Proper soldering of bronze at home

To solder the bronze at home, you first need to get the necessary tools and materials, such as:

  • gas-burner;
  • crucible;
  • boric acid;
  • silver;
  • copper;
  • borax;
  • asbestos base.
The scheme of welding of bronze under flux

The scheme of welding of bronze under flux.

Ordinary tin-lead solder is not suitable for work at all. It will leave distinct marks on the details, besides, it is ineffective. Bronze soldering can be destroyed within a few hours of operation. It is very important to make a truly correct solder, which is suitable for bronze and brass. You can make it with the help of two materials - copper and silver.

And it is very important to observe the proportions. For work you will need 1 part of copper and 2 parts of silver. They must be melted using a gas burner, pre-placed materials in the crucible. It is important to ensure that the alloy is uniform. Next, the crucible is placed in cold water. The result is a uniform frozen alloy. Next, you need to flatten it to get a thin cake, which will be convenient to handle with a file. In the end, it should turn out baby alloy. It will be used as a solder.

Flux preparation: features

Soldering iron design

Soldering iron design.

Now you need to prepare your own flux, which will be used for soldering. Regular rosin in this case will not fit. It will not be able to melt the refractory powder. For these purposes, you will need a much more powerful mixture. For the preparation you will need 20 grams of borax powder and 20 grams of boric acid. You will have to mix the ingredients in a special container. You can use glass, as it does not interact with these components. It is necessary to fill in mix with a glass of water. The result is an excellent flux that is ideal for soldering bronze.

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Basics of soldering at home

After all the necessary components are ready, you can proceed to the soldering process itself.

Hard soldering scheme

The brazing scheme.

To start, the details need to be prepared, otherwise all the work can stall at its initial stage. All parts need to be degreased. To do this, you can use alcohol or gasoline. It all depends on what substance you have in stock. Further, the flux is evenly applied to the surface of the parts or assemblies to be joined. They must first be laid on an asbestos base. Next you need to take the powder, which acts as a solder, and sprinkle them with the parts to be joined in the place where it is planned to perform the soldering. Now it is imperative to take the burner and begin to heat the place where the connection will be made.

At the same time, this place should be heated gradually.

Sharp warming up can serve to education of not absolutely high-quality soldering.

Scheme of high-temperature soldering of bronze

The scheme of high-temperature soldering of bronze: 1 - torch movement; 2 - bar movement; 3 - movement of the burner and rod.

At the same time it is necessary to reach a temperature of 700 degrees Celsius. It is also very important to monitor the operation of the burner. It should not sharply heat the materials, as this leads to the destruction of their structure. When it comes to working with large parts, they need to be warmed up slowly and gradually, but sometimes you have to work with thin materials. In this case, everything happens extremely quickly. Flux contributes to the rapid heating of materials over the entire surface, and they without any problems are interconnected.

Of course, it is clear to everyone that this type of soldering is much more complicated than ordinary soldering with tin, but the connection is more durable and reliable. This is the only way to obtain a really strong joint at the exit, which in the area of ​​the seam will not differ much from the general structure of materials.

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Some useful tips

Temperature controllers for the soldering iron tip

Schemes of temperature controls of the soldering tip.

Now the reader needs to give some useful tips that will help him in the process of soldering bronze.

  1. Use only high-quality gas burners, as this tool is very dangerous to use. In advance, you need to make sure that it is really working. Otherwise, there may be some problems in the work. In recent years, instead of burners, many use building fens. This option is considered more secure. If a person has a similar tool, then that’s what you need to use. This not only makes the work safer, but also allows you to easily regulate the temperature, which is important in this process.
  2. In the work you need to use only the right proportions. If it is necessary to prepare more flux or solder, then it is imperative to observe proportional ratios, otherwise you can get at the output not quite high-quality compound, which will be destroyed in the shortest possible time.
  3. Uniform distribution of the mixture on the joined elements. In the process of preparing for soldering, make sure that the solder evenly lay on the parts to be joined. It is very important to get a uniform load on all areas.

If you do not follow these nuances in the process of work, then you can pay for the imminent breakdown of parts and the failure of the entire mechanism.

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