Instructions for filling the hydraulic jack

The jack is a device designed to lift heavy items. The jack hydraulic carries out the work at the expense of oil. Through the latter, pressure is exerted on the piston, with the rod rising to the upper position. Due to this interaction of parts, cargo lifting is performed. With an insufficient amount of oil, the functioning of the device becomes unavailable.

The device of the hydraulic jack

The device of the hydraulic jack.

Before you start to operate the hydraulic jack, you should carefully read the provisions of the instructions as a general procedure, and for its refueling. The scheme of filling the device is shown below.

We fill up a hydraulic jack with oil: user manual

The principle of operation of the hydraulic jack

The principle of operation of the hydraulic jack.

  1. Having decided to fill the hydraulic jack, unscrew the lid of the bay. All oil residues are drained, the device is rinsed with a special washing liquid. It is completely difficult to clean the jack of old residues completely. Therefore, the filling of the washing liquid is repeated more than once. The liquid is poured in, the pumping is carried out, the liquids are topped up and pumped again. Plums are similarly made.
  2. The tank is filled with oil to the indicated risks to the maximum. The device itself is set to the lowest position. To lower the rod down screw-crane set the position of the "drain". After tightening the cap, pumping is performed 5 or 6 times. Then again the cap is unscrewed, the oils are added and the cap is screwed on again. Oil will not reach every time to the maximum mark. In this regard, pumping is done until the bubbles disappear and the amount of oil is not established at the highest mark.
  3. The lift should be flushed and refilled, freeing it from the load. Commissioning of the device is permissible only after the completion of the filling procedure.
  4. It is possible to use any oil for a jack. But with reference to the winter period, it is best to choose synthetic for winter. Then the device will be ready as needed for use in any period of time. In order to avoid oil freezing, manufacturers of these devices recommend storing them in a heated indoor area. In a situation of special need to use a jack in the cold is permissible, but for a short time. For example, when it is urgently necessary to raise the car to change a deflated tire.
  5. The frequency of refueling is at least 2 times throughout the year (with occasional use of a jack). With continuous use of the device, the oil is changed every month. During the replacement procedure, it is imperative that each time it is completely washed.

If you follow the requirements of this manual, you can significantly extend the shelf life of the jack. And, to a lesser degree, it will be necessary to carry out an expensive repair of the hydraulic device.

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