Comparison of different inverter welding machines

Recently, welding machines (inverters) have become very popular. They are used in industry and in everyday life. Therefore, many are interested in the question: how to choose the right inverter? To answer it, you need to know the technical characteristics of a particular model and their differences from each other.

Internal filling of the invertor welding machine

The invertor welding machine is supplied with double insulation, therefore it is absolutely safe during electric welding works.

The market sells a wide variety of welding invertors, and for the right choice it is desirable to know what criteria to compare them with. At first we will try to find out and compare the positive and negative qualities that such equipment possesses.

Advantages possessed by inverter welding machines

The circuit elements of the inverter welding machine

Diagram of the elements of the inverter welding machine.

The main advantages of inverter welding machines:

  1. If we compare the inverter with a transformer-type device, then its efficiency is 25-30% higher than that of a conventional welding transformer. This is typical for all types of similar products sold on the market.
  2. The inverter has the largest power factor, 0.98, compared to other types of welding equipment.
  3. The inverter has a very wide range of regulation of the welding current mode, from 4 to several tens of thousands of amperes (depending on the model of devices).
  4. A very important indicator is a constant load on the power source, for an inverter it can reach from 2/3 to 4/5 (depending on the type of device and the manufacturer).
  5. If we compare the inverter with a transformer welding machine, then its distinguishing feature is the smoothness of adjustment of the welding mode, whereas the transformer only has a step change.
  6. When the inverter operates, it is possible to adjust the modes using remote control methods.
  7. The compact size of such a device, a relatively low weight, high mobility and the ability to work in cramped conditions make inverters of various companies indispensable for welding.
  8. Almost all devices of this type on the market are double insulated, which increases electrical safety and reliability.
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Other advantages of inverter equipment

Inverter welding machine power supply circuit

Inverter welding machine power supply circuit.

Secondary advantages of inverter welding machines:

  1. Virtually any currently manufactured apparatus of this type allows the use of all types of electrodes, both direct and alternating current, during welding.
  2. They have the ability to maintain the constancy of the arc in different modes of operation:
    • when manual welding with non-consumable electrodes in inert gas;
    • mechanized operation in an inert gaseous medium with the help of melting electrodes.
  3. Such devices have stable ignition.
  4. To reduce energy losses and improve the quality of the weld, all modern inverters can operate with a short arc.
  5. They provide high-quality welding at any position of the electrode in space.
  6. When working with such an apparatus, spattering of hot drops of metal is minimal, which increases the level of protection of working personnel.
  7. All commercially available inverters can weld difficult-to-mix metals and alloys.
  8. Modern devices of this type are equipped with microprocessors that control all operating modes. Inverters have the ability using Hot Start function to issue an additional impulse for normal ignition.
  9. All devices are equipped with protection, automatically triggered when a short circuit occurs.
  10. Their use reduces the requirements for the qualifications of workers in the welding of complex parts or structures.
Welding inverter Telwin Technology

The welding inverter Telwin Technology, despite the high price, is the most popular, as it has high technical characteristics and proven reliability in testing.

But, besides the positive qualities, the inverters have several disadvantages:

  • repair of such equipment is quite expensive and can reach 25-30% of the cost of the device itself;
  • during long-term welding work on products such as rails or I-beams made of durable metal, the inverter may break;
  • on many samples of such apparatuses it does not have time to activate the thermal protection relay, if frequent voltage drops occur in the supply mains;
  • Inverters must be constantly cleaned of dust, otherwise they fail;
  • the purchase of such a device costs several times more than the cost of a welding transformer;
  • Many models are equipped with electronics that are not designed to operate at low temperatures, so it practically does not work when the frost is more than 14 degrees;
  • storing such devices on the street is not recommended.
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Cost of welding machines (comparison at prices at the beginning of 2014)

Characteristics of the welding Elitech AIS inverter

Characteristics of the welding Elitech AIS inverter.

The price of inverters varies depending on the region where it is purchased, and depends on factors such as:

  • transportation costs;
  • the possibility of free pricing by trading organizations;
  • the coefficients governing the formation of the selling price in the region where it is planned to deliver the inverter for sale;
  • local allowances.

We give the cost (in rubles) of the most popular models of welding inverters:

  1. Telwin Technology - 7800- 43000;
  2. Elitech AIS - 8200-10500;
  3. Stavr SAI 200 - 7500-8100;
  4. Svarog ARC 160 - 7100-8200;
  5. Resanta - 4900-7800.

The comparison shows that basically the average cost of different models ranges from 7,000 to 9,000 rubles. This is an incomplete list, but it provides an opportunity to focus on the available funds when purchasing. All the above models have a welding current in the range of 10-200 amperes and can work with electrodes of a caliber of 1.5-4.9 mm, which is quite enough for welding at home and at work.

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Comparison of welding machines of different brands

Parameters and technical characteristics of the inverter unit Stavr SAI

Parameters and technical characteristics of the inverter unit Stavr SAI.

