How to choose a welding machine for home

To decide which welding machine to choose, it is necessary to understand the purpose of its appearance in the house, to realize the need for purchase. For one-time household chores, for example, for installing individual heating or repairing sewer pipes, it is easier to invite a professional.

Welding inverter design

The design of the welding inverter.

The easiest way to learn how to choose a welding machine for the house, contact the seller-consultant. Any home deserves warmth and comfort, with professional help this is easier to achieve.

Each of the models has its drawbacks, with which the future owner of the welding machine can agree or not.

Some general information about welding machines

Scheme of the device of welding semi-automatic

Scheme of the device welding semiautomatic.

The welding machine can be:

  • transformer;
  • welding rectifiers;
  • inverter.

In the production of welding machines for the home and not only apply a certain symbolic entry. Knowledge of the values ​​of some characters is desirable, since it will allow you not to get confused when choosing a welding machine.

For operation with direct current, DC is used, alternating current is defined by English letters AC. There are devices that can operate from both types of current, they are marked as follows: AC / DC.

Manual arc welding (RDS) on imported goods is denoted by the letters MMA.

Manual arc welding

Manual arc welding.

TIG can be seen on instruments using an inert gas, such as argon.

MIG / MAG refers to semi-automatic arc welding.

Markings like PV, PR, PN, TAC can occur, all abbreviations of the words:

  • duration;
  • inclusion;
  • work;
  • load.

On the device, most likely, there will be only one of the symbols, and it denotes the time of continuous welding and the period of necessary downtime.

All this marking will help you understand how to choose a welding machine for various purposes.

In addition, it is necessary to determine the capabilities of the electrical network of the house, cottage or other place where the device will be used.

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Transformers and their varieties

The principle of operation of the welding machine

The principle of operation of the welding machine.

In recent years, facing the choice of which welding machine to take for building a house, a garage, or other serious works, young craftsmen rarely prefer transformer devices.

More like them older people who do not imagine the construction of houses without welding. They know how to easily use the welding machine, assembled by hand.

The schematic diagram of the assembly of a transformer welding machine is very simple, all the necessary components rarely fail, therefore it is difficult to break such equipment, which is very practical when building cottage-type houses and garages or repairing sewers.

Schematic circuit of the welding inverter

The electrical circuit of the welding inverter.

Transformer welding machine can be powered from the network with direct or alternating current. The following gradation of transformers takes place:

  • domestic;
  • semi-professional;
  • professional.

Their main difference is the difference in current strength, which has the appropriate values:

  • less than 300 A;
  • up to 300 A;
  • over 300 A.

For performance of works on the house the household welding machine will approach. Its main advantage is relatively low power consumption. The advantages also include the ability to easily purchase components, such as electrodes of different diameters.

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Inverters and their varieties

Correspondence table of the diameter of the electrode and welding current

Table of the correspondence of the diameter of the electrode and the welding current.

The cost of the inverter welding apparatus is significantly higher than the transformer one. But for people of the new generation, it still seems preferable, as not only what they brew, but also what they brew is changing.

For example, the construction of sewage for the home can be made from metal, polypropylene, metal-plastic pipes.

Therefore, inverter welding machines, sometimes more resembling a blowtorch, are becoming more and more convenient for home. They have a low weight, they give a smaller amount of sawdust or dust, namely the inverter welding machine is very well protected from the ingress of dirt on the electronic circuits of the device. And if you believe the professionals, then when welding at home with such a tool, you get rather smooth, smooth seams, which avoids the need to clean them with an electric jigsaw.

Types of welded joints

Types of welded joints.

For inverter-type welding machines, AC / DC, TIG are often used. This means that such a welding machine can be used for welding aluminum and certain thicknesses of steel, including stainless steel, regardless of the type of current. This option is very well suited when a person enters a new home and has not yet finally decided what kind of work he will perform.

And here it is not at all necessary to strive for high rates, even the usual household option will allow to cope with difficulties in the house. Therefore, the marking of the type of PV, PR, PN, TAP, is likely to have a small percentage. This means that the continuous operation of the inverter is possible 10-30 minutes. After that, you need to take a break for an hour. The more professional the device, the more uptime it can provide. Therefore, of course, for the construction of houses, where it may be necessary to assemble metal frames, a professional inverter is more suitable.

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Rectifiers and their varieties

The welding machine of the third type, as well as the transformer one, has a relatively low cost, but it’s not worth pursuing this product in the hope of the notorious "price-quality ratio".

In-house rectifier can be useful for the same purposes as a transformer or inverter, but its work is associated exclusively with the presence of direct current.

And yet, when a person builds a house or fixes a breakdown, he often uses exactly direct current. With the help of this type of welding machine it is possible to perform:

  • sparing flux welding;
  • save electrodes.

The disadvantages, perhaps, include the inability to use electrodes of any type, in this case, the choice of material is sharply limited.

Otherwise, it is an excellent welding machine that can be used at home.

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Is it possible to choose a device for home without going to the store? Maybe yes. Modern online stores provide enough qualified customer support.

Diagram of the device toroidal welding transformer

Scheme of the toroidal welding transformer.

Therefore, it is possible to build a reliable and warm house, knowing that not only a current transducer may be required for welding.

When choosing a welding machine it is impossible not to take into account that its use may require a gas cylinder. In the short description of the goods is always indicated. Whether the house will sustain the presence of such equipment or it is better to find another place for its storage - it is up to the owner to decide.

To choose a welding machine for your home, it became easier, you should pay attention to additional functions, such as:

  • automatic welding;
  • high starting voltage;
  • all kinds of automatic current limits in the event of an electrode sticking;
  • work with a gas cylinder or petrol.

Such advantages of the models will help to build a house faster. But such functions as protection from rain and similar to it, when it is quite clear that the welding process is impossible due to safety measures, are unlikely to be useful for the house.

It is impossible to give unambiguous instructions on the use of the welding machine for a particular situation, the buyer must always take into account the flaws of the models in relation to his data.

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