How can i make the welding machine

Without a welding machine is difficult to do in construction, installation and repair. Usually purchase equipment in finished form. However, you can go another way: make yourself a welding machine, because the self-made device will significantly save money and become an exciting experience for those who love to make.

Welding inverter design

The design of the welding inverter.

About connection methods, windings and electrode

There are different types of welding machines. The most common mistake of novice master craftsmen is the desire to immediately manufacture a complex device. Schemes for the production of the welding machine is easy to find on the Internet, the best way is to give preference to that type of equipment, the manufacture of which does not cause significant difficulties and does not take much time. Repair of your own welding machine will not bring big problems and significant financial expenses for the person who manufactured the equipment.

Device pulse welding machine

The device pulse welding machine.

A natural question immediately arises: which welding machine is better suited for working at home? Only small-sized. The optimal solution to the problem would be to create a device from the devices already available to the master craftsman. A three-phase transformer is required for the work. The primary windings of the transformer must be connected. At the welding machine it is produced on the magnetic "triangle". This method applies only to the device, which is planned to be connected to a three-phase network with a voltage of 380/220 V.

The power supply and the specific design of the apparatus is the task that should be addressed first of all. If the power supply and the internal structure of the equipment do not match each other, this will lead to the fact that the equipment, the creation of which took time and energy, will become a danger to human life and health. If the welding machine is powered from a single-phase network of 220 V, the connection of the primary winding of the transformer should be made differently. Extreme rods of the apparatus are connected in an anti-parallel manner. For such a welding machine, another principle of securing secondary windings is applied: fixed circuit.

Welding machine diagram

Scheme of the welding machine.

If the device is powered from a single-phase network of 220 V, it differs in the characteristics of the additional winding. It is screwed on all the windings of the electric wire, which the welding machine possesses. What is it for? During welding, step changes in the welding current occur. They need a ballast, whose role is played by the additional winding. Its distinguishing feature: 40-50 turns. For a small-sized welding machine, a two-stage regulation of electrical power supply is most suitable.

Beginners often choose the wrong electrode size for a device.

In order to make a DC welding machine yourself, a high-power power source is needed, which is capable of converting the nominal voltage of a conventional single-phase network and providing a constant value of the corresponding current. This is necessary in order to create and maintain a normal electric arc.

Scheme of the device of welding semi-automatic

Scheme of the device welding semiautomatic.

The following components will be required for the power supply of increased power:

  1. Rectifier.
  2. Inverters.
  3. Current and voltage transformer.
  4. Regulators of current and voltage (to improve the quality characteristics of the arc itself).
  5. Auxiliary devices.

There is a simple rule that will help you make the right choice: the stronger the electrical network and the thicker the wiring, the larger the electrode should be. The main components of the welding machine:

  1. The magnetic core of the transformer.
  2. Primary windings.
  3. Secondary windings.
  4. Additional winding.
  5. Remote capacitors.
  6. Switch welding mode.
  7. Contact temperature sensor and alarm sound device.
  8. Switches of the modes of welding.
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Why do we need concrete?

Scheme homemade DC welding machine

Scheme homemade DC welding machine.

The body of the welding machine - an important question. For the manufacture of buildings of such equipment is customary to use specially prepared concrete. It should have a good plasticity indicator. One that most easily takes the desired shape and freezes as soon as possible.

The hull will require fine sand and cement. The first should be 75% of the dry mix of concrete, the second - its fifth part. The remaining 5% of the dry mix is ​​PVA glue and glass wool in a 1: 1 ratio. Instead of glue, you can use water-soluble latex.

Many beginning masters consider that it is much easier to make a welding machine than to make its body. In fact, there is nothing difficult if you perform all actions consistently. The main mistake is incorrectly chosen thickness of the body; it should not be less than 1 cm. The welding machine must be cleaned. Then the device is dried and only then proceed to the manufacture of the body. When the concrete has stiffened, the welding machine must be machined outside. This requires an organic monomer.

Styrene or methyl methacrylate are suitable for this task. Once the concrete is impregnated with monomer, it is necessary to perform a surface heat treatment. Temperature for this purpose must be at least 700C. When this occurs, the monomer is polymerized. As a result of this procedure, a waterproof layer is formed on the case of the apparatus itself. After it, the welding machine will be protected from the external environment.

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The easiest way

Spot welding is most in demand in everyday life, but often a person simply does not have time to manufacture complex inner parts of the welding machine. If it causes difficulties, you can resort to the most primitive option to solve the issue. Check out: what kind of faulty household appliances are in the house.

Drawing homemade welding machine

Drawing homemade welding machine.

If the microwave oven is broken, do not rush to throw it away - in the presence of new electrical wiring, wood, buckles and tips - the spot welder can be made very quickly.

It will take:

  1. Washers.
  2. Screws.
  3. Staples

They must correspond to the expected dimensions of the welding machine. If a transformer in a broken microwave oven is in good condition, it will become the basis of a new home-made equipment.

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Production of equipment for welding by beginners

First, a secondary winding is removed from the transformer. This operation must be performed carefully. As a tool, it is better to use an angle grinder with a cutting disc.

The electrical circuit of the power unit welding machine

The electrical circuit of the power unit of the welding machine.

A frequent mistake of newbies is a damaged base, this happens, as a rule, because of haste. The secondary core is removed from the secondary winding. What should a transformer look like after such an operation? Cropped on both sides. Immediately you need to check whether the welding points remain after the removal of the element. If they are, the transformer will work better. Ideal if during the process of removing the secondary treatment the insulation core did not receive defects. But this is very rare among newbies.

Next is fixed magnetic shunt, if it is separated from the transformer. The shunt limits the power transfer current between the coils. The transformer only functions normally when the shunt is not damaged. Then, the transformer is rewound using a thick copper wire with a cross section of 21 kV. mm If the core insulation is damaged, this area is covered with tape. It will not allow the occurrence of defects in the winding wire. Often, beginning craftsmen-craftsmen have a question: how many times should a transformer be wrapped? As practice shows, an average of 3-4 times is enough. Then the transformer is put on a wooden bar. Staples secure the upper and lower workstation, which is often called the "jaw". The better the electrodes are fixed in the station components, the better the transformer works. If the contact is poor, there will not be enough temperature to perform the welding.

Electrodes are fixed with screws on the upper and lower bars. The next step: connecting them to the wires from the winding. Difficulty usually causes proper fastening of copper terminals. The operation is very simple to perform with pliers, after cutting the wires. As soon as the home spot welding machine is ready, it is necessary to check its functioning and only then do the necessary work with it, observing all safety regulations.

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