Manual pipe bender homemade at home

During construction, there comes a time when it becomes necessary to bend a steel pipe. How to do it? There is a way out and not one, for example, you can visit a specialized shop and purchase a tool for bending pipes. But such an output is not the best, especially if a large construction project is planned, requiring large financial investments. The cost of such a machine is very impressive, so it would be wiser to use the second method - to make a device for bending the pipes yourself, for example, a manual pipe bender.

Manual pipe bender

The manual pipe bender is intended for production of pipes of different diameters.

How to make a pipe bender

First of all, you need to decide what pipes you are going to work with, what thickness will be the walls of the proposed construction. Having dealt with these indicators, you will understand what kind of effort the future machine will need to bend. There are 2 ways you can bend a metal pipe:

  1. Cold bend.
  2. The method of hot bending with the use of high-temperature effects on the metal.
Cold Bend Test Facility

Installation for testing for cold bending: - cable sample; 2 - steel plate; 3 - steel frame.

When using the cold bend method, you must follow a few simple rules. This process should be carried out in the winter season or when the temperature is below zero. The work itself is simple. Take a pipe of the required diameter, seal one side tightly and pour water inside. It is necessary to wait until the water in the pipe completely freezes and turns into ice. Then you can begin to bend, thanks to this technique you do not need much effort to obtain the desired result.

The hot method is similar in its principle of action. Take dry river sand, sift it through a sieve so that only small particles remain, and remove all large particles, such as stones,. Fill the product with this sand, both ends should be tightly plugged. To block the holes, use wooden wedges, pre-drill small holes in them to release the gas. Clamp the product in a vice and heat the bend point with a blowtorch until redness appears. Now you can use any homemade pipe bender to bend the prepared product.

Let's talk about the devices for bending. They are of different types, namely:

  1. Hydraulic.
  2. Hand held
  3. Electric.

Consider the example of a homemade pipe bender for manual bending.

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Production of manual pipe bender for metal pipes

Manual pipe bender - probably the most low-cost device for bending products. The main factor for such a machine is the use of human physical force. But there is no need for welding, so you can save time on its production, especially if you are not the owner of the welding machine. This homemade pipe bender has several types, the classification of which directly depends on the composition and diameter of the pipe. Main types of manual pipe benders:

  1. Universal, suitable for working with different products.
  2. Standard machine designed to work with a material of a specific diameter.
Homemade pipe bender

Basically, a homemade pipe bender is used to bend pipes no more than 2.5 cm in diameter.

Most often, a homemade pipe bender is used for bending pipes of no more than 2.5 cm in diameter. For products with a smaller diameter, the simplest machine design is suitable with minimal costs. What is needed for such a machine:

  1. Steel stakes.
  2. Concrete Slab

If you are unable to find the stove, you can do without it. You can drive pins deep into the ground, but this, of course, is not the best option, such a construction will not last long. If there is a concrete slab, follow the further instructions. First drill holes in the plate. Secure the steel pins in these holes. Remember the main thing: the more you install the pins, the better, the radius of the bend angle will be more accurate and even. Follow the step of no more than 5 cm between each pins. The machine is ready to work.

It is very easy to use a homemade pipe bender. Just pass the pipe between the steel poles and, applying force, bend it in the right direction and at the desired angle. Of the minuses of such a device, it should be noted that it is almost impossible to work with short pieces of metal on it - there is not enough physical strength to bend a short pipe. First of all it is intended for long blanks. Consider how to make another version of the device. It is more expensive - will have to find a grinder and welding.

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Making a manual roller bender independently

For this type of machine will need:

Drawing of a manual roller bender

Drawing of a manual roller bender.

  1. Steel pipe with a diameter of 5-6 cm, length 15-20 cm.
  2. Welding machine.
  3. Bulgarian.

If everything you need is there, you can proceed to the assembly process. To begin with, with the help of a grinder, cut a piece of pipe into 6 cm, weld it to the piece that remained, so that a mop-like construction is obtained. The work is performed according to this principle: in the smaller part of the device, place the pipe and stand on it. Then, using the long part used as a lever, bend the pipe as needed.

If the pipe diameter is more than 2.5 cm, the installation and construction of this device will become more complicated, so try not to use it for blanks that are wider in diameter. Using this design does not bend much, but for home use it is great. But if you still need to bend a metal of larger diameter, you can construct another device. You will need:

  1. 2 rollers with a radius corresponding to the radius of the pipe.
  2. Emphasis
  3. Welding machine.
  4. Steel chain.
  5. Winch.

Using a welding machine, weld a T-shaped stop.

Manual Profilegib with Reinforced Construction

Manual profileib with reinforced construction.

Install and secure the winch and roller on the horizontal part of the structure. Combine them with a steel chain on the vertical part and set the second roller just above this part. The material intended for bending is set so that one end is clamped between the rollers, and the other lies on the winch. When you move the winch, the pipe will also bend. Among the shortcomings of this design, it is worth noting that several people participate in this process: one must pull the pipe, and the second one - to move the winch.

These are the simplest versions of machines that you can make yourself. But there are more complex and effective devices.

For example, an electric motor can be put on the construction of the pipe bender described above, and work will go faster and easier. There are many more variants of such devices, but the simplest and easily accessible ones described above can make such machines independently, only time and desire are needed.

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