How to repair a blowtorch

Repair of blowtorches, widely used in everyday life, it is possible to carry out on their own. The device is designed for soldering metal parts, it is also used to remove paintwork from the metal surface. Use only a working blowtorch, so the device must always be maintained in working condition. If there was a sudden breakdown, quickly repairing the lamp on your own, you can continue to work.

Device blowtorch

Device blowtorch.

Why can the lamp fail?

The device is used for rapid local heating and is experiencing significant, able to disable it load. To prevent serious damage using the lamp, you must follow the safety rules.

Use blowtorches

Lamps break down due to improper operation and overheating.

A powered or uncooled appliance should not be refueled or the lid of its reservoir opened. It is also necessary to monitor the tightness of the valves and pump connections. Proper operation will avoid complex repair or purchase of a new device.

Even if preventive measures are respected, breakage can still occur. Therefore, it is desirable to always have on hand the minimum necessary for the repair of a set of tools. You need to know the device and the weak points of the device, which will allow you to quickly and effectively repair the blowtorch. Only by accurately identifying the malfunction and finding out the cause of the failure, you can begin to repair the tool yourself.

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Restoration of the pump

If a hissing or other extraneous sound appears during operation, it is necessary to immediately turn off the lamp, as the pump may be disturbed. In such a situation, you need to restore a stable supply of fuel. Tools needed for repairs:

  • pliers;
  • screwdriver.


  • spring;
  • lubricating oil.

Perform the following actions:

  1. Unscrew the cap located on the lid, and remove the pump from the cylinder.
  2. Using a screwdriver, dismantle the valve in the valve.
  3. The element is cleaned of dirt and replace the spring in it.
  4. Docking stations of the pump and housing lubricated with engine oil.
  5. Assemble the lamp, following the procedure for mounting the pump.
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Eliminate fuel and air problems

Blowtorch repair tool

To repair a blowtorch, you will need a screwdriver, pliers, and thin wire.

If fuel opens incorrectly when the valve is opened, for example, it foams or leaks through the nozzle base, the jet can be clogged. Then the blowtorch should be repaired using the following tools:

  • needle or fine wire;
  • straight screwdriver;
  • pliers.


  • petrol.

Repair is carried out by performing the following actions:

  1. If there is a small blockage, the needle clears the calibration hole of the fuel tube.
  2. In the absence of a result, disassemble the jet.
  3. Then the wire is pushed into the hole in the fuel tube.
  4. Then they open the valve and carefully and carefully wash the channel with gasoline.
  5. Assemble the lamp, mounting and fixing the nozzle.
  6. In the event of a flame from under the rod should immediately extinguish the fire.
  7. Then the valve handle with the plug is removed and the stuffing box is replaced in the intake needle.

The lamp may be affected by the level of air pressure inside the chamber. In order to repair the device, it follows from the channels involved in the supply of air that the carbon is removed by flushing them with trichlorethylene. Then it is advisable to wash all the holes to remove rust with acid and blow it out with compressed air. After such a procedure, the device will not require repair for a long time.

To know how to repair a blowtorch, you need to consider the features of each tool.

In addition to the problems inherent in most devices, each device may have its own weak points, which more often than others require repair. Older devices need special attention and regular prevention, as a serious breakdown can permanently disable them. With care and observance of the rules of the blowtorch will serve for many years.

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