Making a shovel for snow do it yourself

An integral part of the household equipment of any country estate in the winter season is a snow shovel. Its main advantages are strength, lightness and convenience. To date, a large range of the specified inventory is presented in industrial stores. However, a shovel can be made independently: the technology of its assembly is simple, the required materials and tools are available in every household.

Snow shovel blade

Cloth shovel snow shovel.

A snow shovel with your own hands will allow you to save some budget and acquire some carpentry skills.

Preparatory work

The snow shovel has a simple construction. It consists of a ladle and a cutting. When self-constructing, the tree is most often chosen as the material because of its availability, ease of operation, and a convenient and reliable product as a result. The snow shovel should be consistent with the constitution and height of the person for whom it is intended. A comfortable option for an adult is a shovel that has a bucket with dimensions 50x50 cm and extends to its shoulder.

Tools necessary for work

Tools required for work: hammer, screwdriver, plane, chisel, pliers, jigsaw, pencil, ruler, angle bracket.

Before the implementation of the main work should be prepared materials and tools:

  1. Plywood dimensions 50x50 cm
  2. Thin long bar 2 m long.
  3. 50 cm long board length
  4. Thin metal plates.
  5. Galvanized or tin.
  6. Hammer.
  7. Nails
  8. Screwdriver.
  9. Screws.
  10. Metal shackles.
  11. Plane.
  12. Jigsaw.
  13. Chisel.
  14. Sandpaper.
  15. Pliers.
  16. Measuring tools, pencil, ruler, set square.

Before you make a shovel, you need to pay attention to a few highlights. The bucket must be durable and withstand the necessary load during the snow removal with your own hands. In addition, its surface should be smooth and slippery so that the snow does not stick, but is easily dropped. The bucket should be equipped with a metal plate to protect it from damage and deformation, to enhance strength and extend service life. To facilitate the work, the cutting should end with a comfortable non-slip grip. The attachment of the bucket to the spade handle is important. The optimum angle of inclination is 25 °.

Consider how to make a snow shovel.

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Step by step technology of making shovels for snow

Snow shovel

A snow shovel is made in accordance with the following technology: butt-making, bucket construction, cutting handling, complete assembly of the product.

Snow shovel is made in accordance with the following technology:

  1. Making the butt.
  2. Bucket construction.
  3. Processing cuttings.
  4. Complete assembly of the product.

Start making a snow shovel need to manufacture the end, which is the basis for mounting plywood. For this, a blank board of 50 cm in size is taken. From all sides it is processed with a planer to an even and smooth state. One side of the workpiece remains straight, and the second is arcuate with the help of measuring tools, jigsaw and planer. It should be 8 cm in the middle, and 5 cm at the edges. In the center of the blank, use a jigsaw and chisel to make a hole for the handle, equal to its diameter. Its depth must be different from each other. This is necessary so that the shovel has a certain bias, then it will be much easier for it to work.

Having prepared the end of the future inventory, you should be engaged in strengthening its bucket with metal plates. For this, prepared 4 plates of thin metal 4 cm wide are installed on all edges of the plywood in such a way that a bend of 2 cm from the front and back of the ladle is obtained. Plates are fixed with small brackets.

Now the end of the bucket is screwed with screws and a screwdriver to the harvested sheet of three-layer plywood, framed by metal plates. For greater strength, at least 8 self-tapping screws and zinc plating should be used.

The next stage of work will be processing the cutting. It can be round or rectangular. From the prepared board, you should first cut a blank with a cutting about 4.5 cm wide and 2 m long. The cutting blank is planed on all sides with a plane, completely freeing itself from the bark. One of the edges of the cutting is cut at an angle of 25 °. The entire cutting is processed with sandpaper.

The final stage of work is the connection of the spade handle with the end of the bucket. Fasteners must be made durable, best nails from both sides through galvanizing. Spade with his hands ready.

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Alternative options for the manufacture of equipment for snow removal

Children's snow shovels

Children's shovels for snow removal.

You can make a snow shovel from other materials. Consider some options. The snow removal structure is in demand, the bucket of which consists of aluminum sheet, and the cutting - wooden. Its manufacturing techniques are similar to those described above. The difference is the use of tools suitable for working with metal. The result is a lightweight, durable and durable snow shovel.

If the farm has a small piece of plastic, then from it you can construct a budget shovel for cleaning the tracks from the snow. But the design, the bucket which consists of titanium, should be called an expensive option. However, it is easy, functional, practical, working with it is a pleasure.

Another interesting homemade option can be considered a shovel, the bucket of which is an old baking tray, securely fastened to the end and wooden handle with self-tapping screws through galvanization. This option is fast production and with good results.

You can make a snow shovel for children. To do this, all the basic structural elements in proportion to the growth of the child are reduced. Production of a children's shovel should be of higher quality and safer. All its components are well polished with sandpaper.

Thus, if there is a convenient and light snow shovel in the farm, no mechanized snow blower will be required. Constructing such a shovel from the materials at hand will not be difficult for anyone, even without certain skills.

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