How to make a mini soldering iron with your own hands

A soldering iron is an important tool for working in every home. On sale there is a huge selection of tools of various capacities.

Elements for the manufacture of a soldering iron

Mini soldering iron can be easily made from improvised means.

Using simple options for quick production, you can make a mini soldering iron yourself.

Homemade device of resistor

The choice of the type of tool depends on what you are going to solder, because each of its kind has its own advantages and disadvantages. A small power tool will not be able to warm up soldering elements well, and a powerful one can overheat them.

For small works, it is unprofitable to buy a tool that will not be used later. The alternative is welding, but it is poorly suited for home work.

Resistor Soldering Iron

A soldering iron made of a resistor is just as good as a regular store-bought one.

Connect the wiring, cables, fix the antenna can be a homemade device, if you do not plan to engage in such work in the future. Often disposable rations are performed at home, so a small device can be used.

To get a good result, you need to follow simple rules: surfaces should be cleaned to a shine, and during work they should be tightly connected and heated to the required temperature.

For small amounts of work, you can make a simple soldering iron.

Need to cook:

  • resistor;
  • 2 pieces of copper wire;
  • wooden sticks.

The resistor is an important element of the device. It is better not to buy a Chinese product, but to use Soviet-made copper products. A wooden block is needed for the handle, and copper wires must be insulated.

Soldering device with a resistor

The device is a soldering iron with a resistor.

A device made from a 51 ohm resistor will be used for a voltage of 24 volts. If you need a tool to work with a higher voltage, then pick up another resistor.

First we clean it of paint. From the stripped end of the wire we make a loop, which we put on the edge of the resistor, and on the other side we solder the second end. We make a small twist of wire to fasten it to a wooden bar.

The sting should be no more than 1 cm, and the end of the resistor - no more than 2-2.5 cm. The fixture is ready. Watch the video to more clearly present the assembly steps.

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DIY impulse device

Sometimes a thin soldering iron is needed for work, because not everyone can make jewelry soldering with a thick tool. Soldering of small parts or electronic components with a plastic case must be carried out quickly so as not to melt the wiring.

Often, radio amateurs need to do small jobs at home. They are convenient to make a pulse soldering iron.

From simple and affordable materials you can make a device for small work at home.

A small current is applied to the copper sting during soldering, but not constantly. This is an economical option for soldering.

Scheme of a pulse soldering iron

Scheme of a pulse soldering iron.

Pulse soldering iron is made of transformer.

Production steps:

  • disassemble the transformer housing;
  • remove the winding;
  • make a new winding of the copper bus;
  • connect copper wire sting;
  • weld or screw the ends to the winding;
  • make 2 holes in the transformer housing;
  • fasten the sting;
  • replace the switch with the button;
  • place the board in the case and screw it up;
  • make a pen.

To insulate the bus, you must put fiberglass or another insulator.

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Making a soldering iron in the body of a ballpoint pen

You can make the device in a plastic case from a ballpoint pen.

It is necessary to prepare the following materials:

Ball Pen Soldering Iron

You can solder various microchips from a ballpoint pen with a soldering iron.

  • ballpoint pen;
  • resistor;
  • wires;
  • insulation material;
  • a piece of textolite;
  • copper and steel wire;
  • power supply.

An important condition for production: the heating parts must be reliably insulated, so choose wires with a large temperature margin so that they do not overheat.

Assembly steps:

  • clear the resistor;
  • cut the leg and drill a hole in the end;
  • expand the hole with a large drill;
  • cut the threads on the body of the cup;
  • wire bend into the ring;
  • make a rectangular PCB board in the shape of a rectangle and solder wires to it;
  • solder the wire ring to the resistor;
  • fasten the sting into the prepared hole;
  • put a gasket for insulation;
  • In the case of a plastic handle, place the board.

Soldering a homemade soldering iron is as convenient as usual. The sting after a certain period of time, cleaned or changed.

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A simple device of a gas lighter

The gas tool can be used anywhere, because it is a stand-alone device. There are a lot of options when there are no sockets nearby, so it’s nice to have such a necessary tool with you. If you are on the road or in nature, then you can help out a gas soldering iron.

A soldering iron with your own hands from a gas lighter can be made in a few minutes. Buy a cigarette lighter in a metal case, and use copper wire to sting and fasten it.

Used materials and tools:

  • lighter;
  • wire;
  • pliers;
  • file.

It is better to buy a lighter with a high flame temperature, models that work even in windy weather.

Bend the wire with pliers, and then wrap it around the body of the lighter. The other end of the wire needs to be sharpened. We fix the sting with a thin wire in several turns. It remains to make a performance check.

In the future, if the device is not useful, it can be disassembled.

Tips, recommendations, videos will help to make a soldering iron with your own hands. This is a good way out of the situation when you need to do an urgent soldering.

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