Jack design options

Few people know how to make a jack with their own hands. For those who are a little versed in technology, it will not be difficult.

Bottle Jack Scheme

The scheme of the bottle jack.

There are many types of lifting mechanisms. Jacks can be hydraulic, rack, pneumatic and screw. They are used for lifting various heavy goods and equipment, as well as fixing products at the required height. It is no longer possible to imagine repairing an automobile suspension or changing a wheel without using a jack.

Most often it is necessary to repair various types of lifting mechanisms and to make their maintenance. It is necessary to monitor the technical condition of the lifts, identify damage, replace the oil. Sometimes the units break down and fail. You have to buy a new one or assemble a device from improvised means. Of course, you can entrust this work to professionals, but making the jack yourself is not so difficult.

Some nuances

The device and principle of operation of the hydraulic jack

The device and principle of operation of the hydraulic jack.

Hydraulic jack - the most common type of lifting mechanism. It has a large load capacity. Such devices are used in power plants, oil refineries and other industrial organizations. Most often, hydraulic lifts are used to lift cars in the conditions of auto repair shops and tire fittings.

Hydraulic lifting mechanisms periodically require repair and maintenance. The last is that it is necessary to top up the fluid flowing through the glands. It is necessary to monitor the technical condition of all components of the jack.

However, it is not the case. If you had and broke the jack, you need to make a new one. Of what? You can take the old one as a basis and try to update it, i.e. thus make a new device from the previous one. Stages of work:

  1. It is necessary to unscrew the fasteners.
  2. Next, you need to remove the piston and valve bleed fluid.
  3. After these manipulations you need to inspect the main parts of the hydraulic jack. If any item is damaged, it should be replaced.
  4. The lifting mechanism must be cleaned of debris and foreign elements. Rinse and cylinder.
  5. Inspected subject gum. If it is damaged, it should be replaced.
  6. The final step will be the assembly of the hydraulic jack. It is produced in reverse order.

After you can make the jack and the lift is assembled, you need to check its performance. If the mechanism does not work, you may need to check and, if necessary, replace the oil.

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The role of oil in the arranged hydraulic lifting mechanism

Portable leveling jack in a set

Portable leveling jack in a set.

Oil - an indispensable component of the hydraulic jack. With it, the process of lifting various loads. If there is not enough oil in the device, the fixture will not work. To change the oil you need to perform two basic steps.

First, you need to drain the waste liquid, for this you need to unscrew the plug of the oil tank. Next, wash the lifting mechanism. This must be done with the help of a special flushing fluid; you can buy it at any hardware store.

The mechanism is filled with fluid, pumped and drained.

Diamond Jack Drawing

Drawing of the diamond jack.

This procedure should be carried out 2-3 times. Washing the jack is a simple operation, but takes a long time.

After cleaning the hydraulic lifting mechanism, you can start pouring new oil. It needs to be poured to a certain point. In this case, the lift should be in the lower position. To lower the rod, you need to turn the screw-tap to the position of "drain". Next, close the cork of the oil tank and pump the liquid 5 times. After this procedure, add oil and re-tighten the cork. It is necessary to pump over until the lubrication of the mechanism reaches the required level, and bubbles will not form on its surface.

Their presence significantly reduces the efficiency of the mechanism. Often, air enters the housing due to lack of oil.

To correct this situation, you need to perform the following steps. First you need to open the cork of the oil tank, as well as the bypass valve. Then you need to quickly pump the mechanism several times. When performing this procedure, air bubbles from the work area fall into the oil tank. The plug from the bypass valve and the oil tank can be closed.

If all manipulations were performed correctly, the hydraulic mode will work. If it does not work, all operations must be repeated.

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How to make a jack with his own hands: additional options

Automobile lifting devices have become widespread. They must be equipped with every machine. The easiest way to acquire the necessary design of the jack in a specialty store. However, it can be done or improved by hand.

Table of characteristics of jacks

Table of characteristics of jacks.

Those who want to make the jack themselves, you can use a simple design. It is done as follows. Metal pipes must be welded in the form of a truncated quadrangular pyramid. After that, the resulting structure must be welded upper and lower base. It is made of steel with a thickness of 5 mm. Dimensions homemade jack must match the size of the vehicle that you want to raise.

The principle of operation of the jack is based on the transfer screw-nut. In the upper part of the truncated pyramid should drill a hole, the diameter of which should exceed the diameter of the screw. It is necessary to weld a nut to the upper base. At the bottom of the screw is required to make a hole into which the metal pin is inserted. With this rod, the screw will turn.

In this design, the jack is best to use a screw with trapezoidal thread. For all elements included in the transfer screw-nut, you should use materials made of hardened steel.

Various lifting mechanisms are indispensable in our lives. They help lift heavy loads and equipment. Like many mechanisms, they can sometimes fail. Their repair can be done independently.

It is easy to make a jack, the main thing is to follow the correct sequence of work.

Equally important is the maintenance of mechanisms. Be sure to monitor the oil level and, if necessary, to fill it. You can do it yourself too.

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