The device and the main characteristics of a jackhammer

The main function of a jackhammer is breaking and loosening various kinds of solid materials. This tool is indispensable for the dismantling of various structures, the destruction of frozen soil, the elimination of road surfaces, the cutting of metal and other works. Electric and pneumatic breakers are on the market. There are also gasoline, but significant differences, except for the fact that they use gasoline for work, these devices do not have.


A jackhammer is needed when dismantling various structures, breaking down frozen soil, removing road surfaces, cutting wood and other works.

Main features of electric jackhammers

Such a device as a jackhammer has a very powerful blow force. It is the impact energy that is the most basic characteristic of this device. It is determined by the number of blows that the considered jackhammer is able to make within a minute, and the energy produced by the apparatus during the same time. The device of such tools is extremely simple. Inside the body of the jackhammer is the head. It is driven by a drive. The impactor has a mechanical effect on the peak, which is the executive body of the jackhammer. The peak makes very frequent movements of reciprocating nature, due to which the destruction of the processed material occurs.

Electric jackhammer device

The device is an electric jackhammer.

It must be remembered that during the operation of the device very rough energy is produced. The operator is constantly under the influence of strong noise and powerful vibration. Therefore, you can start working with a jackhammer only if you follow the safety instructions and use appropriate protective measures.

As for the electric jackhammer device, such a unit is completed with an electric motor. Thanks to him, the rotor is set in motion. It affects the firing pin. The latter sends mechanical impulses to the peak. Devices of this kind are very popular, but they have a number of different disadvantages. Due to the fact that the motor sparks during operation, the use of this jackhammer is not possible in rooms with fire hazard. In addition, among the shortcomings can be attributed to the fact that the device depends on the mains. Without it, it simply will not work.

Electric jackhammer

The main characteristic of an electric jackhammer is the impact energy.

The user needs to understand the features of the power supply to the drive device. This information is useful when performing various minor repairs. Quite common cause of failure of an electric jackhammer is trivial and simple electrical circuit breaks: brushes are erased or a button is broken. Most often the problem lies in the brushes. The device is such that due to the brushes, electrical energy is transferred to the motor. If they are erased, the bump stop simply won't turn on.

At the place of installation of the electric motor, you can see a pair of plastic caps. To fix the damage, it is enough to unscrew the plugs, remove the remnants of the outdated brushes, replace them with new ones and return the plugs to their place.

In the case of the replacement of the start button, everything is almost the same. But in this case it will be necessary to disassemble almost the entire body of the device. However, modern manufacturers try to anticipate such failures and assemble devices so that the start button has a separate cover. This greatly facilitates the replacement of this element.

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Important selection criteria for an electric jackhammer

Electric jackhammer

Depending on the weight, the jackhammer performs different functions.

If everything is clear with the main features of the device and the principle of operation of the electric jackhammer, then it is necessary to sort out what functions the peak performs and what to pay attention to when choosing an aggregate in a separate order. Electric jackhammers are equipped with different types of rush. Each one is designed to do a specific job. The main varieties are as follows:

  1. Peak-crowbar - allows you to dismantle structures from brick and concrete, loosen the ground, remove the old pavement, process rocks.
  2. Paddle - mainly used if necessary to level the edge of the asphalt and chipped ice.
  3. Chisel - such a peak will help to cut various materials.

The weight of the jackhammer is just as important as its device. Depending on the weight of the device, the tool belongs to different classes:

  • easy;
  • average;
  • heavy.

Lightweight devices weigh up to 5-6 kg. They are used mainly in the performance of work at heights and finishing works. Average jackhammers weigh up to 10 kg. Used to perform work in the horizontal plane. The weight of heavy units reaches 30 kg. They are required to perform various ground and foundation works. Before acquiring a jackhammer, carefully consider the type of work that you plan to perform with it, and with this information in mind, make your choice.

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Features of pneumatic jackhammers

Pneumatic jackhammer design

Pneumatic jackhammer design: 1-grip; 2 shock absorber; 3-valve; 4 plug; 5-box; 6-valve; 7-clamp; 8-ring stop; 9-barrel; 10 drummer; 11 futorka; 12 nipple.

The difference between the pneumatic breaker device and the fact that it does not generate sparks during its operation. This eliminates the risk of fire and ignition. Due to this, such devices have become very popular in the mine works. In accordance with the type of design, pneumatic bumpers are usually divided into those whose principle of operation is based on the turbine, and those that work at the expense of air entering inside.

