The choice of device spray gun and features of its design

The device spray gun, which is used to spray a variety of finishing paints, allows to obtain a smooth and even coating. The tool can be used to paint car bodies and other objects with a large surface area, since it is not possible to paint them using a brush or roller.

Work spray gun

By means of an airbrush it is possible to paint easily and evenly any surface.

Device selection depending on its labeling

The market of building materials offers a fairly large selection of various types of spray guns. It is important that the device be able to perform work efficiently and efficiently. The master who carries out the choice of an airbrush should have an idea about the features of his device and the principle of operation of this device.

The device spray gun HVLP

The device spray gun HVLP.

The basis of the classification tool for spraying paint is the principle of painting operations. The quality of work will depend on the choice of a suitable device spray gun. The equipment has certain features that are inherent in it. There are devices with the brand HVLP, RP and LVLP.

Each of the devices of a specific marking allows you to perform one or another type of work. Airbrush brand HVLP, which is used for painting car bodies, can work with the use of technology to spray paint at low pressure, which does not exceed 0.70 bar.

A large amount of air is supplied to the device. The particles of the paint material are set in motion, their settling on the working surface is uniform. Using the device brand HVLP carry out the dispersion of materials with losses not exceeding 35%. This device allows you to create a "metallic" effect on the surface of the car or "mother of pearl".

PR means reduced pressure. Spray guns of this type are more used in everyday life. Working with them at home, you can apply any type of paint and varnish materials. The large amount of material supplied allows you to do all the work pretty quickly.

The device spray gun LVLP

The device spray gun LVLP.

LVLP-spray gun has the appropriate technology. To transfer paint with such a device, not too much pressure is required. The amount of air that is supplied to them is quite small. This device is most in demand in our time, because it is not inferior to analogs.

The device of a paint sprayer LVLP is connected with ease of performance of work. With the help of it, it is not difficult to carry out all the work with your own hands qualitatively and without flaws. It does not even require professional experience.

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The equipment of the device and its performance

To the device buy nozzles that are mounted on the nozzle to form a jet. You should use the gauge to determine the viscosity of the paintwork material, which is a common device sold with the table. It allows you to determine the viscosity of the fluid. Often, the meter is sold with a sprayer.

Spray Gun Device RP

The device spray gun RP.

Buy extension nozzles and a reservoir in addition, the volumes of which serve to determine the required amount of fluid, which can range from 0.5 to 1.0 liters. For painting large areas, purchase a device with an additional reservoir. There are tanks that allow the paint to be sucked from the packaging.

Since the guns work when creating certain conditions for pressure, they are divided into pneumatic, manually operated or electric. Compressed air compressor supplies compressed air. This is the most economical type of spray gun, providing the process of creating a "soft" torch with a minimum amount of fog. This applies to the HVLP sprayer.

Pneumatic spray spray gun RP is versatile and suitable for all paints and varnishes. He is able to form a wide torch that delivers a large amount of paint. At the same time the device creates a uniform and precise coverage.

Paint sprayer has a certain performance. It is a parameter indicating the number of grams (liters) of paint that can be sprayed with the device per minute. Productivity affects the speed of work, which can range from 110 to 300 g / min for household appliances.

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The principle of operation of the device

The design of the electric spray gun is not too complicated, so its maintenance is simple. The device is based on an electric motor with a capacity of 100-1000 watts. Electricity is supplied from the battery or power supply. The motor is capable of compressing air passing through a nozzle. This can create a vacuum in a special tube and paint tank.

Lifting fluid through the tube is carried out in the nozzle. From it the paint is sprayed by the flow of air.

For more expensive devices characterized by the presence of the power regulator of the jet.

Setting the angle of spraying should be smooth and stepped. The regulator allows the application of paint strips in different directions, for example, vertically, horizontally. Stripes can be narrow or wide. Can be sprayed by analogy with watering with water from a garden hose.

Some paint sprayers are characterized by the presence of protection against overheating of the suction filter, which prevents the process of churning paintwork material into lumps. So you can ensure a uniform flow of paint that will not clog the tool nozzle. The coupling that covers the nozzle serves to prevent the formation of haze around it.

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