Most consumers usually purchase samples of inverters from foreign manufacturers, considering that such a “proprietary” model works more reliably than domestic counterparts. Therefore, most often, despite the high price, they buy Telwin Technology, which has been the most popular welding machine for a long time.

Its consumers are considered the most reliable of all models sold on the Russian market. The device has high technical characteristics, confirmed by test tests. For comparison with similar equipment from other manufacturers, we present the characteristics of one of the models in this series - the household welding machine Telwin Foce 165.

It is designed for welding with a stick electrode, operates on AC 220 V and at the same time consumes up to 6.1 kW of power. His other data:

  1. The type of operating current is constant.
  2. Voltage idling - 70-72 V.
  3. Operating current range - 10-150 A.
  4. Electrode caliber - 1.5-3.8 mm.
  5. Dimensions of the device: 30 x 22 x 13 cm.
  6. Weight - 3.1 kilograms.
  7. It has protection against overheating, overcurrent and high voltage and cooling with a fan, a number of additional functions
  8. Price 7800 rubles.
Inverter for welding Svarog ARC 160

Inverter for welding Svarog ARC 160 has a five-year warranty from the manufacturer.

The model has qualities that professional inverters are usually characterized for, for example, it is able to work from a diesel generator. When testing, this model confidently worked on high and low currents and showed high quality of the weld, regardless of the qualification of the welder. She worked with regular MMA electrodes.

The following type of such equipment is produced by the PRC. This is an Elitech AIS inverter, it has a fairly low cost and good parameters, which give him the opportunity to carry out high-quality cutting and welding of metal. This unit has the following data:

  1. Food is carried out from a network of single-phase current of 220 V.
  2. Power consumption reaches 5.5 kW.
  3. The type of operating current is constant.
  4. Voltage idling - 68-70 V.
  5. The adjustment range of the operating current is 10-160 A.
  6. Electrode caliber 1.7-3.8 mm.
  7. Dimensions: 31.5 x 12.3 x 17.7 cm.
  8. Weight: 4.3 kilograms.

It has cooling with a fan, protection against overcurrent and some additional features. Its price is 8500 rubles.

He has a well-developed little things. The device is shipped in a metal carrying case. Internal installation of the device allows for the repair to get to any part. It works with different types of electrodes. It can be operated both in a life, and in production conditions.

The following inverter is Stavr SAI 200. It can work in manual mode. Surfacing and welding is carried out by coated piece electrodes and, despite lower (compared with the above models) characteristics, provides a fairly high quality welding seam. The device is able to work when the supply voltage drops in the range from 155 to 270 V. It has a system that reduces the splashing of hot metal.

Invertor welding machine Resan

Inverter welding machine Resanta has small dimensions and is successfully used in hard-to-reach places.

Consider the following model - Svarog ARC 160. This is a household inverter for welding with MMA electrodes. Operates on 220 V. The power consumed from the network is 5.4 kW. The type of operating current is constant. At idle, the voltage is 55 V. The operating current can be changed within 20-160 A. It works with electrodes up to 4 mm. Dimensions: 36 x 15 x 28 cm. The weight of the device is from 6.5 to 7.8 kilograms. It has overload protection and cooling fan. Price (minimum) - 6900 rubles. During testing, there was a slight difference in the upper current limit (150 A instead of 160 A stated in the passport). Another inconvenience is the potentiometer: its scale is divided into twelve divisions, which does not allow to set intermediate positions when working, although the device’s performance has not deteriorated. It is easy enough to repair it, which makes the inverter good for home use. It has a very high efficiency, which reaches 93-95%. The device has low power consumption and high mobility, and during operation it gives a stable arc, which allows to obtain a high quality weld.

The device for welding Resanta works on DC electrodes, has a low price, which attracts buyers to it. The quality of the weld when tested is rated as good. The arc current is controlled in the range of 10-150 A. Compared with the Chinese device Elitech AIS, it has a higher performance. The device is quite compact, its dimensions: 32 x 12.6 x 22 cm. This allows it to be used in cramped or hard-to-reach places.

Comparison of the above models shows that with the same arc current, preference should be given to such samples that will satisfy you with their technical characteristics at a lower price.

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Models of other firms and their characteristics

Welding inverter Best Weld Globus 180

Welding inverter Best Weld Globus 180 is designed for welding large parts, and for work requiring a thin seam.

On the market are sold and devices from other manufacturers, which are slightly inferior in popularity to the above models. Consider them and for comparison we give their working parameters.

Best Weld Globus 180 - inverter for MMA stick electrodes. This is a professional machine that operates on 220 V. The power consumption is 6.2 kW. The type of operating current is constant, and the terminal voltage at idle reaches 75 V. The range of adjustment of the arc current is from 6 to 175 A. Dimensions: 43 x 18 x 40 cm. Additionally, it has air cooling and protection against overcurrent and jumps voltage. His current is regulated digitally. The inverter is preferably powered from a separate generator. The cost of the device is 11,000 rubles. The kit includes a large collapsible mask, carrying case. Internal installation has large parts, which is good when repairing a product. Convenient and digital indicator. The inverter works well to reduce the supply voltage to 162 volts. The arc in it ignites at the very minimum value of the current that the models sold on the market have. This allows it to be used not only for welding and cutting thick metal parts, but also for such delicate work as body welding.

