How to make a homemade soldering iron

A homemade soldering iron is an important tool not only for an amateur, but also for a professional who wants to make his work as comfortable and convenient as possible. After all, having assembled your own device for soldering, you can not only work with simple materials, but also take complex ones that are not amenable to the usual (factory) tool. In addition, soldering irons manufactured in the PRC (China) are on the market, which look quite modern, but quickly break.

Soldering iron for home needs

Tools and materials for the manufacture of a soldering iron can be purchased at any electrical goods store.

How to do it: recommendations for making

To make a soldering iron, it is necessary to have materials for its manufacture, as well as to strictly observe safety precautions. After all, as you know, for any violations in the circuit, a short circuit may occur, and a fire will begin. It is advisable to consult with experienced professionals who will tell you how to choose the parts for manufacturing. It is possible to assemble both standard and pulsed soldering irons, necessary for work of varying complexity.

The main "element" of the soldering iron is a resistor.

The device soldering iron

The device soldering iron "gun".

They have a resistance of 1.2 to 1.7 kΩ. Usually, the number 1500 is written on the factory soldering tool - this is the very indicator. If you have spoiled or broken tools of the USSR era, it is advisable to use their spare parts, since the elements of such equipment are of the highest quality.

An important detail is the handle - the safety of the master will depend on its quality. Do not use cracked, broken holders for assembling a homemade soldering iron!

We also need a sting, a bolt and a collar, and to strengthen the very sting - foil. It will improve the quality and protect the instrument from excessive overheating. It is necessary to carefully assemble the base, after which you can proceed directly to the "revitalization" of the device.

To the contacts of the resistor we fasten wires with a plug. It is necessary not only to fix, but screw the wiring, as the temperature can be quite large, and there is a risk of breakage.

Soldering device

Soldering device.

After all the pins are connected, gently insert the sting into the hole of the resistor. In advance, place a foil in the cavity, which will help protect the device from overheating, as well as protect the soldering process. The collar needs to be fixed very well, since with a strong push you risk breaking the soldering iron. Remember that adherence to the order of connection - the key to successful operation of the device.

So, a homemade soldering iron is recommended to use in the open air: the paint on the resistor will burn, the melting temperature is high, and the smell that appears during operation may be unpleasant. But do not worry. This happens only in the first times.

Do not worry if the resistor will heat up to bright red. This is normal!

So, if you use a homemade soldering iron, be sure of the excellent quality of work, which is carried out with minimal energy costs.

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