Reliable home-made tools and fixtures

When carrying out repair, construction or plumbing work, it is often necessary to use certain tools. But what to do if they are not at hand, and there is no opportunity to purchase them? In this case, you can make homemade tools and accessories. Usually they are mounted from materials available to all.

Diagram of the device homemade mill

Diagram of the device homemade mill.

Some items are easily modified, improved, the result is a product of better quality. So, worn out and unnecessary things acquire new characteristics with an extended operational period.

Methods of transformation of individual objects

Scheme of the machine for sharpening circular saws and knives

Scheme of the machine for sharpening circular saws and knives.

  1. The drill of small diameter is easily made from the spokes of a bicycle.
  2. Pipes of different caliber, tightly connected to each other, are easily transformed into devices for drilling side slots. Their rods acquire different cross section indicators. The thickness of the outer steel pipe is equal to 0.5 mm, the internal bases are made from iron plates.
  3. In the manufacture of the cutter used knives from electric razors. They are fixed in the drill chuck in such a way that put the rollers from the lighter.
  4. Anvil is made from the remnants of old rails using autogen. With it, the device acquires the appearance of an iron.
  5. The waste bottle left over from gasoline lighters is easily modified into an oil can. An old ballpoint pen with a cut off writing piece allows you to make a hole in the lid of the container taken, then it is glued to this place. This oiler is designed to supply oil in small portions.
  6. Files and files are made from cans for refilling the siphon. Such devices are mounted in this container, tightly clasping the neck.
  7. An empty tube after using toothpaste can be converted to a convenient lubricant storage device. The bottom of the old container is unstuck, washed and dried thoroughly. After that, the cap is unscrewed and the tube is filled with contents. Then the bottom is rolled, the cover is put in place. To ensure maximum convenience, the cap can be drilled.
  8. A retired ball will become a convenient vessel for stirring any composition. Such a container does not need to be laundered: after the work is done, it turns out easily, the solution leaves the elastic walls.
  9. An old engine from a washing machine or a vacuum cleaner can be modified by welding the fasteners and fixing the shaft on which the grinding device is placed.
  10. It is possible to make a convenient dust collector, having taken it from the ordinary vacuum cleaner. A strainer is inserted into it to protect it from damage. When using a magnet in it, the smallest particles will not be inside, but will be all on the brush. Thus, the fallen down nuts, washers, screws will not be lost.
  11. A serviceable motor of an out-of-use fan or mixer can be used to make an important household tool. An emery disc is taken with a cross section of 4-6 cm or a circle made of wood on which the usual emery cloth is put on. Also, the surface can be covered with felt, this fabric will allow to make grinding of small parts, polishing the cutting edge.
  12. A level is easily made from an unusable plastic bottle. Water is poured into it, the lid is tightly closed. After calibrating on a horizontal surface, the position of the water bubble is plotted with a marker.

Almost every master has a self-made tool. Qualitatively made mechanism affects the result of the work. So, in metal products with a cutting part, the sharpness of the blade becomes an important sign. It is important for saw, ax, chisel. In the course of work, their edges quickly lose their previous performance, so these products have to be periodically sharpened.

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Sharpening your own hands: recommendations

Scheme and name of the parts of the sheet bending machine

The scheme and the name of the details of the sheet bending machine in the section.

The process of sharpening will be notably easier if you use home-made devices for this. They contribute to improving the quality of actions taken. An important part of such a device is a clip that folds out of pressure and support bars. These items must be the same size.

For this you need to take:

  • wood pruning;
  • screws, nails.

Such devices are made from wood of any solid varieties. As an analogue, multilayer plywood is taken. In the prepared parts, close to the end part, cuts are made. The grooves must be the same - 50 × 9 mm. The support rail with card loops is combined with the base.

The length of the main part of this tool will be 10 cm longer, considering that the length of the protrusions on each side corresponds to 5 cm. The device with these elements is fixed with clamps on the table top. To provide a tilt mechanism that is convenient for sharpening knives, you need to put a bar at the connection point of the clamp and base. It can be fastened with screws or nails.

One of the closely-spaced faces of the bar bends, it is given the desired angle value. To sharpen the hacksaw, you need to lay it in the space between the support and the laths teeth up and tighten the bolts. The blade should be set in such a way that the tip of the saw 20 mm protrudes above the clamping part.

So, the main work on the manufacture of sharpening tools carried out. You can work a little on improving its appearance, after which it is usable.

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Homemade device for bending sheet metal

For the manufacture of such devices are taken:

  • metal corners 40x40 with a length of 1.5 m in an amount of 2 pcs .;
  • screws;
  • clamps;
  • tools: drill.

As a base fit an unnecessary children's corner.

In one of these devices, 2 holes are drilled to match. The correctness of their location can be checked with the usual overlap. The corners are twisted with bolts and nuts. Then they are fixed on the table or workbench with clamps in the amount of 2 pieces. In the space between the boards, the gap widens slightly so that a metal sheet can easily fit into it. This tool looks like a vice with elongated jaws, between which a sheet of metal is clamped. Bending the workpiece on such equipment is not difficult.

The iron plate is fixed on the machine, after which it can be bent gradually, aligning the edges with a plastic mallet. This simplest equipment may be required at the time of covering the roof with iron sheets, the edges of which are bent to secure connection between them.

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