What is a screwdriver tester for and how to use it

During the execution of any types of repair work, first of all, the question of electrical safety arises. This is due to the fact that an unexpected discharge of electric current will lead to injury and other unpleasant consequences. To understand whether the wires are live, help ordinary indicator screwdriver.

Types of tester screwdrivers

Types of tester screwdrivers

The purpose of the indicator screwdriver

To understand how to use such a tool, you need to know the order of the current supply. All wires that are available in the house / apartment are powered from a common electrical panel that distributes voltage across all rooms of the house. The current moves through the phase wires, which are constantly under voltage. Its return to the switchboard is carried out by zero wires (mass). At the time when the appliance is disconnected, the mass lead wire is not dangerous.

Indicator Screwdriver Device

Indicator screwdriver device.

In order to understand which wire performs the function of a phase, and which is a mass, a tester or indicator screwdriver is used.

Before starting work with wires or all wiring, you need to understand what a tester is a screwdriver, how to use it and whether it is in good condition. To do this, you need to test the tester on the connected power source. This probe can serve as a normal outlet, which is in good condition. A screwdriver tester must be inserted into this socket, and if the indicator light does not light up, the tool must be replaced. Under no circumstances should you touch the working shank / sting of the tester.

In order to prevent damage to the screwdriver, it is not used in normal mode. Since the shank of such a screwdriver is made of soft alloys, it is impossible to unscrew and wrap various screw connections with such a tool.

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Tool operation

The simplest tester allows you to determine only the wire with the phase. Modern models allow us to determine the wire mass. Moreover, modern electrical tools are able to detect the presence of voltage even in hidden wires under plaster.

The principle of the indicator screwdriver

The principle of the indicator screwdriver.

Externally, the tester with the indicator is almost the same as a conventional slotted screwdriver, but it has a body made of transparent plastic. In this case a small resistor is soldered, which is connected to the diode bulb. This light comes on when the working tip touches the phase that is under voltage.

In the work of such a phase-determiner, the person himself, or rather, one of his fingers, becomes an integral part of the work. The thumb of the hand in which the tool is located must be attached to the opposite end of the tester. This procedure closes the circuit.

Since the built-in resistor has a high resistance, the current flowing through the human body at this moment will be very small and completely safe.

If the screwdriver is out of order for any reason, the lighting of the light element will not occur. In the event that the tool is faulty, such a screwdriver is not repaired with its own hands, but is only subject to complete replacement. Do not be afraid of a broken tester, it does not pose any threat to human health.

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Tool application

There are several basic jobs that such a screwdriver can perform. Most often it is used to check the performance of outlets and switches. Also very often, it allows you to check the health of various extension cords perfectly safe.

Moreover, it is possible to check with such a phase-detector not only the presence of phase voltage, but the presence of grounding. To carry out such a test, it is necessary to touch the contact of the outlet phase with the working tip of the tool. Such a contact is made in the form of a copper strip, which is located next to the inlets for the plug.

Application indicator screwdriver

Indicator screwdriver is used to test the operation of switches and sockets.

If the lighting of the light element did not occur, then the grounding is working. The opposite situation indicates that the grounding is “broken”, therefore, it is necessary to check all the wiring.

Very often, using a hand-held tester, you can determine the phase on a chandelier or other light fixtures. Phase currents must be on the internal contacts and in any case not on the thread. If a reverse situation has arisen, then it is impossible to use such a lighting device to avoid shorting all wiring.

Checking the supply of current in such a situation should be done with extreme caution, since the simultaneous contact of both contacts will cause a short circuit of the entire circuit.

Also, such screwdrivers can be used when there is a loss of voltage in the network, which can occur as a result of the transfer of excess currents to any household appliance. In this case, it is necessary to connect this device and install the device sting on its body. The dim glow of the light diode will indicate the presence of a leak. If, on the contrary, the light has become much brighter than usual, then a direct connection of the phase to the body is observed. In both such cases, the light should be turned off immediately and repaired.

We use this tool in everyday life not very often, but there are times when its presence is simply necessary.

Despite the safety of operation of the indicator screwdriver, work with electrical wires must be entrusted to electrician masters.

As any careless movements when working with electricity can lead to sad consequences.

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