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Many models of benders from different manufacturers are sold on the market. For home use used hand machines. They do well with the processing of small-caliber pipes. With a diameter of up to 3 inches, a tool with a hydraulic booster is used. How to make a pipe bender with your own hands? What tools and materials are needed for this? In order to answer these questions, you must first decide on the type of machine you need.

Production pipe bender

The pipe bender is the device intended for are flexible pipes both on production, and in house conditions.

Pipe benders are divided into the following types:

  • crossbow - to obtain the desired profile, apply a template of a certain caliber;
  • if it is necessary to bend metal-plastic pipes, a manual spring machine is used;
  • this operation can be performed by stretching the tubes around the segment;
  • if the caliber of the pipe is small and it has thin walls, then it is quite possible to use mandrels when bending is done using steel, brass or plastic mandrels.

During operation, it is necessary to take into account the permissible bending radii of the tube element, which are different for different thicknesses of its walls. These parameters are indicated in the special reference literature.

How to make a simple pipe bender with your own hands

Manual pipe bender

Scheme manual pipe bender.

Selecting the desired type of tool, you can proceed to its manufacture. Consider a few simple constructions.

The simplest method of bending a profile pipe with your own hands is to use a template. This allows even steel pipes to bend. To make the template itself, you need to buy wooden boards in the construction market, the thickness of which should be slightly larger than the caliber of the bent pipes. To keep bent elements from slipping out of the template on the boards is tilted. They are fastened between themselves and a pencil to put a bend of the desired diameter. Then a hacksaw or jigsaw sawn on the mark. The resulting semicircle (segment) is processed from the end of the file. It is advisable to make it cut a small depth, so that the pipe would engage with the board. The profile pipe bender is fixed on the chosen basis. The support for holding the pipe is strengthened nearby. Its end is inserted between the template and the stop, and the opposite part is bent around the board with a smooth movement. To perform the operation, you can use the lever from the valve. It is possible for the manufacture of such a device to apply metal hooks attached to the board along the desired bend radius. This will allow, if necessary, to change the angle of the pipes by transferring the hooks.

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Roller machine - profile pipe bender with your own hands

Schematic profile bender

Schematic profile bender.

To create such a construction, it is necessary in the construction market to buy steel round timber, metal plates and a rod for a handle. The rollers are turned on a lathe.

If they are designed for different slopes, bending the profile pipe with your own hands, then you will need several sets. From the metal plates cut out the base of the future machine and the bracket with holes, which then insert the axis of rotation of the rollers. When all the parts are ready, they are joined together.

If the pipe bender is needed for bending thin flexible tubes, then all the details can be made of solid wood.

If it is necessary to obtain a large bending radius, the roller tube bender is installed vertically - the simplest rolling mill is obtained. You can use bearings instead of rollers, but they need to be strengthened so that they do not roll. The technical parameters of such a device depend on the distance between the rollers - the larger it is, the less effort must be applied to obtain the desired bend radius. It should be borne in mind that in this case, you can get a small slope, and most of the pipe will not be bent at all.

When working tighten the roller, rolling the bend product through the machine. To get a small bend radius you usually need to do from 60 to 90 runs. The rolling speed must be kept constant, otherwise the pipe may be deformed. If the product has a seam, then you need to ensure that it is always on one side.

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How to make a profile bender with a chain

Scheme of operation of the pipe bender with a chain

The scheme of the pipe bender with a chain.

Buy a winch and a pair of rollers, which have a diameter equal to the caliber of the bent pipe. A tripod is welded from steel bars. Its shape is an inverted “T”. One roller and winch should be fixed at the bottom of this base. They are connected by a metal chain. Just above it is necessary to mount the second video. One of the ends of the pipe is clamped between the rollers, and the other is placed on the winch, which is activated. The pipe is bent.

To eliminate the possible deformation in it, it is necessary to fill the sand.

The bending angle depends on the distance between the location of the lower roller and the center of the base. To improve the design, you can use an electric motor with a gearbox that can work on a chain transmission. If instead of the upper roller install a car jack, then you can bend pipes of different diameters.

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Tools, tools and materials for the manufacture of pipe benders

  1. Boards.
  2. Videos.
  3. Winch.
  4. Metal plate and steel pin.
  5. Jack.
  6. Chain.
  7. Lathe.
  8. Welding machine.
  9. Nails, bolts.
  10. Bearings.
  11. Hacksaw or jigsaw.
  12. File.
  13. Pencil.

Any person who knows how to handle a simple tool can create any of the above constructions. The above benders can be upgraded by using the parts you have at hand and applying your creative abilities.

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