Reliable pipe bender with the hands of a jack

The pipe bender is a special machine tool designed to bend pipes, profiles, metal rods, and parts at any angle. At the time of such events used products are not wrinkled.

Bender Bender

The pipe bender is a device designed to bend pipes, profiles, metal rods, etc.

It is possible to make a pipe bender with your own hands from a jack, having understood the scheme of work below.

Using pipe benders

Hand-held pipe bender technology

Technology of work with the manual pipe bender.

In the construction market, pipes are always in high demand. They are actively used both in everyday life and in industrial conditions. Such products allow you to install gas pipelines, water pipes, with their help, erect hedges, gazebos, greenhouses, sheds, garden furniture. Having made a pipe bender with your own hands, you can purchase the necessary equipment for your home, which will always be at hand.

Such a device allows to bend any shaped pipes according to the established radius. With the help of a pipe bender, the armature is easily deformed, and such materials are subject to changes. as stainless steel, aluminum, metal-plastic. The bending is carried out in accordance with specified sizes and shapes.

The considered bending equipment will be a great help in any private workshop. It will help to make frames for a bicycle, a motorcycle, as well as exhaust devices, canopies and railings. Such a device is used to repair the bearing, gland and rubber bush.

Pipe bend radius table

Table of bending radii of pipes.

Despite the seeming simplicity of pipe bending, it is not easy to carry out such a procedure. Improper assembly of the tool will lead to defects on the products, which immediately affects their strength.

To make the necessary option of the pipe bender, it is necessary to decide on type of pipes which will be exposed to changes. This is due to the fact that different products according to indications, such as thickness and diameter, require various efforts to be applied.

Most often, experts work with suture material. To bend these products should be so that the scar was on the side. A standard bend most often leads to the formation of metal tubercles on the inside of the product. Similar flows are not formed on the inner sides.

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Options for the transformation of pipe benders

Hand tools can undergo transformations. There are 3 variants of such modifications:

Pipe bender assembly scheme

Scheme of assembly of the bender.

  1. 2 assistants will help to change the model, one of whom will be busy pulling the pipe, thereby activating the winch. Another will push her. The work can be carried out independently, without the involvement of other people, for which the device is connected to the engine, which has a gear motor. Chain transmission drives the wheels.
  2. The use of pipes of unequal diameter gives grounds for replacing the upper rollers with an aggregate that every car has. Such a pipe bender helps to establish the necessary indicators of pressure and height adjustment.
  3. By constructing a similar device consisting of an engine and a vehicle lifting device, you can purchase a valuable device with which the billets are made of shaped tubes.

You can make a pipe bender in different ways. When choosing, it is worth considering your own resources and goals.

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Features of the hydraulic pipe bender

To make such a bending machine, you need to prepare a hydraulic jack, channel, 2 castors, a shoe, metal plates. Focusing on the height of the jack used, weld the channel. The resulting device must have a rectangular configuration. The hydraulic unit is placed on a plane and firmly fixed with metal plates.

It is desirable that the used jack could withstand loads of up to 5 tons.

Manual hydraulic pipe benders

Manual hydraulic pipe benders.

This device performs the role of the pusher. A difficult task will be to find videos of the appropriate size. To bend the best quality, it is important to achieve a tight girth of the pipe.

It is advisable to make a reserve in the form of several rollers that will be easily removed. These wheels allow you to bend any pipes, regardless of the quality of materials and the diameter of products.

The pipe bender from a hydraulic type jack is distinguished by a simple manufacturing scheme, an affordable cost of the unit itself and spare parts. Such a device helps to deform the pipes at the time of repair work in the room, when replacing plumbing, car restoration.

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Accessories required for the manufacture of the bending machine

Before starting work, you should select the appropriate drawings, the use of which will greatly facilitate the work. First, prepare a cement mortar in the ratio of 1: 4. It is thoroughly mixed in any container. If possible, trimming of thick-walled pipes should be prepared; in their absence, channel bars can be taken.

Even for work we need such devices as:

Drawing bending machine

Drawing bending machine.

  • wheels;
  • winch;
  • concrete slab;
  • metal jumper;
  • gear motor;
  • engine;
  • jack.

The last detail is chosen very carefully. To do this, you can use the existing unit, which is removed from the frame and used for the desired purpose. It needs a hydraulic jack, designed for a load of 2-5 tons.

Then the frame is made. It is selected under the height of the cooked unit and has the shape of a trapezoid. As a material, you can take the corners with a shelf of 45 mm. At first, a rectangular shape is welded, 4 racks are attached to this form, and, in turn, 2 beam parts are placed, the appearance of which resembles the letter “P”. Then the channel is used. In the beams with the help of a drill, the grooves for the stop parts in the top row are drilled. Similarly made openings that allow you to adjust the bend radius. The jack is fixed to the frame with plates and bolts. It must be easily removable for later use.

As the supporting elements of the upper rows, cropped blanks are used, whose diameter corresponds to 40 mm. They are perfect as components, bending profiles of square and rectangular configurations. At the time of deformation of a thin-walled workpiece, it can be bent at the points of connection with the support. Here you need special wheels, the radius of which is equal to the pipe.

At the last moment is made "fungus". It is an easily replaceable part of a pipe bender, worn on top of this machine. Its radius coincides with the indicators of the bends. Well, if there are several such elements. Ideally, they should be three: large, small and medium. Such "fungi" can be made independently. In any hardware store you can purchase a pipe bent through 90 °. Its diameter corresponds to the size that must be subjected to deformation. Extras should be cut off.

The prepared die is cut into 2 parts to get the details of the longitudinal view along the radius. Taking the lower part, a small element from a pipe 3-4 cm long is welded to the middle. The transverse size should be such that a movable part from the jack is placed in it. Located in the side of the kerchief will strengthen the design. The machine for bending pipes is ready, it can be used in work.

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