What is a household inverter welding machine

It is necessary to perform welding work in the house, repair the metal parts of the car, weld the muffler?

Scheme of the inverter device for welding

Scheme of the inverter device for welding.

The owner decides for himself where to start. Work should be performed after the acquisition of high-quality and reliable welding tools.

What is an inverter welding machine and what are its advantages in operation?

Welding inverter as a guarantee of quality work

Wiring diagram for welding inverter

Electrical connection circuit welding inverter.

A well-deserved popularity among amateurs and professionals acquired an inverter welding machine, which allows to conduct electric arc and argon-arc welding. Spheres of use of the device:

  • building;
  • automotive industry;
  • installation of metal parts;
  • household sphere.

The welding machine is an indispensable thing in the household. It does not require special knowledge and qualifications from the employee, is durable, reliable in work. All models of inverters are portable, have small dimensions, making it easy to transport them over long distances.

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Main types of power sources

Throttle circuit welding inverter

Throttle circuit welding inverter.

Many devices for work on the combination of materials have excellent performance and affordable price.

The welding inverter providing argon-arc welding is resistant to voltage drops. It forms a stable arc, equipped with a forced cooling system. Powered by DC. The device welds carbon and steel materials, stainless steel products.

The inverter is used during operation:

  • in the workshop for welding metal sheets;
  • with special repairs.

Protection class - 21, insulation class - F. The device is equipped with additional details: welding torch, cables and lugs. Tungsten electrodes from 1.6 to 2 mm are used. Power consumption is 6 kVA.

The work uses power transistors IGBT. The power consumption is 6.2 kW, the range of adjustment of current consumption is from 20 to 250 A. The device is equipped with a forced cooling system and an electronic scoreboard.

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Advantages of welding inverters

Advantages of the invertor welding machine

Advantages of the invertor welding machine.

Efficiency is an important indicator of the technical characteristics of the device. He is 85-95%. During operation, an ideal power factor of 0.99 is taken into account.

However, this is not all. Electrical materials are consumed in small quantities. When adjusting the mode parameters, the range from ampere units to several thousand is created. The arc is stable, there are no splashes.

Creating a working range of welding mode, you can count on a long-term load of power sources. It is about 80%. At the same time, the possibility of parallel operation of all sources with a single load arises.

During operation, you can adjust the welding mode and control the power source at a distance, ensuring your safety.

Welding works are carried out using electrodes for alternating and direct current. Manual arc welding is done with coated electrodes. The welding machine allows to ignite a stable arc with oscillation.

When using an inverter, another problem is solved - the possibility of carrying out the process using a short arc. As a result, the amount of electricity consumed decreases and an ideal joint is created. By working with an inverter, you can achieve minimal spatter during welding.

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Inverter Disadvantages

Welding current table

Welding current table.

Of great importance is the cost of the apparatus for welding. Installation of the inverter type is more expensive than transformer devices. A highly qualified welder can save money by purchasing a cheaper unit.

Inverter repair is very expensive. When replacing the UGBT module, the owner pays most of the cost of the device itself.

It is necessary to foresee the factors contributing to the failure of parts:

  • do not try to cut durable metal very quickly;
  • prevent fluctuations in direction in the electrical network;
  • Keep the source of protection - thermal relay.

When working with the device should be protected from dust and dirt. The device is cleaned at short intervals. It is unacceptable to use the inverter when working in the winter, when the thermometer shows below 0 ° C. With significant fluctuations in temperature condensation occurs, damaging the boards and components of the apparatus. At -15 ° C, the inverter completely fails.

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Recommendations for choosing a device for welding

Welding scheme

Welding scheme

The wisdom of the choice of the inverter is able to comprehend every owner. In order to prevent equipment failure, it is necessary to determine the amount of work to be done, the time it is carried out and the location of the apparatus.

If it is intended to use the device for domestic purposes, then pick up electrodes with a maximum value of 3 mm. The most popular is a welding machine with a power of 140. It allows you to establish continuous operation when using an electrode of 3 mm.

The magnitude of the voltage fluctuations in the electrical network. In the case of large differences in the electrical network, you must purchase a device that operates at low voltage. Buying an inverter with a digital indicator, you can count on establishing the exact value of the current strength when operating in different modes.

To perform the minimum amount of work, MMA inverters are purchased. A higher quality weld is formed after applying argon welding with a tungsten electrode.

The best device for connecting thin metals is a semi-automatic MIG / MAG device. When buying a device, you should not choose a model that is too cheap, since it can have a number of serious flaws in operation.

It is necessary to establish in advance the presence of printed circuit boards in the service network. In their absence, it is worth refusing to purchase such an inverter model. It is necessary to additionally purchase a set of welding cables with a length of about 2 m, equipped with a crocodile connector, as well as an electric holder and terminals for fastening them to the inverter.

Performing welding, it is necessary to remember that this is a creative process. With sufficient experience, the owner will be able to weld complex structures and light metals in a short time.

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