Reliable fixtures for a manual router

In recent years, the manual router has become increasingly popular. With this device you can perform a variety of carpentry work. Of course, bare equipment is simply inconvenient to operate. Tools for manual milling cutter may be different. In rare cases, the simplest of them go directly bundled with the tool, but in most cases you will have to purchase them separately or do it yourself. The first solution to the problem is less profitable. The simplest tools for the router must be available. Today they can be made independently. Consider how to make fixtures for a manual router with your own hands.

Manual frezer

The manual milling cutter is used in life for joiner's works.

Parallel stop: features

It is worth starting with this device. It is perfect for various jobs. It is used mainly for parallel milling relative to the surface. It should be noted that most often the parallel emphasis comes complete with a manual router. There are one standard disadvantage of standard devices of this type. It lies in the fact that it is possible to mill with their help only flat surfaces, and with rounded everything is much more difficult.

The scheme of parallel emphasis on a manual mill

The scheme of parallel emphasis on the manual router.

The design of the parallel stop is such that it does not allow to work with such surfaces. We'll have to think about how to improve it.

To work with round surfaces, you will have to keep in mind that you will need to make a special rounding device that will exactly repeat the surface. It is attached directly to the parallel stop. Now you can easily make any round milling. To do this, you just have to attach this spare part to the stop. As a result of the work you get a perfectly round surface. For example, this way you can make a round table. If a little work, then the structural elements of such a plan can be done several at once. This will allow you to mill various surfaces. Perfect solution to the problem. Each owner of the tool should think about the independent production of such devices.

Parallel emphasis is only one version of the standard device, which greatly simplifies the life of the equipment owner, but its improvements make it possible to reach a new level in terms of performance.

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Guide rail: specifications

Guide rail layout

Guide bus diagram.

The guide bus performs almost all the same functions as the parallel stop. However, there are some differences in the structure. It ensures the straightness of movement in the process of performing certain works. The main difference is that this device can be sent at any angle to the workpiece, as well as to expose any shape of the product. This allows you to get all the preparations of the correct form, which will greatly please the owners of the tool. It allows you to observe and symmetry. This is true if you need to control the alignment of the holes, which happens quite often.

As for self-production of such devices, it is quite realistic to do. At least, if we are talking about the processing of simple parts. Just take a long bar that is attached to the work surface. For better fixation, you can supplement the design with special stops.

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Table: practical moments

Of course, the main device for the hand mill is the table. In order to make a support for the table, you first need to use a special tool and a chipboard sheet. It is from this material that the stationary device will be made. On the right side, make a special hole for the button that will be used to turn the mill on and off.

Need additional support. It will be made of plywood with a thickness of 15 mm. It will be attached to the stationary tabletop. For convenience, special hinges are mounted.

Milling table layout

Scheme milling table.

In order to be able to smoothly move the surface to be treated on the table, it is necessary to make a carriage-emphasis. In the tabletop itself, a groove is cut under the guide into which the metal profile is installed. By the way, as a guide you can use the same part from the old saw. It is ideal for this device.

Next you need to make a longitudinal emphasis. For it is used chipboard. It must remain mobile so that it is possible to adjust the gap mills. To ensure this very mobility, it is necessary to make perpendicular grooves in the upper part. This fixture will be attached to the table with the help of special clamps. Do not forget about the fact that in the middle there should be a special groove that allows you to easily remove chips. Now, from a thin plywood can make a special box with a hole. Through it will be fed from the vacuum cleaner hose, which will serve to remove excess dust and chips from the work surface. It is mounted behind the perpendicular stop.

Now a 6 mm metal plate is taken. It is attached to the table. To do this, you need to use quite impressive self-tapping screws or screws, since a hand mill will be attached directly to it. It is imperative to ensure that she does not stand for the edges of the table. Otherwise, the part will cling to its corners, which will lead to damage.

Now you need to attach the hand mill to the plate. To do this, you must first drill the holes for the bolts. This step will allow you to simply change the cutters and save the depth of milling. Of course, you can attach to the table, but in this situation, the depth for work is minimal.

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Extra points

Now you can proceed to the design of the elevator milling cutter. For these purposes, you can use an ordinary jack of the old sample. This will allow changing the height of the working cutter as clearly as possible.

Handles are removed from the router, and aluminum guides are installed in their place.

They should be connected with the jack mechanism. So, the work is completed. There is nothing difficult in this process. Virtually everyone at home is able to create their own accessories for a router. Of course, the main in this case is the table. It can be made with your own hands, having the information given above.

There are other home-made fixtures that have not been reviewed. They are secondary, so it does not make sense to focus on them.

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