How to make a gas soldering iron with your own hands

A soldering iron is a simple tool that almost every owner has. Repair of TV, cell phones, radio equipment, the connection of wires, antennas, cables is performed by soldering. You can use welding, but at home it is not easy to apply.

Gas soldering iron

Gas soldering iron is needed to perform minor repairs of electronic devices. In order to save it is easy to do it yourself.

If the house does not have the right tool, you can make a soldering iron with your own hands.

Types of soldering irons and soldering rules

Soldering is the process of obtaining a permanent connection, which is obtained using a special tool - a soldering iron.

Soldering irons can be electric, induction, pulse, gas. The easiest option to make a solder is to use a screwdriver heated on gas, but it is not very effective, because the screwdriver cools quickly.

Soldering iron circuit

Scheme of a soldering iron.

Another version of the tool is a copper bar, which is sharpened on one side, and on the other it is mounted on a rod with a handle. The tool is heated on a gas stove or blowtorch.

Depending on what you solder, use different types of soldering irons. If the amount of work is large, it is better to use an electric soldering iron, and the gas tool is perfect for soldering in difficult conditions where there is no electricity or it is turned off.

Before starting work, read the simple rules for a good result:

  • surfaces should be well cleaned;
  • they must have a tight fit;
  • during work, the connected elements must be heated to the required temperature.

To isolate the place of soldering apply electrical tape or a special tube, which is slightly heated and fixed.

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Choosing the right tool.

Soldering iron soldering device for small parts

Adaptation to the soldering iron for soldering small parts.

The choice depends on your priorities in work, because you can solder various parts, but at home you are more likely to deal with such problems as lengthening wires, soldering connectors, antennas, electrical equipment.

For work in the country or at home is well suited electric soldering iron, which has a reasonable price. Conveniently, they can work for a long time. Its disadvantages are:

  • temperature is not regulated;
  • overheating sting;
  • the presence of static electricity, which can damage soldering components;
  • short service life;
  • poor soldering tip insulation.

A convenient and functional device is a gas soldering iron, the main advantage of which is that you can work anywhere, regardless of the outlet. Such a tool has a fairly high price, but they can solder all that is needed.

Gas soldering iron is convenient to carry or carry in the car.

You can repair electrical equipment on the road in case of breakdown of the machine or fix the antenna on the roof of the house.

Gas tools are mobile, they are powered by a can filled with gas. You can use them as a gas burner. The price of the tool may be different. It depends on the manufacturer, type of flame, degree of security, temperature of heating.

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DIY tool making

Temperature controllers for the soldering iron tip

Schemes of temperature controls of the soldering tip.

A soldering iron is a necessary tool, but it is not always there. Sometimes its price surprises, or you don’t want to buy it because of the small amount of work.

You can save money and make your own tools. It is good to get the advice and recommendations of specialists so that the question of how to make a soldering iron with your own hands was not difficult.

The simplest option is to make a soldering iron using a gas lighter. To work you need to prepare:

  • lighter;
  • thin copper wire;
  • a piece of copper wire 4 mm thick;
  • file;
  • pliers.

It is better to use a lighter in the metal case that it was heated less. The plastic lighter begins to warm already after 15 minutes. It is better to use a strong lighter that will burn for a long time and not burn your hands.

Do not buy a cheap product, but use a windy lighter to work against. It has a high flame temperature, which significantly increases its effectiveness. From a thick wire need to make a sting. The wire may be thicker than 4 mm, but in this case, it will heat up for a longer time.

Bend the wire using pliers. One end of it needs to be wrapped for fastening on a lighter, and the other should be sharpened with a file or sandpaper.

Then we fix the sting on the lighter with a thin wire that we wind around the body. It is necessary to make several turns so that the fixation is reliable and it is convenient to work.

Device blowtorch

Device blowtorch.

Gas soldering iron is ready, and you can check its performance. This soldering iron can solder several wires, if you urgently need to do the work, but there is no tool. At the end of the work, you can disassemble it.

Watch the video about making a mini-soldering iron from a lighter.

Similarly, you can make your own mobile mini-device based on a gas burner. Such a device is autonomous, does not require a power source. The disadvantage is the need to replenish gas reserves.

You can make a stand-alone tool from the lighter in another way. The basis of the product will be:

  • lighter;
  • nut;
  • screw clamp;
  • copper sting;
  • spokes for a bicycle.

The technology is simple. At the butt end, threads are cut to fit the size of the nut, and 3 holes are drilled in the side faces, in which M3 threads are cut. Drilling and tapping is best done in a brass or bronze nut.

The nut is screwed on the sting. Into the side faces of it are screwed 3 needles from a bicycle. Spokes bend under 90 ° and secured to the lighter with a clamp.

You can use studs with M3 threads cut at the ends instead of needles. The power of the soldering iron can be increased if you use a sting with a thickness of 8 mm. Such a tool is well suited for motorists, because with its help you can easily perform repairs anywhere.

More complex options for making a soldering iron do not suit everyone with their own hands, because apart from knowledge and skills, they require the use of a large amount of materials, which is disadvantageous.

If you do not plan to use a soldering iron every day, then it is quite possible to make it from scrap materials. Good help - video with various options for making their own hands.

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