Description of the technology of welding of polypropylene

More recently, steel pipes were used in the installation of pipelines, but now polypropylene pipes are being used everywhere. An important advantage of this type of product is the affordable technology of welding of polypropylene pipes.

The scheme of polypropylene pipes with aluminum coating

The scheme of polypropylene pipe with aluminum coating.

Even a novice master with no skills is quite capable of welding such pipes. It is enough to master the theory and apply it in practice on pieces of products.

Today, in housing and communal services, and in other areas, construction of engineering systems is preferred to be made of polypropylene pipes. They are distinguished by convenience in work. And the period of operation of the finished pipeline without the implementation of the repair is more than a dozen years. It is important to emphasize that the technology of the welding process of these pipes is quite simple, because every interested person can master it.

Why choose polypropylene?

The popularity of polypropylene pipes due to the most optimal value for money.

This kind of products is free from corrosive processes, because their service life is very long. And, last but not least, they are easy to install, and any home artist can handle the latter on their own.

Scheme of soldering pipes made of polypropylene

The scheme of soldering pipes made of polypropylene.

We list the areas where pipes of this kind are widely used:

  • in the construction of plumbing for transportation of hot and cold water;
  • in the construction of sewage systems;
  • in the construction of heating systems;
  • in the assembly of gas pipelines;
  • wherever a supply of a wide variety of substances is required in industries that may include aggressive ones.

For the assembly of the pipeline with a durable period of use in most cases, the technology of diffusion welding of polypropylene pipes is used. It is considered to be a reliable and fast pipe polypropylene method.

What equipment is used to weld polypropylene pipes?

For self-assembly of the pipeline of polypropylene products will have to purchase specialized equipment, namely, a machine for welding pipes, complete with nozzles of the required size.

If you plan to perform the work once, then you can not invest in the purchase of the device, but rent it for a while. There are such assembly organizations that provide services of this kind.

The price will be affected by the power and equipment of the device. For repair work on the pipeline in home conditions, there is no need to choose with great power and an expensive price. This characteristic affects the rate of heating of pipes, but it cannot affect the quality of welded joints.

Polypropylene tube welding time

Polypropylene pipe welding time.

Regarding equipment, you should make sure that the kit of the unit includes nozzles, the size of which corresponds to the diameter of the pipes prepared for welding.

Typical equipment assumes the presence of nozzles of the most demanded dimension. For the joining of polypropylene pipes of large diameter with the desired size of the nozzles are purchased separately.

Often the welding machine is equipped with a pipe cutter. This adaptation intends for equal cutting of products. If the pipe cutter is not in the kit, purchase it additionally.

In addition to the welding machine, the work will need the following devices:

  • marker and tape measure for affixing markings;
  • composition for degreasing polypropylene surfaces (you can take alcohol);
  • a rag made from natural fabrics lint-free;
  • flat cutter for making edges at an angle (you can have a sharp knife).
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Welding procedure

The instruction for welding of polypropylene pipes is as follows. Before the welding stage, they make up a detailed diagram of the finished pipeline, indicating the dimensions of the pipes, the number and location of the installation of fittings.

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Preparatory stage

Soldering technology of polypropylene pipes

Soldering technology of polypropylene pipes.

The nozzles of the required sizes are connected to the welding machine.

When using a new pipe cutter, it is tested on an extra piece of pipe. Places cuts should be characterized by flatness and smoothness.

For effective welding of polypropylene, the aggregate is given time to warm up until it melts. The temperature of the polypropylene surface for welding should reach 260º. Welding devices are generally equipped with a temperature controller and a signal device that signals that the unit is heated to the required temperature.

Before welding, it is checked whether the required size is put on the nozzle and whether the parts are cut off. It is recommended to handle with alcohol nozzles, this will prevent plastic particles from sticking to them.

Pipes in advance cut into the required length components. Cut off the edge of the pipe, maintaining an angle of 45º.

When welding large diameter pipes, they are convinced that the cross section of them is perfectly rounded, and not deformed into an oval.

After inserting the pipe into the fitting, measure the depth of the inlet, marking this value with a marker. The part must not be abutted, there should be a gap of approximately 1 mm wide.

When cutting a product using not a pipe cutter, but a regular hacksaw for metal, after cutting the elements, additional cutting is carried out, eliminating unevenness and burrs.

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Directly welding

Before starting the procedure, degrease the ends of the blanks and fittings again.

At the nozzle of the unit, heated to operating temperature, first of all, put on the fitting (the thickness at the walls is slightly larger), and then the polypropylene billet.

Polypropylene Soldering Machine

The device for the soldering of polypropylene.

Then pause for warming up all the details. During the heating period, all parts must be in a fixed position, otherwise they will deform.

Using the table attached to the unit, time is calculated for welding the products, since it is also influenced by the diameter of the blanks.

The heated elements are removed from the nozzles and with a verified movement dock, but they are not turned along the axis. The pipe is inserted into the fitting to the mark affixed earlier.

Elements are kept in the desired position for one minute. The plastic is getting cold.

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Welding errors

Do not mark the depth of pipe entry. When the workpiece is injected into the missing depth (the gap exceeds more than 1 mm), this section in the pipeline becomes the weakest point. This is due to the fact that a section will be created with a large diameter value inside with a small wall thickness, and this will make this segment of the system unreliable.

Another common mistake is a strong squeezing of the elements, which can lead to the extrusion of molten plastic into the tube space, which completely blocks the pipe section. The same can happen when the elements overheat, when the time spent on the unit has been exceeded.

It should be noted that the technology for making high strength joints when welding polypropylene products is quite simple.

Everyone interested can master the subtleties of this procedure. After that you can safely build a water pipe yourself.

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