How to use the spray gun

During construction or repair, modern appliances are increasingly used. So spray guns, which are intended for quick painting of walls, ceilings and facades, came into use. Often they are used during whitewashing ceilings, because with their help you can not only speed up the process, but also to achieve uniform coverage. How to use the spray gun?

Paint the ceiling with the spray gun

Using the spray gun speeds up the work process and improves the result.

The principle of operation of the spray gun

The spray gun is a tool with which paint is applied to the surface. It is used in industry, for painting cars, walls and ceilings.

Important! The quality of painting and the service life of the tool are directly dependent on the correct and careful use of the tool.

Powered gun on the following principle:

The correct position of the spray gun when painting the surface

The correct position of the spray gun when painting the surface.

  1. In the tank, located above or below the spray (or, as it is called, airbrush), pour paint. Further, under air pressure, it begins to flow into the sprayer, and staining occurs.
  2. Compressed air flows through the sprayer. If you pull the trigger, the needle will move. The result is a spray cone, which consists of drops of paint.
  3. It is necessary to take into account the fact that sprayers differ depending on the type of paint. For thick paint should take a spray with a large hole.
  4. The concentration of paint depends on the spray head. If it is large, then the concentration will be higher. For regulation, air channels are supplied to the head in the required quantity.
  5. Using the head, you can adjust the amount of air pressure and spray paint.
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Terms of use of the spray gun

Spray Cone Definition

Determination of the cone spray.

During the application of the gun should be considered a few basic rules:

  • if the work is carried out indoors, it is necessary to ensure good ventilation;
  • on the street to use the spray gun should be in the shade, where there is no wind;
  • use automotive paints with particular care, as they contain a lot of explosive substances;
  • paint for the spray gun should be diluted according to the instructions.
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Adjustment and application of an airbrush

Before work, first set up the tool. This procedure is done after filling the tank with paint. Here you need to follow the lid: it must be tightly closed.

Setup gun is carried out in this sequence:

The principle of using the spray gun

The principle of using the spray gun.

  • at first it is necessary to adjust the flow of paint and air; for this, the instrument is suspended vertically and sent to the newspaper;
  • pressing the trigger, hold it in one position until the moment when the stains do not flow from the stain;
  • having adjusted the sprayer, they drive the spray gun in different directions until reaching a uniform layer (here you can adjust the distance and the speed of movement).

Painting the walls and any other surfaces with the spray gun occurs in the following steps:

  1. At the initial stage, conduct preparatory procedures. Here is the selection of paint. If painting will occur indoors, you should use water-based paints. Prepare all the necessary materials for painting. These include:
Device homemade spray gun

The device is a homemade spray gun.

  • spray gun;
  • paint;
  • solvent;
  • gloves;
  • mask and glasses;
  • ammonia (in case you neglect the security measures).
  1. Next, prepare the composition for staining. If you choose a binder paint or alkyd enamel, they must be diluted with a solvent. Usually, when purchasing these funds, the seller instructs the use and dilution of the product. Often on banks fixed instruction. It should be observed in the case when the ratios of additional tools for painting with the help of the existing model of the spray gun are indicated. Otherwise, use a viscometer or a manual check. To do this, carry out the following procedures:
  • pour the paint into the tank and set the air flow and for the liquid at maximum power;
  • paint a small area to check spray quality;
  • if the product does not splash, add 5% solvent and continue to test again;
  • This procedure is repeated until the desired result is achieved.
Device professional spray gun

Device professional spray gun.

This method is quite time-consuming, but, according to experts, more reliable.

  1. Next, proceed to staining. Here, too, can not do without the rules:
  • To begin, divide zones by importance, you should start painting from a less important area, approaching the more important one, because this way you can avoid excessive paint ingress;
  • before pressing the trigger take the spray gun a little to the side, to the edge of the surface, only then “start the unit”;
  • Keep the tool clearly at the same distance, and do not tilt it;
  • Paint the surface is only straight parallel lines, there are not allowed arched or spiral movement;
  • try not to stop work until you finish painting the entire surface;
  • If you paint a wooden surface, then paint in the direction of the wood fibers;
  • staining strips are applied with a small overlap;
  • the quality of paint application is checked at an oblique angle, so you can see all the defects;
  • if you notice an unpainted area, with a quick movement of your hand, draw an airbrush at the level of an empty area;
  • vertical surfaces are painted thinly several times.

Compliance with all the rules will help to achieve the desired result.

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Paint the ceiling spray gun

Hand Paint Sprayer

The device manual spray paint.

If everything is clear with painting walls, cars and other surfaces, then during the painting of the ceilings there are often questions. Here the listed rules are subject to adjustment.

When painting ceilings, the following rules are followed:

  • to apply a uniform layer, it is necessary to maintain a jet length of no more than 70 cm from the ceiling;
  • paint should be applied strictly perpendicular to the surface;
  • after complete drying of the first layer put the second;
  • coloring is carried out in a circular motion;
  • you should not stop or linger even for a few seconds in one place.
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Problems and solutions

If you do not follow these rules, there may be some problems. They should be resolved immediately.

For example, the trouble that often occurs is the formation of paint stains. Here it is necessary to immediately reduce the air flow and continue to work, watching the condition of the paint on the surface. Often incorrectly chosen paint also leads to trouble. For example, light spots may look dusty. This was due to the wrong consistency of paint, that is, its composition remained too viscous. It is urgent to add a solvent to the paint.

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Further care of the tool

Important! It is necessary to look after an airbrush for the best storage and long use.

Otherwise, you risk losing the "good helper" in the repair.

Here experts give the following recommendations:

  1. After painting it is necessary to thoroughly clean the sprayer. The cleaning process varies by model. But after work it is necessary to allow the remains to drain. Pull the trigger and hold until all the paint has drained into the tank.
  2. All elements of the instrument are thoroughly washed with a solvent.
  3. Depending on the type of agent used, it is necessary to pour the required solvent into the tank and pull the trigger. So you can clean the sprayer.
  4. Next, with soapy water, the parts are cleaned from the solvent.
  5. Air nozzle is cleaned from the inside with the help of toothpicks or knitting needles for needlework.
  6. At the final stage, a lubricant recommended by the manufacturer is applied.

From all of the above, we can conclude that the use of the spray gun can significantly reduce the painting time. It does not require special skills or knowledge. The main thing is to follow all the rules and precautions and conduct test staining before applying paint to the surface.

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