What is the device manual winch

In everyday life and professional activities, it is often necessary to lift loads to a height, but if you lift the box with tomatoes it will be easy enough, then not everyone can manage the same amount of bolts.

Lifting cargo with a winch

Manual winch is necessary to lift loads to a height.

It is for these purposes that a hand winch is used, which can cope where even 5 people will be powerless.

Winch Overview

Most often, drum type winches are used in everyday life; they are quite simple and reliable in operation. Their device is so primitive that it is almost impossible to break something, but the thick-walled steel used withstands tons of load without the slightest deformation. Most often they can be seen on all kinds of industries, cars and just when organizing construction work.

Winch device

The device is an internal winch mechanism.

Its structure can be internally based on asterisks or on the worm principle. Depending on the option chosen and carried out internal processes. The most popular options for gearboxes with gears of different sizes, because This view allows you to apply the minimum force to achieve maximum results. The only negative is the presence of a large number of parts from the inside, which is why the gearbox often fails.

There is also a variant of a manual winch in a more primitive version, which can be made on site. To do this, it is enough to drive a length of pipe 50 cm or longer into the ground, and attach a cable to its upper part. With the help of a crowbar, scrap or cutting from a shovel, the construction is activated (the gripper is between the cable and the pipe), and in this case a lot of effort will have to be applied, but the efficiency of application of force increases several times. This design is very popular with car owners who love extreme rest outside of civilization. It is impossible to call it a full-fledged winch, but the main function is performed 100%, and in severe situations it has helped thousands of people get out of a difficult situation.

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Making winch do it yourself

Drawing homemade winch

Drawing homemade winch.

Making a hand winch with your own hands is not difficult if there is a detailed description of the device. There are many options, but they are all firmly fixed on the surface. The most common type of drum winch, on which the cable is wound through manual rotation of the gearbox.

For the manufacture will require the following tools and materials:

  • profiled tube;
  • round tube;
  • sheet steel 3 mm;
  • hairpins M10-12 by 24 cm;
  • tubes with a diameter of 14 mm;
  • asterisks large and small;
  • hubs;
  • nuts;
  • lever arm;
  • cable with carbine;
  • electric arc welder;
  • Bulgarian;
  • paint;
  • spanners.

The entire work sequence is as follows:

Connection profile pipe profile for a hand winch

Connection scheme of profile pipes for manual winch.

  1. Profile pipe is cut according to the drawing. For the design of perpendicular joints, it is necessary to make oblique cuts at 45 degrees, after which the joint area increases and strength increases.
  2. Now sheet steel is welded and all welds are drawn. With the help of the grinder with a disc for grinding, all surpluses are removed from the seams, so that further operation could be without problems.
  3. Now the frame can be painted with rust paint. Sometimes at the same stage, the coating is first coated with a special primer, and only then with paint, which additionally increases the resistance to all kinds of impacts.
  4. 2 ideal circles with a diameter of 30 cm are cut out of sheet steel, and in the center of each of them a hole is made for a round pipe (shaft). The circles are attached and mutually fixed, after which 6 holes are made in them at a distance of 7 cm from the center. All openings are equidistant, so that later there is no difference in operation.
  5. The studs are inserted into the holes and attached to the bottom with nuts, after which a tube is put on each stud. The length of the tubes should be only 20 cm, but not longer and not shorter. At the same stage in the center of the resulting circles are fixed hub on the threaded connection.
  6. The whole design of the drum is connected to 1 system. For this it is enough to install the last lap on the studs and pull off the nuts. For confidence you can use lock nuts.
  7. Outside the drum is attached a large asterisk, and the drum itself is attached to the shaft. The asterisk can be any, up to the motorcycle, but necessarily durable. To those parts of the drum that protrude outward, the hubs are attached in order to secure the drum to the frame.
  8. The drum is mounted on the frame and sealed with hubs and bolts. Since in any case, the platform is needed, then you can, if desired, mount an additional engine to bring the winch into action, but you can also leave it for the handle. The handle is used any, and it is connected directly to a small asterisk, which has an ideal mobility.
  9. The chain is thrown over 2 asterisks, and the tension should not be too strong. At the same stage, you need to wind the cable on the drum, and at the very end fasten the carabiner.
  10. The final stage. A plate is cut out of steel, which closes the maximum space of the drum so that during operation there are no complications.

The winch device is quite simple, so anyone can make it, having the necessary tools.

The most important thing in work is to achieve maximum quality.

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