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If you dream of painting at a good pace, with high quality of painting large-area surfaces, then the following information is for you. It concerns the right choice of a device such as an airbrush. If you approach the acquisition with a large share of responsibility and follow the advice of experts, then the spray gun will definitely be a faithful assistant in works related to the painting of surfaces. So, you decided that you just need spray gun. How to choose it right?

Electrostatic Spray Gun Scheme

The scheme of electrostatic paint sprayer.

First of all, choosing this type of tool, it is necessary to study its component parts and their performance data.

Paint Sprayer Design

The first thing you pay attention to when evaluating the spray gun presented is its body. So, the material for its manufacture is aluminum. Naturally, the surface of the case undergoes appropriate processing, as a result of which it is coated with nickel-plated composition.

This compound has the function of protecting against corrosion. Famous manufacturers responsible for the quality of their products, produce spray guns in special convenient containers (suitcases), and in the package there are various accessories that increase the comfort of work.

The principle of operation of the spray gun

The principle of operation of the spray gun.

An example is a pressure regulator. Special attention should be paid to the hole in the nozzle cover, more precisely, to its quality. Either aluminum, stainless steel, or brass is commonly used to make this part. Check the accuracy of the needle in the nozzle of the spray gun can be, if you press the trigger.

In order for the work of the spray gun to be in good condition and not cause problems, it is very important to have such property as tightness. It is responsible for sealing the spray gun. Do not forget that many dye compositions are made on the basis of solvents, which, in turn, adversely affect the condition of the gaskets.

The most durable and reliable are pads made of Teflon. But keep in mind that paint sprayers, which have such an option of gaskets in their design, are much more expensive than other options.

One more important point to which attention should be paid when choosing a spray gun concerns the location of the glass for paint. Paint cups can have either lower or upper arrangement.

Basically you can choose any of these options, as long as it is convenient for you to use it. Try both options and see which one suits you best. A distinctive feature in the operation of the spray gun with the lower location of the glass is its retention in a clearly upright position. Only in this case will paint come to the spray bottle.

Paint sprayer

Paint sprayer helps in carrying out paint work quickly and with high quality.

You also need to say about one significant flaw, which has a tool such as spray gun. This education during the work of the so-called "painting fog".

This can be avoided by choosing to work a more modern model of electric tools, which eliminates the possibility of the formation of excess spray and prevents the ingress of paint particles on other objects that are close to the painted surface. Of the main advantages can be noted a much simpler job and significant savings in the formulations used for dyeing.

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A few words about the methods of spraying

Kraskoraspylitel equipped with a manual drive

Kraskoraspylitel equipped with a manual drive type, the design of which is a container, equipped with a pump and a sleeve, performs the function of suction.

To ensure the quality of painting and convenience of work, choosing a spray gun, it is necessary to pay attention to the spray method inherent in the spray gun.

One method of spraying is to use a conventional system. In this case, the paint cloud is formed as a result of high air pressure of 3 or 4 bar.

This method ensures good spray quality and uniformity of color. Since this method implies a high rate of dispersion of particles of paint, it means that the performance of this model of the spray gun will also be at a high level. But the minus in this case will be a sufficiently large degree of formation of paint mist and a decrease in the transfer coefficient of the composition used, up to 45%.

Currently, according to the legislation in the field of ecology, this method is inadmissible for use. The exception is made by the industrial zones provided with the high-quality systems intended for purification of air.

Another type of spraying is abbreviated as HVLP. Its characteristics imply a high volume of air and low pressure. The formation of the paint plume occurs as a result of exposure to air pressure (very low), equal to approximately 0.7 bar. Since in these tools the speed of movement of the particles of paint is average, the coloring composition is distributed quite evenly over the surface, and the index of the coefficient characterizing the transfer corresponds to a value of 65%.

Pneumatic Type Spray Gun

Pneumatic type paint sprayer.

Of the disadvantages inherent in this method of spraying, experts note an increased consumption of compressed air and a lower degree of quality of applying such a composition as varnish.

Another spraying method is called LVLP. It is characterized by a small volume of compressed air and a low degree of pressure. The formation of the paint plume occurs under the influence of a moderate pressure, which corresponds to a value from 0.8 to 1.5 bar. The transfer coefficient in these models reaches a figure of 65%.

When working with this tool, a torch of uniform character is obtained, consisting of fine particles of paint. The quality of the coating is quite high.

Listening to the advice of experts outlined below, you can choose for yourself the best option spray gun.

Please note that you can get the desired color result when working with compounds such as mother-of-pearl and metallic, only in the case of using an airbrush whose spray method is HVLP. The quality of the painted surface does not suffer from the need to consume a significant amount of compressed air, it is not adversely affected by the movement of paint, which occurs under the influence of low pressure.

On the contrary, a low degree of pressure prevents the occurrence of dirt on the surface to be painted.

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Some recommendations

If we talk about which method of spraying is considered the most effective, then it is LVLP. It is able to provide great comfort of work, because as a result of its use, the formation of fog occurs at a low level, painting materials are consumed very economically, and productivity remains high.

Such models have a gap between the air head and other details of 15 cm, which affects the control and makes it easier. Paint application is possible even at a great distance. A special feature of this method is the ability to work with this gun from both professionals and inexperienced painters.

This is due to the simplicity of the process that can be carried out without even looking at the painted surface. There is no reason to worry about the appearance of defects in the form of smudges when working with this spray design.

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Variety of paint sprayers

At the specialized modern market of tools various models of spray guns are presented. All of them are classified into three main types. It:

  • pneumatic type;
  • electrical character;
  • equipped with a manual drive.

So, choose a paint sprayer from which there is: pneumatic, hand-operated, electric, it will be easier for you to choose a paint sprayer after you become familiar with their basic characteristics. And now in more detail about each of these groups of sprayers.

Pneumatic spray guns spray paint with compressed air.

The principle of operation is based on mixing air and paint coming through separate inlets in a special air chamber. The performance of such pneumatic sprays corresponds to the following values.

During the work with paint it corresponds to the indicator reaching 400 m2/ h If the filler is used as a filler, the indicator drops to 85 m.2/ h Work with varnish is characterized by a value equal to from 20 to 50 m2/ h

Electric type paint sprayers have features that need to be considered. Please note that in these models the pressure is generated using a diaphragm, which oscillates under the influence of the connecting rod type mechanism.

This spray gun works from an ordinary home outlet, for its proper operation you will not need any additional devices. The purpose of this model is to spray paint, solutions and various protective compounds, which are based on water.

Many consumers choose an electric spray gun, it is possible to choose a paint sprayer, focusing on its performance.

As for this indicator, it can vary from 250 to 260 m2/ h, but note that the motor power should correspond to a value from 0.18 to 0.27 kW.

The popularity of this type of spray guns is achieved due to significant savings in consumables and as a result of low prices. Most likely, you will not regret if you choose an electric spray gun, you can use the advice of professionals to select a spray gun from a wide range of products on the market today.

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Handhelds and debriefing

Now a few words about spray guns, equipped with a manual drive. Their design is a container that is equipped with a small pump and a special sleeve that performs the function of suction. The pump pumps the colorful composition into the container, and after a sufficient degree of pressure has been formed, the paint goes directly to the nozzle. Speaking of performance, you can voice indicators such as 200 m2/ h

What will be your choice, what will be important for you, will you prefer the pneumatic version, or equipped with a manual drive, or you may want an electric one to choose a spray gun? You can get answers to these questions only after you have decided to use it.

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