What electric spray gun to choose

If there is a need to paint large items or a large area (walls, floor), then you can not do without an airbrush. To work with a brush or roller in this case is impractical: hands will get tired, and the layer of paint will not be as even as we would like. Before purchasing this unit, it is better to know which spray gun to choose and why.

Paint the door spray gun

If you have to paint a large number of any elements or a large area (walls, floor, ceiling), then use a spray gun.

The spray gun appeared more than a hundred years ago and has changed a lot since then, as more and more power and productivity machines were required. Also the tool was improved due to changes in the composition of varnishes and paints. Despite the external similarity of all types of spray guns, they differ in their internal structure.

Important points to consider when buying

Scheme spray gun.

Scheme spray gun.

The case is most often made of aluminum, the nickel-plated coating of which is protected against corrosion. It is worthwhile to carefully inspect the hole in the nozzle lid, repeatedly press the shutter-release button to check operation.

The connections of all parts of the gun are equipped with gaskets for better sealing. The most suitable are Teflon gaskets, but the cost of the spray gun with them is high. Most often, such devices are used by professionals.

The location of the paint tank (spray cup) can be lower and upper. Here the choice is determined by the personal preferences of the buyer. On the technical side of the work the location of the tank is not affected. Paint cups can be transparent (plastic) and opaque (metal). In the first it is easier to monitor the level of paint, and in the second it attracts the convenience of washing after use.

Today, each master advises to choose an electric spray gun, which is explained quite simply: he practically does not spray the paint to the side of the coloring strip, thus avoiding contamination of other parts of the surface, objects and clothing. Do not spray extra paint - saving consumables, and this is also a big plus.

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Spraying methods

The main task of the spray gun is to apply a paint and varnish solution to the surface to be painted as evenly as possible.

Therefore, the main selection criterion is the spraying method. Given this factor, it is easier to understand what kind of spray gun is needed for certain works. There are three methods of spraying and three types of spray guns:

The work of the spray gun

Scheme work spray gun.

  1. Conventional system. A jet of paint is formed under the influence of high pressure compressed air. Differs in high efficiency, uniformity of a stream (a so-called painting torch). The paint at the exit gets more speed, which leads to the formation of fog. In this regard, environmentalists prohibit the use of spray guns with a conventional system everywhere, except for industrial premises with air purification.
  2. High air volume and low pressure system (HVLP). The paint torch is formed under the influence of pressure of compressed air. The particles of paintwork material are distributed over the surface evenly. Cons: deterioration of the appearance of the coating and stable consumption of large volumes of air.
  3. Low air volume and low pressure (LVLP) system. A fundamentally different system of air valves makes the electric spray gun with such a system one of the best in terms of paint quality: the spray of paintwork material turns out to be homogeneous.

The spray gun with the HVLP spray method is excellent for applying a base coat. Low pressure protects against the possibility of contamination of the painted surface with dust particles from surrounding objects. It is difficult to eliminate the defects of the base coating, and sometimes it is impossible; therefore, it is not worth risking acquiring other spray guns for its application.

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Spray Gun with LVLP Spray System: Recommendations

According to experts, the type of spray guns with the LVLP spraying system is close to the ideal, since it has clear advantages: low consumption of paintwork material, low level of mist formation, high performance.

The main types of spray guns on the market:

  • pneumatic - spraying occurs with compressed air;
  • electric - spraying is performed under the influence of diaphragm vibrations;
  • with manual drive - tank with pump and suction hose.

For drawing drawings and inscriptions, it is better to purchase an airbrush — a pneumatic tool that looks like a large fountain pen.

To choose the right spray, pre-determine the amount of work and texture of the painted surface. Professionals prefer to have on hand different spray guns with different characteristics and methods of work.

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