Reliable homemade jack

The problem of lifting large loads before humanity is quite a long time. In recent years, to solve it, jacks have been increasingly used. Stand apart in this series is the hydraulic jack. He is able, with a minimum of effort, to lift really heavy loads. Hydraulics, since science appeared, has come to the aid of man. There are situations when a lift of this kind is simply necessary, but there is no possibility to purchase it. How to make a homemade jack?

Driving hydraulic jack

Driving hydraulic jack.

The design and its features

Of course, before you begin work, you need to learn more about the design of the hydraulic jack. In fact, it is not so difficult as it may seem at first glance. The main elements are the housing, pump, plunger, screw with a lifting heel. The hydraulic jack is most often made of hardened steel. In this case, a special oil having a high viscosity index acts as a working fluid. Normal engine oil in this situation will not work.

The device of the hydraulic jack

The device of the hydraulic jack.

It is worth considering this when developing a device. Usually the body is the main part of the hydraulic jack. It serves not only as a reservoir for the working fluid, but also as a real cylinder for the piston. The device of this design implies the presence of protective valves that ensure uninterrupted operation. It is equipped with a hand or foot pump.

Oil is lowered using a special handle, which is part of the mechanism. The lifting mechanism in this case and a special retractable hydraulic cylinder capable of raising the working platform. It creates a sufficiently high pressure, which allows you to lift loads of various weights. The body of such a device can be both short and elongated. The second option is most often used when repairing heavy machinery. For example, it can be a bus or a heavy truck.

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Main characteristics

Screw jack device

The device of the screw jack.

There are many parameters that allow the use of hydraulic jacks everywhere. They are unpretentious in terms of capacity. The important point is the presence of a practically incompressible working material. We are talking about hydraulic oil. From this it is possible to draw conclusions that it is impossible to avoid smoothness in work, that is, raising and lowering. In this case, the load can be fixed at almost any height. It is worth noting that such devices have a rather high efficiency, which is 80%. At the same time loading capacity of the mechanism can reach 200 tons. Of course, in this work, such powerful units will not be considered, but the reader should be aware that they exist.

It should be noted and the initial lift height. This indicator is better than ordinary mechanical models. Cargo can be lifted almost from zero height. This is very convenient, especially when it comes to carrying out repairs with low-landing vehicles.

The device is the simplest homemade jack

The device is the simplest homemade jack.

There are, of course, flaws in hydraulic jacks. The main thing is that it is very difficult to adjust the lowering height in such mechanisms. In order for the device to be constantly in working condition, it has to be checked. Here it is necessary to monitor the level of oil, the state of valves, gaskets and seals. If necessary, these items must be replaced. Sometimes it can be difficult to transport the jacks. They must be stored and transported in an upright position only.

Otherwise, it is likely that all the liquid from the reservoir will simply flow out. Another disadvantage is the relatively large mass of the device. It is not always easy to transport from place to place. Cost also makes many people think about alternative solutions to the problem. Some buy mechanical jacks, as they are several times cheaper, while others make hydraulic jacks with their own hands.

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Production of hydraulic press

Hydraulic press device

The device is a hydraulic press.

The hydraulic jack itself is not so interesting, since it is quite simple, but the press can be useful to everyone who loves cars. He will serve as a real assistant in the garage. With it, you can press the sleeve, punch holes in various metal blanks. To create pressure in the structure, a hydraulic jack will be used. For work you will need a grinding machine, a welding machine with a certain number of electrodes and an angle grinder.

The first node in this design will be the support platform for the jack. Since we will have to work with quite impressive weights, it is necessary to make the platform as reliable and powerful as possible. Do not forget about this nuance. To achieve the desired result is quite difficult. To do this, you need to apply several ribs at once. Only in this way will the construction really be of the highest quality and reliable.

For work it is possible to use both a square, and rectangular profile.

Drawing of a pneumohydraulic rolling jack

Drawing pneumohydraulic rolling jack.

Here the choice depends directly on the capabilities of the person and on what he has at hand. Further, these parts of the structure are laid with the base to each other. It should be done as much as possible welding seams. This will achieve the required stiffness. Welding elements to each other is necessary both from below and above. In order for the design to be stable, it is necessary to additionally use a metal plate for the stand, the thickness of which will be at least 10 mm.

Next you need to focus and stand. To do this, you must first prepare a profiled pipe, the cross section of which will be square or round. To calculate the height will have to add several values ​​together. It is necessary to add to the jack height the magnitude of the stroke of the rod, as well as the height of the platform. The resulting number will be the result.

The stop must be made of the same metal from which the stands are made. Further, all elements are interconnected. The result is a U-shaped design. In order to ensure the perpendicularity of all structural elements, it is necessary to make a very simple device. On a steel plate, the thickness of which will be at least 10 mm, it is worth laying two corners at an angle of 90 °. Further, all these elements are welded together. Everything is quite simple, but at the same time the design turns out really as reliable as possible.

Lifting capacity of the screw jack is calculated by the formula

Lifting capacity of the screw jack is calculated by the formula.

In order to continue to be more convenient to work, this device should be equipped with special clamping mechanisms. This will fix the resulting triangle and avoid further displacement along the axes.

The next stage of work is the creation of a special stop, which will move along the guides, transferring pressure from the hydraulic jack directly to the workpiece. For work, you will need to use a special metal piece. Its thickness should not be less than 1 cm. The length of this part should be slightly less than the distance between the racks.

It should be noted that the components of the stop are interconnected by welding. You should not save on electrodes. Only a good combination of all elements of the structure will allow you to really make the highest quality design. Now you can proceed to the installation of the hydraulic jack. It is fixed by means of two bolts of the same length.

It is worth making it as strong and tough as possible. If it is necessary to reduce the working stroke of the hydraulic jack of the hydraulic jack during the work, you will have to reduce the distance between the stop and the steel part of the structure, that is, its beam. For this, an additional metal plate of the corresponding profile is used.

In order to make this distance less impressive, you can use additional removable inserts. They should be additionally labeled in order to make the fastest possible tool change during the work.

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So, the foregoing has revealed the advantages of hydraulic jacks. As is clear, this device can be used not only for its intended purpose. For a garage-type press, it is quite appropriate. The hydraulic jack in this case becomes one of the best options for creating such a press. Of course, this is not the only such case of non-standard use of a hydraulic jack in practice. The hydraulic jack itself is extremely simple to make.

Knowing the design of this device, you can experiment with its designs. This is a great solution for every car enthusiast. The body of the hydraulics is made of hardened steel. Do not forget about the quality materials for the piston itself. He will have to transfer the maximum load. Only hydraulic oil should be used as a working fluid. It has a high viscosity index.

Only such an oil can create high pressure in the working mechanism. Knowledge will allow everyone to make a hydraulic jack and a press with their own hands.

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