The nuances of the design of the hydraulic jack

In recent years, there has been a tendency to use for lifting a wide variety of goods of this or that equipment. First of all, we are talking about hydraulic jacks. Such devices have excellent loading capacity. At the same time they are much safer than a variety of winches. The design of the hydraulic jack will be discussed in detail later. Make a similar design can be your own hands.

The device of the hydraulic jack

Construction and description of a hydraulic jack.

The main purpose and features

Start a conversation is not with the device of the hydraulic jack, and with its intended purpose. Most often they are used by motorists in their practice. Sometimes they have the need to lift the car to a certain height in order to carry out certain work with it. It is the hydraulic jack that is most appropriate here, since its load capacity is large, and minimum effort is required to lift weights. Initially, exclusively mechanical devices of this type were mainly used in practice.

Now the situation has changed radically. Mechanics cannot create high pressure, no matter how hard a person tries. Modern lifting mechanisms mainly work with the use of oil. This substance under pressure creates excellent parameters and effort. Thanks to their design, hydraulic jacks are capable of lifting heavy loads to any height. The carrying capacity of some of these devices can reach several tons. From here a conclusion: it is possible to lift not only cars, but also various elements of designs. For example, it can be basement slabs or columns.

Detailed diagram of the hydraulic jack

Detailed diagram of the hydraulic jack.

When creating an auto wheel balancer, this device allows you to lift and lock the car in a certain position for a long time. They are widely distributed not only in the field of car service, at large oil refineries such constructions have also become irreplaceable. This can be said about power plants. Gradually, they began to penetrate into the life of ordinary citizens. Now in the garage, many of them are just such devices. It should be noted that such equipment can work not only in horizontal but also in vertical planes. This further increases its popularity among builders.

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The design of the hydraulic jack

Now you can talk about the design of the hydraulic jack. It uses only three work items. It is the fluid that pushes the piston. Most often, it serves as oil. Do not do here and without a reliable case.

The body can be made exclusively from hardened steel.

The equipment and the work of the jack

The device and the work of the jack

At the same time, it can be both short and long. It all depends on the specific purpose of the equipment. This structural element is a kind of cylinder in which the working element runs. It is called a piston. The screw with the lifting heel can be screwed into the plunger. This allows you to change the maximum amount of lift. The hydraulic jack of this type can be activated with the help of an arm, leg, or work in automatic mode. Most devices have safety valves that do not allow the working body to reverse.

The sliding cylinder and the lifting mechanism raise the special platform up. It can also be lowered in manual mode. This is done by turning the knob. Some models are complemented by special wheels that make them mobile. Such devices are most often used during repair work with small cars. There are elongated models that can even lift buses to a sufficiently large height.

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Working principle: characterizing moments

Modernization of hydraulic lift

Modernization of a hydraulic jack.

So, the design of the hydraulic jack is now clear to everyone, which means that we can consider its principle of operation. Everything is quite simple here, if not to say that it is primitive. All work is based on the principle of communicating vessels. First you need to install the hydraulic jack on a flat hard surface. Then press the special lever. This is done only with the valve closed. Stop lifting is necessary when the jack reaches the required height. If it is necessary to lower the system, then you need to smoothly unscrew the valve of the apparatus counterclockwise.

So, pumping oil by using a special lever. At the same time, it is affected by the piston. As a result of this, it begins to put pressure on the piston, which rises. The oil will not flow back as it will be hindered by the suction and discharge valves. You can use them not only for its intended purpose. Virtually any hydraulic jack allows you to use it for pressing, bending and other related work. For these purposes, a protective thread is installed here. Effort can always be calibrated. To establish the necessary pressure, in devices of this type special manometers are used.

This is exactly how any hydraulic jack works. And it is not at all important what specific construction it will have. Everything becomes easier when a person knows about the features of a particular type.

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Classification and Comparative Moments

You should definitely talk about this important issue in order to know the main differences between hydraulic and other devices.

  1. Bottle
Types of telescopic jacks

Types of telescopic jacks.

It is worth noting that this design is notable for its simplicity. It is considered the most primitive of those that exist today. Such devices are widely used in all spheres of human activity, since they have a rather high carrying capacity. They can vary from 2 to 100 tons. Vertical versions of such devices are distinguished by high strength characteristics and the possibility of using a sufficiently wide support for a given activity. They are most often used in a truck fleet for lifting trucks or buses.

  1. Rolling.

This is also a fairly wide group of devices that are most often used in the automotive industry. Here, the cylinder axis is not located in a strict vertical axis, but is connected directly to the jack lever. There are mandatory wheels. They allow you to transport it on almost any surface without any problems.

Such devices have a fairly high load capacity. However, they are very convenient to use. Here, the principle of operation is standard, that is, it fully corresponds to what was described above in the previous section. Basically, bottle and rolling hydraulic jacks are of the same type.

  1. Hydraulic hybrids.
Jack classification

The classification of jacks.

These devices are mainly used by professional car services, where they carry out repair work of varying complexity and with a wide variety of cars. They differ from other models in that they have two work sites. This is indispensable if you first need to raise a passenger car, and then some gazelle.

The perfect solution for true professionals. This is a hybrid that combines a bottle-jack and a rolling jack. Now you can buy one multi-function device, and not buy them separately. In addition, due to this, excellent cash savings are achieved. For work with such mechanisms it is possible to use both the manual lever, and a foot pedal.

  1. Hitch hydraulic jack.

Such devices are mainly used where powerful lifting force is not required. They can be used without any problems when lifting any equipment. They are used in the assembly of various complex mechanisms that require a small pickup height.

  1. Diamond.

Such a jack is most often used by motorists when lifting their vehicle. It is reliable enough. At the same time, it is almost 100% reminiscent of a rhombic screw jack.

This is a great solution for any car enthusiast. Here four arms are used as bearing elements.

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Advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic jacks

This is one of the most unpretentious devices. With its high lifting power, they can be used in almost any, even extreme, conditions. It uses incompressible fluid as a work item. This allows not only smoothly lifting any device installed on the jack, but also lowering it without any special problems and jerks. They have a high load capacity with a sufficiently high efficiency. In some models, it can reach 80%.

There are also disadvantages to such seemingly universal devices. If the car is greatly understated, the design features of such devices will not allow them to slip under it. They have a fairly high initial lift height. The height of lowering cannot be adjusted clearly enough either. This is due to the fact that it can directly depend on the adjustment of the device. It is not always possible to keep in operation all the mechanisms. You should regularly check the oil level in the device, as well as valves and seals for leaks. If any, they should be immediately eliminated.

Otherwise, the device becomes dangerous to human life and health. In view of the design features, such devices should be stored and transported from place to place only in an upright position. This is the only way to preserve their performance for many years. This is done in order to completely eliminate the leakage of fluid.

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