Sharpening a shovel in various ways

A shovel is an indispensable tool that helps in solving a large number of tasks, especially in agriculture. But with frequent use of a shovel may become blunt, which complicates its further use. To solve this problem will help correct sharpening shovels.

Shovel Sharpening Options

Options sharpening shovels.

To grind a shovel, the first thing you need to do is clean its surface from the ground stuck to it. This land will complicate further sharpening.

Sharpen a shovel can be the following tools:

  • a file;
  • grinder;
  • emery machine.

File sharpening

The oldest and most traditional method of processing the surface of a shovel is sharpening with a file. The undeniable advantage of the file is its small size and low price, which allows you to always have it at hand. In addition, its use allows you to get a working edge of the tool of excellent quality. In the process of working with a file, you can always check the thickness of the removed metal layer, which will help to withstand its uniform thickness along the frontal and lateral planes.

When using a file, there is no overheating of the metal surface, which can change its physical and mechanical properties. This, in turn, can lead to the fact that the shovel will often get blunt.

Sharpening a file with a file

Sharpening a shovel with a file should be done on the front part of the edge.

In order to sharpen a shovel with the help of a file, it is necessary to fix the blade so as to ensure its immobility. The best use for these purposes is the use of metalworking vice. But you shouldn't tighten the grip too much, otherwise you may damage the pressed blade.

After that, you need to take a file with a large notch and process the front part of the edge. Thus, the first rough processing of the product is performed. Sharpening shovels should be made only on the front side of the cutting part. File movements should be made from the edge of the blade in the direction of the cutting.

The next step is to get armed with a file that has a small notch. He will help to perform a finishing sharpening. Using such a file, it is necessary to fit the treated surface to a thickness of 0.5-0.6 mm. In this case, the work should be carried out at an angle of 40-45 degrees, which will save the metal from premature abrasion. The width of the edge to be machined must not exceed 5 mm.

During this process, thin areas are not allowed, which then quickly become dull and lead to a quick failure of the shovel.

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Sharpening with grinders

Grinding spade grinder

While sharpening a spade with a grinder, you need to monitor the temperature - it is unacceptable that the metal overheats.

The use of modern power tools allows us to simplify and automate the process of sharpening agricultural tools. The most easy to do this will allow the grinding machine or the usual Bulgarian.

Using these devices, it is possible to prepare a spade blade for work within 1-2 minutes. But at the same time, it is necessary to perform turning by similar methods very carefully so as not to cause overheating of the metal.

Overheating leads to the fact that the metal structure changes, it becomes soft. This quality is unacceptable for the cutting edge, since it will bend and dull quickly.

In this case, it will be necessary to resort very often to the procedure of treating the surface of a shovel, which will lead to its rapid abrasion and will disable the work during the 1st season.

Since the Bulgarian has a high speed of rotation of the disk, it is impossible to achieve a uniform thickness of the edge. As a result, the cut of a shovel will be of poor quality, which will lead to weighting of further work.

Moreover, with a high processing speed, a large number of burrs and chips will be created, which can lead to injuries during operation.

Sharpening Emery Machine

Scheme grinding grinding machine.

But in the event that the decision is made to use the grinder, in the process it is necessary to carefully monitor the speed of its work. The shovel needs to be fixed in a vice and to keep the grinding tool in such a way that its disk rotates in the direction of the cutting. It is necessary to process only the front part, while the processing direction must be from bottom to top. Sharpening the back of the work item should be performed only with shovels.

The pressure of the grinder on the part to be treated should be small, so as not to get too thin edge part.

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Emery sanding machine

Electric emery machine has the most optimal processing speed, which allows to obtain high quality machining of the cutting part. Modern emery machines have a smooth adjustment of the course, which allows you to achieve the optimum speed of rotation of the emery wheel.

In order to achieve the most uniform treatment of the cutting part, heavy abrasive wheels should be used. Such a circle will be less prone to vibrations and vibrations in the process. Such a quality circle will allow to achieve the exact size of the removed layer.

In order to achieve high-quality completion of the sharpening process, it is necessary to firmly secure the workpiece. The vice in this case is not suitable for use. All modern emery should have a special stop that allows you to minimize the fluctuations of the workpiece.

Spade Shovel

Drawing of a spade.

The first thing you need to do is rough the edges of the part. To do this, it is necessary to remove the upper metal layer to a thickness of 0.3-0.4 mm. This operation is necessary in order to eliminate all mechanical damage that occurs during the operation of the tool.

Next, you need to rotate the workpiece at an angle of 40 degrees relative to the abrasive wheel and make it a uniform translational motion up and down. Processing should be carried out until the thickness of the remaining layer is 0.5 mm. To avoid overheating of a shovel, water should be watered on its surface during processing. In this case, the material should appear color "tinge". It is not necessary to be afraid of this: it is caused by the physicomechanical effect on the metal.

Having completed the work on the machine, you should proceed to the fitting details. It is carried out with the help of a usual file with a small notch. This procedure will allow to eliminate the appeared processing defects (chips, burrs, nadirs, etc.). If this is not done, garden equipment will fail after a few days of work.

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Worker shovel stalk

Proper sharpening of a shovel is not the only factor that allows to facilitate the execution of works. A tool stalk plays an equally important role in the course of work. Its length should correspond to the height of the employee. A short lever will cause rapid fatigue, which will prevent further progress of work. Such a holder is used in digging narrow pits and wells. The optimal length of the cutting should reach the shoulder of the person.

It is necessary to make it from hard woods (oak, birch, etc.), soft (alder, aspen) will not last long. To do this, you need to use smooth stem trees, whose age is 5-7 years.

When making a cutting, it is necessary to reduce its diameter in the upper part. This will allow him to keep his free grip so that hands do not slip during work.

That the tool served as long as possible, it is necessary to store it in a dry and warm room. For the winter period, it is better to lubricate the metal surface with motor oil, this will help keep the working edge from rust on it.

Good sharpening tools, in combination with high-quality cutting, allows you to well cut the surface of any virgin. Such a shovel will be able to easily cut tree roots, the thickness of which can reach 3-4 cm.

It will allow you to easily and efficiently digging even the heaviest soil.

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