Purpose and device of a hydraulic jack

Hydraulic jacks are used in various areas of production and construction, when performing repair work, loading and unloading and other. The hydraulic jack device is extremely simple, but the models may differ in their design, since everything depends on the purpose. Today, manufacturers offer a variety of jacks that can be used for different types of work.

Hydraulic jack

Models of hydraulic jacks differ from each other in that they are used for different types of work.

What is a hydraulic jack?

Hydraulics involves working with fluid, i.e., hydraulic jacks operate based on this fact. This type of equipment can be divided into groups:

  • according to the type of construction, these are single plunger and double plunger;
  • according to the type of drive, these are electrical devices of continuous action, manual intermittent actions.

The main elements of the design are the equipment housing, which acts as a guide cylinder, a reservoir for the working fluid, a lever that transfers force to the pump, and the plunger.

Jack stability

Thanks to stability, the jack can lift heavy loads.

The advantages of this type of device include the rigidity of the structure, excellent and precise smoothness, high level of carrying capacity, stability during operation.. It is worth noting the accuracy of braking, the need for a small effort. With the help of hydraulic jacks, it is possible to lift / move heavy loads. When this effort is applied relatively small. But there are downsides to the use of equipment. The lifting height for one action is small, the design itself is demanding, it is allowed to be transported by the norms and operating conditions only in a vertical position so that the working fluid does not flow out of the tank.

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Models of hydraulic jacks

The universal jack is distinguished by the possibility of bilateral action, with such equipment the lowering / lifting of the load is smooth and adjustable. It can work in any spatial position, there are numerous models that can be equipped with floating supports, safety valves and so on.

Models of hydraulic jacks

Jacks are able to move the load vertically and horizontally.

Cargo lifts are acceptable for various types of repair, installation, lowering and lifting loads. They are used in various areas of industry and construction. The use of such equipment makes it possible to reduce the time spent on work, while the goods are able to move not only vertically, but also horizontally. With a large carrying capacity, the design has a safety valve, which is located in the piston, rod cavities.

The design of the stepped lift has a special system of supports and clips, which allows you to lift the load to a height greater than the length of the rod, up to about 500 mm.

After that, the load can be fixed for a long time. The equipment is supplied with a floating support, which makes it possible to reduce all the loads on the rod during operation. To install the clips there is a grip.

The device of the hydraulic jack

The device of the hydraulic jack.

The device of a hydraulic jack having a full stem may include a single-acting construction, which is equipped with a spring return, and a double-acting one with a hydraulic return. Such equipment is used for pressing out and pressing in parts, if necessary, tension of the ropes, practically any reinforcement, movement of goods and other things. The equipment can work in any spatial position, which is convenient.

The pulling steel is applicable for creation of the effective pulling effort, for fast movement of various kinds of loads. It is used if necessary to tighten metal structures, large and small parts of the hull of ships during their assembly. Single-acting models equipped with spring return are available. There are models and double-acting, which have a special hydraulic stem return. The equipment perfectly fits with various additional devices, actuators. Can be used in any position.

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Telescopic and bottle

Jack construction

Jack design.

The design of the telescopic jack is not so complicated. It is designed to move, lift various goods with a fairly limited space. It is used for repair, installation work. The equipment has a telescopic, i.e. retractable rod, which has a high level of carrying capacity. In the piston cavity there is a floating valve, which reduces the radial loads on the equipment. Models with one step and three are produced.

Bottle designs are intended for professional use. The design of their design includes a built-in pump, for which a special removable handle is provided, which makes the work of lifting certain loads easier and faster. The design is distinguished by originality and a high degree of protection, reliability. Convenient handles are provided for carrying the mechanism. Almost all models have lead screws with which the lift height can be effectively changed.

Razzhim is a device of various sizes, which is designed to perform construction work. It is used unclamping if it is necessary to install it precisely, to reconcile all the equipment during the construction of the foundation, when working to expand too narrow openings. It is used to separate the various flanges. Today, models of expansion sections are available, which can have built-in and external drives. Some designs have a special groove, which makes it possible to install the stop to support the load for quite a long time.

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Advantages of hydraulic jacks

The advantages of such devices are as follows:

Cargo jack

The lifespan of the jack is quite large and the structural strength is very high.

  1. The ability to work at a high level of working pressure of 70 MPa, while guaranteeing an optimal balance of such characteristics as weight and dimensional.
  2. The device of all jacks, working on the principle of hydraulics, can be selected individually. Today, a large variety of models are produced, which differ in their purpose, type of construction, and features of use.
  3. There are a number of economy-class jacks that are specifically designed for non-intensive use. The device can be selected depending on the frequency of its application, the simplest jacks withstand guaranteed up to 104 cycles.
  4. Universal jacks can be used for lifting / lowering loads, their subsequent movement, for repair and installation work.
  5. Special cargo jacks have a fixation device, their carrying capacity is 300-1000 tf.
  6. The design of jacks is extremely protected, the rods of many models have special wipers, supports for all rods have a special electroplating.
  7. The service life of hydraulic equipment is very long, the reliability of the design is extremely high, which ensures the safety of all work performed.

Hydraulic jacks are equipment that can be used in many areas of activity. This is not only loading work, but also a large part of repair, installation, construction work, where there is a need for lifting and moving a wide variety of elements that have significant weight. Also jacks of a special design can be used for bending metal and pipes. The design of the device is extremely simple, reliability is very high, service resources vary, depending on the model.

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