Invertor Fox Weld Master 202 welding machine

Invertor welding machine Fox Weld Master 202 creates a high-quality, even seam when welding steel parts.

Fox Weld Master 202 - a device for household welding. It operates from 220 V. The power consumed from the network is up to 8.9 kW, it is cooked with direct current. Voltage at no-load up to 60 V. The range of adjustment of the arc current is 30-200 A. The caliber of the electrodes used is up to 5 mm. Weight - 8.1 pounds. The dimensions of the main unit are 38 x 16 x 24 cm. Cost is 10,000 rubles. It has air cooling, metal case, overload protection and some additional features. Compact, economical and light enough. It is used for welding structural and stainless steel parts. Testing has shown that he has easy arc ignition, which is very important in his work. The device is reliable in operation and gives a good quality weld.

GYS Inverter 4000 is a 220 V household welding machine. Power consumption is up to 6 kW. The type of current is constant. The no-load voltage is 74 V. The arc current is 10-160 A. The caliber of electrodes is up to 3.9 mm. Weight - 4.2 kg. Dimensions 12 x 26 x 15 cm. Additional functions are the same as for the above described devices. The cost is 10500 rubles. The inverter has a microprocessor control and can be operated from an external generator. It has a special carrying case. The cable of the apparatus is provided with a ball on one side, with the help of which good electrical contact with the surface of any complexity is ensured. On the other hand, a brass nut is attached to the clips, which burns when there is no contact of the ball with the welded part. During operation, the device has proven itself quite well, providing a high quality seam.

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Models produced by Russian firms

Russian welding inverter TD Konakovo IS-200

The Russian welding inverter TD Konakovo IS-200 in its characteristics is not inferior to good imported counterparts.

The most common inverter models of welding machines:

  1. TD Konakovo IS-200 is a domestic domestic inverter operating from 220 V. The power consumption is 4.7 kW. Operating current is constant. The no-load voltage is 55 V. The arc current is 10-200 A. The caliber of electrodes is up to 4.8 mm. Weight - 7.5 kg. Dimensions: 38 x 16 x 30 cm. Cost - 9000 rubles. It has cooling with a fan, overload protection and some additional features. Its electronic circuit was created using high-frequency transistors, which gives excellent weld quality and current stability with a voltage fluctuation range in the network within 5.13% of the nominal. When changing the length of the arc current does not change. The inverter is stored in a cardboard box. During the test, he showed characteristics that correspond to the data of good instruments of foreign manufacture.
  2. Special IMMA-200 - household, has a consumption of 7 kW. The no-load voltage is 77 V. The current varies from 20 to 190 amperes. An inverter with electrodes of up to 4 mm caliber is used. Dimensions: 47 x 26 x 39 cm. Weight with packaging - up to 13 kg. It is equipped with all protective and cooling systems, as well as the devices described above. When testing showed quite satisfactory results.
  3. Diold ASI-160 - household. It eats from a network of 220 volts. The device consumes power up to 4.7 kW. The range of adjustment of the current is 10-160 A. In the absence of a load, the voltage is 79 V. It can be used with electrodes of a caliber from 2 to 4 mm. It has built-in protection and cooling. Weight - 6.3 kg. Dimensions: 37 x 24 x 26 cm. Cost - 5900-6100 rubles. With tests, it showed itself well when working on small currents. It turns off when the voltage drops below 168 volts.
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What did the comparison of different models of inverters show?

Household welding inverter Special IMMA-200 Russian production

The household welding inverter Spets IMMA-200 of the Russian production passed test for satisfactory and corresponds to all necessary parameters.

When choosing a device, you should be guided by the characteristics that fit your work environment. Savings are inappropriate here. To obtain a high-quality weld, an appropriate apparatus is needed. For example, if it is necessary to weld a rail, then such an inverter as Svarog ARC 160 cannot perform this work. It will require a more powerful device. Comparison can be made on the completeness of each device. Many models have collapsible masks, cables, clips, etc. For carrying, they are equipped with special belts and cases. It all depends on the taste and needs of the buyer. A comparison of the weight and dimensional characteristics shows that most devices have almost the same parameters.

If you choose the convenience in the work, the comparison is not in favor of domestic inverters, although they are equipped with almost all systems that are mounted on foreign samples. It is possible to compare the models for energy costs and thus select the desired sample.

According to its characteristics, most of the models sold on the Russian market have similar parameters, which, of course, make it difficult to choose. For domestic needs, you can buy TD Konakovo IS-200, although you can choose the import, for example, the Chinese model.

In any case, we must not forget about the safety precautions when welding and strictly follow all these rules.

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