Practical table for diy

How to make a table for a manual router? First you need to familiarize yourself with its constituent parts, such as:

  • table top;
  • bed frame;
  • mounting plate;
  • clamps.
Scheme table for a mill with dust removal

Scheme table for a router with dust removal.

It is quite possible to make a table for a manual router, if it is taken as a basis for a finished product, rather quickly, with low labor intensity. You will need to make a few additional details:

  • clamps;
  • stops;
  • clamps.

The bed of a frezer consists from:

  • frame;
  • countertop.

The table top is made of a variety of materials:

  • MDF;
  • DSP;
  • metal profile.

If necessary, the table for the hand mill can be made with special adjustable legs.

Practical recommendations

To create a milling table, you need to have:

Tools for the manufacture of milling table

Tools for the manufacture of milling table.

  • square bars;
  • DSP;
  • plywood;
  • bolts with nuts;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • hinges;
  • jack;
  • steel profile;
  • metal plate;
  • guide saws;
  • manual frezer.

A relatively high-quality and cheap option can be a kitchen worktop made of chipboard, of various thickness, covered with a durable plastic sheet. DSP copes with vibration, the workpiece on a flat surface of plastic has excellent slip. The kitchen worktop has a width of 600 mm, which opens up excellent opportunities for work. Basically, for the countertop, you can use any plate, the thickness of which is more than 16 mm.

First, the legs are sawed together with ties. The length of the parts must comply with the drawings. The width of the parts is done with an allowance of 25 mm. When the sawing process is carried out, the machine disk is tilted at an angle of 12 °, removing the bevels along the edges of the legs and the edges of the screeds. For further work, you need to cut a bar that will be used as a stand for electrical wire.

Ties are fastened with special glue legs and firmly tightened with clamps. Drilling holes for screws is made through the screeds. After that clamps are removed. The plate of the electric wire is fixed to the coupler with a special glue and is also tightened with a clamp. After assembly, the feet are sanded with sandpaper, preferably grit reaches 220 units. Then an inverted cover is placed on the workbench and the ready legs are attached to it. For the clamping comb, you can use boards that are thicker than 19 mm.

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Mounting plate: features

Scheme frame milling table

Scheme frame milling table.

The worktop has a minimum thickness of 26 mm. To save the full reach of the milling cutter, on which the milling cutter is designed, a mounting plate is used. It is made of high strength material, it is small in thickness. The plate is made of steel, but textolite is much easier to use. This material is quickly and easily processed.

Basically the mounting plate is the most ordinary rectangle. In the middle a hole is drilled, with a diameter corresponding to the size of the hole present at the base of the router. The sole of the machine is always equipped with standard threaded holes. They are needed to secure the plastic cover. The machine and mounting plate are bolted through these holes.

It happens that such holes are completely absent. They will have to do it yourself. You can, of course, fix the router with steel brackets. However, bolting is much more reliable.

Special holes are drilled near the corners of the mounting plate, for fastening it with the table top.

Another accessory milling table is considered an elevator transmission. This is a universal plate with built-in elevator. The main advantage of this addition is a mechanical lift. It is used to adjust the height of the cutter relative to the surface of the table. An elevator allows you to lift the engine to make a tool change.

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Do-it-yourself assembly work

First of all, to the assembled bed temporarily fix the table top. In a certain place on the countertop put the mounting plate. A soft pencil outlines the contour, determining its exact location. Manual milling machine, a special groove mill, make a sample of the seat in the tabletop, where the mounting plate will be installed. When the installation is complete, it should be integral with the worktop.

After the work of the machine, the machined places will necessarily have the appearance of semicircular angles. With a regular file, similar angles are cut on a steel plate.

When the exact place of installation of the mounting plate is determined, a special cutter is again used, however, its length is much greater than the thickness that the table top has. A milling operation is performed in which a hole is made through. As a result, the tabletop receives a hole corresponding to the shape that the machine has a sole. It should be noted that such an operation is not very necessary.

Device of a sole of a milling table

Device of a sole of a milling table.

Sometimes additional milling of the lower surface of the table top is performed to make it easier to install other parts of the router, for example, a dust collector housing.

At the final stage, everything is fully connected. Milling cutter is screwed to the plate, which is attached to the table top with ordinary screws. Hats fasteners must be well sunk, otherwise they will touch the workpiece at the time of its movement on the tabletop. Only now you can finally fix the tabletop.

For safety of work on a milling table it is equipped with an upper clamp. The basis of this detail was taken video. This clamp is very convenient, especially when processing large parts.

The design of the clamp is simple enough. The roller is a normal ball bearing of a certain size. It is installed in the mounting device, which allows you to perform a rigid fixation from the plane of the tabletop with maintaining a specific distance. As a result, when the workpiece moves directly under the roller, its tight pressing to the table top will be fully preserved.

As is clear, if you follow all the recommendations, you can make the table for the router yourself. Good luck!

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