Making a machine for homemade spot welding

Devices with which help spot welding is carried out, it is possible to collect independently. This will require a basic transformer, wire, switch, adhesive tape. Such devices are simple and convenient to manufacture and operate. Spot welding is used when carrying out a large number of repairs in the house.

The appearance of homemade spot welding

Making homemade spot welding at home does not require a significant investment of time and money.

Basic methods

Experts recommend to get acquainted with the description of the assembly of equipment, installation of electrodes and take precautions. To manufacture an apparatus for homemade spot welding in several ways.

Designing a tool for working at home, as well as its repair, does not require a significant investment of time and money. The range of homemade devices is quite wide. Experts distinguish between equipment for working with large objects and portable devices. At home, use portable (desktop) model for welding ferrous and non-ferrous metals. They are easy to use and easy to repair if necessary.

In order to independently design a high-quality, reliable machine, you will need to find out what parts and elements will be needed during the assembly process. The key component of the equipment in most cases is presented in the form of a basic transformer. It should be mass production (sample OSM-1). If such a unit is not available, then apply a transformer from a microwave oven. He has enough power. You can do without a transformer, replacing it with an inverter. It is recommended to perform replacement only if you have the necessary knowledge and skills to remove the 1st device, select and install an inverter.

Spot Welding Scheme

Spot welding scheme.

The transformer needs to be prepared for installation. The primary winding on it is left unchanged. In the winding must be at least 200 turns. The secondary winding is replaced with a more powerful one in order to avoid emergency damage and equipment repair.

Adjusting the value of the current in the device is welcome, but not necessary. You can do a visual inspection of the color in the process of welding and orientation for the duration of heating. Duralumin rod is suitable for manufacturing holders for electrodes. The diameter of the rod should reach 30 mm. The strength of the material will avoid the possibility of an early breakdown of the device.

The bottom electrode should be fixed. It is required to isolate it from fixing bolts and cheeks. The insulation material may be washers or tape. In the holders, the electrodes are attached using 2 brass washers or bolts. With the help of springs holders with electrodes diluted in the original position. In this case, fit the spring from the clamshell. The device is connected to the network using a circuit breaker with a current of at least 20 A. The transformer and the winding must be grounded. The starter can be activated by pressing the pedal.

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Step-by-step instruction

The principle of spot welding

The principle of spot welding.

You can make a spot welding at home, having studied in detail the interatomic bonds. With their help connect the metal parts. Interatomic bonds occur during local heating. Homemade spot welding requires special tongs or an apparatus that can be assembled by yourself.

The finished tool should be easy to operate and powerful enough. The high-quality unit will allow to join sheet steel with a thickness of up to 3 mm. Transformer - the basis of such a unit. The primary winding of 200 turns of the wire sew 2-1.9 left in place, and the secondary must be replaced with wire PVZ-50. In the secondary winding there should be 2/3 turn lobes (total cross section - 100 sq. Mm)

It is possible to adjust the amount of current in the device for welding with the help of a time relay (exposure spectrum - up to 5 seconds). Insulation of duralumin electrode holders is performed using adhesive tape based on cotton or fixing bolts.

It is advisable to use copper electrodes with a diameter of 12 mm. Bolts and brass washers will help to fix them in the holders.

The spring for dilution of the holders to the initial position should not lead to a short circuit on the secondary winding during the operation of the transformer. Experts recommend using a plastic sleeve screwed to the end of a fixed holder. The launch of the device is carried out using its connection to the network. It can be controlled through a magnetic starter with a mushroom-shaped key and a pedal. The housing and the secondary winding are grounded.

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Features of operation

Parts for welding must be correctly positioned, clamped in the electrodes between which current will flow. With it, the metal will melt at the point of contact with the electrodes. Then the unit is turned off, and the product is forged by compressing the electrodes. Crystallization of the metal occurs and a weld is formed.

The speed of movement of the electrodes should remain unchanged. Connected surfaces must be tightly pressed together. It is necessary to provide the required amount of pressure to achieve high-quality welding.

The elements to be welded heat up fairly quickly due to short current pulses. The average length of this value is 0.01-0.1 s. It is used to melt the metal at the site of the electrodes and form a liquid core. The duration of the pulse may vary and determines the modes of spot welding.

Experts recommend to take into account the capacity of the equipment and working conditions. Heating time should be increased to work with metals prone to hardening, and for stainless steel parts, this figure should be reduced. Such precautions are necessary to prevent structural transformation. Failure to comply with the rules may contribute to the loss of metal anti-corrosion properties.

The pressure between the electrodes must be regulated, it must ensure a strong connection of parts. Before performing spot welding, care should be taken to protect against burns, electric shock and injury. It is required to ground the elements of the device. Particularly dangerous are the windings of the case and the ungrounded inverter.

It is necessary to provide quick access to buttons, knife switches and all disconnecting devices. The floor under the desktop unit must be dry, and under the floor structures you need to lay a rubber mat.

Before installing individual components, replacing or cleaning the electrodes, and repairing the unit, make sure that the electrode does not move.

The room for work must be aired; there must be workwear on the master.

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