Making a homemade jigsaw

Homemade jigsaw .. It sounds unreal. However, at all times, professionals were valued and demanded. Carpentry can be both a basic income and a pleasant hobby. From the hands of the carpenter come out wonderful products, unique and inimitable. In the modern world, with its terrible ecology, each person increasingly seeks to surround himself with natural, natural materials. Handmade wooden items can be an exclusive, priceless gift.


Jigsaw is able to cut any sheet material up and down.

But in order to create all this magic, you need not only high-quality wood, but also tools. The shops sell a variety of jigsaws on wood, but a real master with such a tool will not be satisfied. Because they are not suitable for performing really thin jewelry works. Only one way out is to make a jigsaw. If you have hands and a bright head on your shoulders, then this is a task for you.

There are several options for the manufacture of such a tool: to upgrade the purchase model or make of improvised means. Jigsaws on wood are of two types: manual and electric. Hand tools are a classic.

Manufacturing from a sewing machine

Necessary materials:

  • old-style sewing machine;
  • file


Figure scheme homemade jigsaw

Drawing scheme homemade jigsaw.

  1. Unscrewing the bolts, carefully remove the needle.
  2. Removed drive shaft.
  3. Unscrew the protective panel.
  4. The hole for the needle expands to the size of the prepared file.
  5. The length of the file is cut to the size of the needle.
  6. Top and bottom of the file grind off.
  7. The file is inserted in place of the needle.

Materials for desktop jigsaw:

  • duralumin tube;
  • copper sheet;
  • plastic;
  • drill;
  • clamps


  1. It is necessary to make a frame from a duralumin tube.
  2. In its manufacture, do not forget about the need for a channel in order to subsequently lay the power cord.
  3. Making a C-shaped frame from a copper sheet. Further, it is fastened with screws to the frame in place, which is connected to the handle of the tool.
  4. In the plastic slot is cut. A saw goes through it. To cut a hole you will need a drill.
  5. On plastic, mounting holes are drilled.
  6. The jigsaw is fixed on a plastic base so that the file passes through the gap.
  7. The design is attached to the table, for this purpose they use clamps.
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Jigsaw machine: practical recommendations

Jigsaw consists of a motor and a rocking chair with a saw.

Jigsaw Cutting Machine

Scheme jigsaw.

For a motor, engines from a washing machine and a sewing machine can be used. The case is made of plywood. It includes the base itself and the table. The box should be located between the base and the table, and on the inside of the shelf-bracket and intermediate shaft. And on the reverse side there is a disk and a rocking chair.

The eccentric with the help of traction has a connection with a rocking chair. Traction made of steel plate. It is all screwed together. The intermediate shaft should be installed on several bearings, they are closed with a lid, in order to avoid the ingress of dirt and sawdust. The two-strand pulley is put on the shaft and fixed with screws. Also installed eccentric jigsaw. Four holes are drilled on the eccentric flange. Due to this, the stepped screw will change position. Accordingly, the amplitude of the buildup will change. Rocking chair - this wooden yoke, in which you need to install the screw. And on the front side of the structure there are metal plates, with hinges, with the help of which files are attached. The file is placed in the gap of the desktop and firmly clamped.

The balance arms in working condition often and strongly fluctuate, the plates are subjected to excessive heavy loads. Therefore, it is necessary to pay due attention to proper fastening of the saw. Plates should be securely fastened in the slots and strongly tightened. But the earrings that hold the files are set in such a way that the screws do not clamp the halves too tight.

The main characteristics of household electric jigsaw

The main characteristics of household electric jigsaw.

The axis should get some freedom. The screw, which tightens the yoke, must have a small gap for the stop screw. The very rocking rack can be made of bar. On the upper side of the bar a groove is made for the upper arm. Rack can be made of halves or make a composite.

These are the homemade products you can do with your own hands. Jigsaws on wood are different, but better than the one you do with your own hands is not found. Such a tool will serve you faithfully for many years. This is a real help for the home master. How many things can be done using this simple unit. But still this device can be dangerous, so before you begin to work, you should be familiar with the rules of operation of the tool.

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Safety in working with a jigsaw on wood

  1. Do not forget about the protective suit, glasses and, of course, a respirator.
  2. Do not overload the tool; this causes a drop in speed.
  3. Do not leave the networked device unattended.
  4. Do not put the jigsaw on until it has completely stopped.
  5. It is forbidden to work with a faulty tool.
  6. The material in any case can not be held in the hands. It must be securely fastened.
Jigsaw device

Jigsaw device.

Tips for working with a homemade jigsaw:

  1. It is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the files. Stupid files poorly and poorly perform their work and give a harmful load on the drive.
  2. If you need to make straight cuts using files with a wide blade, this gives a perfectly even cut.
  3. As a result of pressing on the tool, the web will overheat and inevitably dull. Need to work smoothly and carefully.
  4. When cutting soft metals, wipe the cloth with engine oil.
  5. When working with wood, use maximum speed.
  6. Watch the tool, its technical condition.
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A few words in conclusion

Working with a tree will bring you a lot of pleasure and joy. Wonderful things are made from this material. You can do wonderful gifts and souvenirs for friends and relatives with your own hands.

If you have never used a jigsaw on a tree, then by all means test your strength. This skill is useful to every home master. After all, this tool makes not only various openwork decorative crafts, it is also indispensable during construction and repair work. This is a universal tool in the workshop. With a jigsaw, not only wood is effectively cut, but also plastic, plasterboard, laminate, ceramic tiles and even metal sheets. Ease of use makes it the best cutting tool.

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