How to work as a jigsaw

This tool is available in the household of every home craftsman, it is necessary both for professionals and for those people for whom such work is a hobby. In addition, figuring out how to work with a jigsaw, you should decide which tool you prefer. You can use electric or work with hand tools. Of course, manual and electric models have significant differences.

Hand Jigsaw

Thanks to the manual jigsaw, the cut-out patterns are smooth and neat.

The task of the electric tool is to facilitate all the actions done by the usual manual device.

Today, manual jigsaws are used as often as electric tools. They are necessary when you want to cut a small pattern. If you have not previously used this equipment in your work, then it should be noted that this is a very convenient tool. If we are talking about an electric jigsaw, it is quite capable of replacing an electric saw and speed up your work tenfold. The first thing you need to work is electrical engineering itself, including it in the power supply.

Although all electrical equipment designed to facilitate work, looks reliable, including a jigsaw, you should still remember a number of operating rules. It is important not to push him hard, the tool itself copes well with the task. If increased pressure is applied to the electrical element, the retaining bracket may bend, and repairing it is not cheap, keep this in mind.

Features of work

Diagram of an electric jigsaw

Diagram of the electric jigsaw.

When you start working with a hand-held tool, you should pay attention to the material with which you are in contact, that is, sawing or cutting. As for the electrical sample, it is endowed with a speed mode, it also needs to be mastered. If there is a need to saw through thick objects, then stop at high-speed slow mode and observe the progress of the cut. When the surface, which is being cut, thin, you can choose a faster mode. For example, if you cut laminate with an electric file, then the 4th mode (the last one) is optimal. Usually jigsaws are sold with the 1st mode originally installed on them.

If you have to cut a wooden surface, conduct an inspection for the presence of nails, as they significantly spoil the tool. And what to do, if in the course of the work the file suddenly squeezed? In this case, do not press on the button, and manually remove the saw from the place where it was clamped.

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How to work as a manual jigsaw?

Cutting a pattern with a manual jigsaw

For fixing parts during operation, you must use clamps.

Although the purpose of the tools is one, the principles of their work differ. In particular, masters working with a manual jigsaw must be distinguished by their special patience, perseverance and a “full” hand. To master the work of hand tools, you need to be persistent and not rush into action. Experts say that working with a manual jigsaw is easy. What is required of you? To draw the necessary figure, to make a hole, to stretch the canvas from the jigsaw and saw along the designated pattern.

Your task is to keep your hand straight, not to stray from the marked course. Of course, such work is painstaking, and that is why not everyone copes with it. Meanwhile, the work of a simple jigsaw requires a person to pay more attention and precise measured movements. In addition, almost everyone who owns them is, to a certain extent, an artist.

During the work as a manual fret saw it is better to fix a detail clamps. Although you can easily hold the tool with one hand, it is better to release it. The fact is that if the second hand holds the part and is in a certain voltage, it is more difficult to achieve maximum accuracy when running the jigsaw in a drawing. Experience proves that with the details fixed, the result is better.

If, buying a tool, you decided to save money and chose a cheaper sample, then immediately get a file for it. Usually those that are equipped with cheap tools, suitable only for black cuts. Their teeth are blunt and large, which makes the cut rough. Getting started with a jigsaw, use safety glasses. Sawdust can get into the eye if you lean closer to look at the cut. Having mastered the work of this tool, you will soon be able to personally create real masterpieces!

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