How to make brazing at home

Zinc alloy with copper is called brass. Brazing at home is a rather difficult task. But it can be used to repair radiators, pipes or other non-ferrous metal products.

Brass Gas Burner

For efficient and reliable brazing brass at home, you must use a gas burner.

Soldering features

In order to perform a high-quality soldering of various products from colored or chrome-plated metal, you need to know the features of this process. During this process, an oxide film should be removed from the surface of the parts. Regular rosin and rosin-alcohol composition, available in almost every home, are not able to cope with this task. Therefore, you need to use active ingredients, the main ingredient of which should be zinc chloride. This will help to create high-quality flux that can improve the efficiency of the connection of parts.

Brass Soldering Supplies & Tools

Materials and tools for brazing.

To perform soldering at home, special attention should be paid to the selection of solder. For this it is best to apply the following formulations:

  • copper phosphorus;
  • silver.

Such compounds are quite well combined with brass, which contains a large amount of copper. The main condition for the use of such solder will be that it must have a lower melting point than the workpiece.

To repair heating radiators, soldering at home is done by hard solders based on a phosphorus-copper alloy. Hard solder in comparison with soft has greater strength. This allows improving the quality of the prepared compound.

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Parts soldering process

Knowing the features of soldering at home, you can go directly to its implementation. To do this, you need a base of asbestos, a graphite crucible, a gas burner and boric acid.

In addition, solder, flux and borax will be needed. Borax is an acid-based sodium salt solution. It is an essential attribute of the preparation of high-quality flux. Without the use of borax, the seam will still work, but its strength characteristics will be at a rather low level. Particularly weak will be the places of bends, spike on which can quickly disperse.

Initially, you need to prepare a solder. To do this, one share of copper or bronze should account for 2 shares of silver. These metals are placed in a crucible in which they will be heated. A gas burner will be used as a heater. To obtain a high-quality alloy, it must be constantly mixed. This will help to get a homogeneous liquid mass.

Solder Solder Table

Solder table for soldering.

When a homogeneous mixture is obtained, it must be placed in a bath of cold water. After it cools, the resulting alloy must be broken into small pieces or cut into chips.

For the manufacture of flux will need 20 g of boric acid and borax. They are mixed with a glass of water (250 ml). Having prepared all the necessary components, you can proceed to the soldering process at home.

To do this, the surface of the parts is treated with flux and sprinkled with solder chips. Then you need to heat the parts to 700-750 °. This can be done on a gas burner. During this process it is worthwhile to fear overheating, since the parts may be deformed.

When heating to the desired temperature occurs, the parts are connected. After that, they should be left in a fixed position for 30-40 seconds.

If soldered elements have a massive structure, then their heating should be performed gradually.

In this case, it is more convenient to use an ordinary soldering iron.

Of course, the implementation of this operation requires great effort and experience. But the more often spikes of different elements will be performed in this way, the easier it is to perform each subsequent operation.

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