What are the modern jacks

Modern car is equipped with many means to ensure its uninterrupted operation. One of the main is the jack. He must be present in the trunk of any steel horse. Although the motorist does not use it every day, in any case, this device will avoid many unforeseen situations on the road. With their help, you can replace the wheel or solve the problem more seriously. Consider what are the jacks.

Inflatable Jack

The inflatable jack lifts a car weighing up to 2.5 tons.

The main purpose of these devices is to raise the car body above the mark of its clearance. This will help, if necessary, to replace the wheel or simply lift the car to eliminate any malfunctions; when hit in a mud trap. Here you just need to lift the car above ground level, put bricks or pieces of wood, and then try to move. This method has proven itself very effectively.

Practical recommendations

When choosing a specific model of this device, you must be guided by several key parameters. To choose the best option, it is necessary to approach this issue comprehensively.

Mechanical jack

Mechanical jack - the easiest and budget option of all kinds.

  1. Working weight Any jack has its own working weight. This is the mass that he is able to lift. This refers to the weight of the car along with all the contents of its trunk or body. At this parameter you need to pay attention. You can, for example, opt for a rhombic jack. It has a small stock of carrying capacity. Here it is enough to take a unit that has a working weight of approximately 1.5-2 tons, if the car weighs 1.2 tons. If the device is purchased for auto service, then the sliding option will be very convenient. He is able to lift the car to any height. In this case, the mass can vary. It is better to take the unit with a small margin of mass.
  2. Maximum lift height. This is another parameter that directly affects the operation of the device. The maximum lifting height is the ability of a jack to lift a load to a certain height above ground level. Most often, to replace the wheel, it is enough to lift to a height of 20-50 cm. If you need to increase this parameter to 1 m, then the rack unit will cope with such a task.
  3. Pickup height. This parameter characterizes the height from which the rise occurs. The choice of a particular option depends on the ground clearance created by the machine. There are many models on the market. In the case of SUVs, everything is quite simple. You can use absolutely any model jacks. If we talk about cars, you definitely need to select a specific model, paying attention to this crucial parameter. From this will depend on the success of all subsequent work related to its use.
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Type of drive, its nuances and characteristics

The device of the hydraulic jack

Diagram of the hydraulic jack.

So, various parameters of modern jacks are considered. Each of them is very important when choosing a particular model. Now it's worth talking directly about the drives. It is thanks to them that the jack rises and falls to a certain height.

Mechanical jacks. These models involve raising the car due to the impact of a special handle. This option is suitable mainly for owners of private cars. Such devices are quite cheap. However, their capacity is small. However, to work with a passenger car it will be quite enough. This must be borne in mind. Do not overpay for the jack, if it is possible to do a mechanical device.

Pneumatic jacks. For the operation of such a device requires additional equipment. Here we are talking about the use of compressed air, which creates the necessary pressure to lift the machine. It is a camera that is filled with compressed air. When a certain pressure is reached, it begins to lift the car. The man himself is completely relieved of any burden. He can only watch as the car slowly rises above ground level. Used quite often by repair shop workers.

Rolling Jack

It is not recommended to use a rolling jack outside the garage.

Thanks to their work, labor costs are reduced. However, you should not overpay for such a device, if we are talking about using it in private conditions. Here the first option will fit perfectly. By the way, such devices may have a variety of designs. Sometimes it’s just a balloon that is inflated by the pressure of air.

Hydraulic jacks. The design of the unit is a bit like a mechanical lifting device, but the handle must be pressed with much less effort. This makes hydraulic jacks one of the most popular on the market today. They are even used to lift trucks. In such a situation, a conventional mechanical jack simply will not stand the pressure.

The principle of operation of such a device is one of the most primitive.

The rise of the working mechanism is carried out due to exposure to liquid (most often oil).

The plunger is pushed out along with the load that is attached to it. Such models can be found in the trunk of many car owners. They are easy to use and maintain.

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Comparative moments

It is worth conducting a small comparative analysis between mechanical devices of this type and hydraulic ones. What wins the second option?

Pneumatic jack

You can use a pneumatic jack on any road surface.

The main advantage is that hydraulics create a much more powerful force than mechanics. However, this figure differs several times. To lift the load you need to put less effort in the case of hydraulic lifts.

The jacks working on oil or other liquid have rather steady sole. It is large in size. In this regard, the likelihood of a car slipping and falling is sharply reduced. In the case of hydraulics, no supernatural effort is required to lift the car. It works simply, but as smoothly as possible. Smoothness of the course is carried out due to use of oil.

In this case, you can raise the car to the desired height without a variety of jerks. Such a jack can be easily put in almost any trunk. It has compact and minimal dimensions.

It is for these advantages that many choose hydraulic jacks for working with a car. By the way, they are not so expensive, so every motorist can purchase such a device. It will lift the car to any height.

So, to replace the wheels and repair the car is best to buy hydraulic jacks that are easy to fit in the trunk and can lie in the garage. If you take into account all the rules for operating technique, the hydraulic jack will last a sufficiently long period of time.

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Other features of devices

If we compare hydraulics with pneumatics, we can note the fact that the first option is able to withstand more serious loads. It can be used for the repair of trucks and for cars. Pneumatics is more convenient in the sense that it allows you to lift the car without the use of physical force. This greatly facilitates the work of motorists.

However, not everyone can take such a jack with them on the road. Many models of such devices do not fit in the trunk of a car, as they have very impressive dimensions. In addition, they are quite expensive. Such models, most likely, are better for using in specialized car services. Here they will be in place.

So, it is the hydraulics that has the most promising development in terms of lifting cars. Such devices on the market today are most in demand. This primarily concerns the lifting of trucks or half-trucks. The mechanics are good only if we are talking about inexpensive cars of the car type.

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