The work of the first type of jackhammer is based on the fact that the turbine blades begin to move under the influence of air. In the process, energy is created that drives the workflow and allows you to perform planned work.

The second type of chippers works due to the fact that air enters the unit, after which a sharp expansion occurs in a special compartment and the battle begins. Pneumatic bump stop will not work without a compressor. The need to use a compressor is the main disadvantage of this type of device. Compressors are quite large and noisy. In addition, they need to be connected to the mains.

Pneumatic bumpers are sold at a relatively affordable price. They have excellent performance, are non-toxic and completely fireproof.

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Main characteristics of the pneumatic jackhammer

Pneumatic jackhammer specifications

Characteristics of a pneumatic jackhammer.

Pneumatic jackhammers can be divided into several subcategories according to such an indicator as impact energy. Each type of work requires its own energy. For example, if the energy of the blows of a tool is 30 J, it will be convenient to use it in hanging conditions and constrained conditions. A tool with an energy of 40 J will be enough for general work. And so on incrementally. If necessary, the destruction of especially strong and tough materials is best to use bumpers for 50 J or more.

Devices of pneumatic type have a fairly simple design. They also have the main work item so-called. peak, thanks to which the percussion work. If necessary, this element is changed to a more appropriate, in accordance with the specific situation. For example, instead of the usual peaks, you can install the previously mentioned chisel, crowbar, etc.

Pneumatic jackhammer

When choosing a pneumatic jackhammer, you must consider blows for 1 minute and air flow to work.

It is important to pay attention to such an indicator as the weight of the pneumatic chipper. Keep in mind that in the process of work you will have to constantly keep the bump stop in your hands, and if its weight is too large, you can hardly complete the job in the shortest possible time. Because of this, pneumatic-type bump stops are usually lightweight, on average from 1.5 to 10 kg.

A pneumatic type jackhammer starts up in the following order. First, the bump stop is connected to the compressor with the help of a special cord. After turning on the compressor, compressed air is supplied and the battle begins.

Among the distinctive characteristics that must be considered when choosing a pneumatic pick hammer, should be highlighted:

  1. The number of strokes committed in 1 minute.
  2. Air flow to work.
  3. The pressure required for the work.
  4. Force blows.
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General criteria and characteristics of jackhammers

Technical characteristics of an electric jackhammer

Technical characteristics of an electric jackhammer.

Now you know the features of the device electric and pneumatic jackhammers. For completeness, you need to familiarize yourself with the main characteristics of such tools that will allow you to choose the most suitable model.

The most important characteristics of any bump is the number of blows and their strength. From these parameters directly depends on the effectiveness of the chipper. In the case of an electric model, it is necessary to take into account such a moment as the engine power.

Pay attention to the weight of the tool. This was mentioned earlier. If the jackhammer weighs too much, it will create certain difficulties in its operation. It all depends on the nature of the upcoming work. For example, if you need to get rid of the old floor screed, a heavy jackhammer will be very useful. If necessary, the destruction of the walls of the weight of the unit will play against you.

We must not lose sight of the tool manufacturer. Volumetric explanations are not needed here. Everyone knows that there are responsible manufacturers, under the name of which truly high-quality goods are produced, and there are companies that manufacture so-called. consumer goods. If you are planning to buy a jackhammer, it is better to give your choice in favor of a tool from a good brand. There are quite a few companies that so far do not enjoy great world popularity, but produce quality products.

Jackhammers can be divided into professional and domestic. Units of a professional class have higher power and, as a rule, allow to cope with the big list of tasks. Therefore, before buying it is necessary to plan the front of upcoming work, so as not to overpay for unnecessary functions.

In addition to the main characteristics considered, jackhammers have additional features that must also be taken into account.

First, make sure that the jackhammer, if it is an electrical model, is equipped with a button lock, which will ensure uninterrupted and long-term operation of the unit. Such a latch saves the operator from the need to constantly hold the jackhammer trigger button.

Secondly, the addition of a frequency limiter at idle will be useful. This feature helps to improve the performance properties of the bump stop and provides a longer tool life. The limiter works according to an extremely simple scheme: if a less intensive load is applied to the tool, the engine speed is reduced in automatic mode. After the load increases again, the engine speed will also increase.

A good addition will be the vibration reduction system. Without such a function, it will be very difficult for the operator to work with the tool for a long time.

Thus, in the device of modern jackhammers there is nothing difficult. These are simple and functional tools to cope with a wide variety of repair, finishing and construction works. Knowing the main features of the device and the most important characteristics of a jackhammer, you can choose and buy the tool that is most suitable for you without any difficulty.

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