consists of a ceramic or mica tube, covered with wire. In everyday life, you can use a rod or an impulsive soldering iron.

If the soldering iron is selected by power, then this indicator depends on the type of upcoming work.

Ceramic Soldering Iron Table

Table of ceramic soldering irons.

Unsoldering of resistors and diodes is performed using devices with a capacity of 3-10 watts. Radio can be repaired with a tool with a power of 25 watts. For home, you can choose a soldering iron with 40 watts. In car services used units with a capacity of 100 watts. Radiators and other large metal objects are sealed with the help of a 150-watt apparatus.

With proper soldering experience, it is recommended to use a soldering station. It improves the quality of soldering several times, increasing the speed of work. The advantages of the soldering station include:

  • maintaining a constant temperature in the sting;
  • adjustment of the heating temperature;
  • availability of stand and bath for cleaning the soldering iron.
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Apparatus for home

When buying a soldering iron for the home, consider the following criteria:

  • reliability;
  • wide range of applications;
  • security.

At home, you can use a rod soldering iron. This device is considered durable, reliable and practical. The soldering iron for the house should have the following characteristics:

  • power - 25-40 watts;
  • voltage - 220 V;
  • minimum sizes;
  • the presence of a wooden handle;
  • the presence of a direct sting, tightly fixed to the tool body;
  • double insulation of the electrical cable;
  • the presence of lead-tin solder (wire thickness 34 mm);
  • dry rosin.
Refinement soldering tip

Refinement soldering tip.

Soldering pipes will require a soldering iron with certain characteristics. Its power should be 1-2 kW. Small scale works are performed using a 600 W apparatus. It is used for soldering pipes with a diameter of 16-65 mm. If the last figure is in the range of 65-90 mm, then the power of the soldering iron should be equal to 850 watts.

When buying an apparatus for soldering pipes, special attention is paid to the presence of various nozzles. They are made from metallized or regular teflon. Experts recommend giving preference to Czech products. Such devices are used to perform wide-range work. The soldering iron for microcircuits is selected taking into account the following parameters:

  • power - 25 W;
  • the ability to adjust the temperature of the sting;
  • solders with a low tin content;
  • flux.

Soldering is performed by grounding, otherwise the spark will damage the microcircuit.

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Practical advice

The soldering iron included in the power supply network can heat up to a temperature of 300 ° C. When working with this device, you must comply with safety regulations. Pre-prepared workplace.

There should be good lighting in the workroom. Plates are placed on the table. The surface must be coated with asbestos. Any items are soldered with tweezers, pliers, awls, knife, needles for a syringe.

It is not recommended to purchase a Chinese-made soldering iron. Such devices quickly fail. The recommended device resistance is 2 kΩ. Reliable tools are domestic production. The smaller the power of the soldering iron, the longer it will serve. This indicator should be in the range of 20-30 watts. You can purchase a soldering iron with autonomous power. The unit includes 2 batteries, charger and nozzles. With the help of the 1st charger, a continuous 2-hour soldering is performed.

Gas soldering irons are considered dangerous for the following reasons:

  • the sting is heated by the flame;
  • gas burns partially.

The company "ERSA" is a leading manufacturer of the considered unit. The power of a small soldering iron is 5 W, the voltage is 6 V, and the weight is 6 g. This device is used to repair various microelectronics. Pulse analogs are equipped with a built-in high-power pulse converter (power 70–200 W).

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