How to use the rack jack

Many are familiar with the jack only for one application, i.e., changing the wheels of a car. But not everyone is aware that jacks are widely used in other areas. Lifting devices are often used in the structure of bridges, laying electric transmission lines, removal of metal structures, as well as in other construction and manufacturing areas. Rack jacks are often used, since they have a high margin of safety. Before you figure out how to use the jack, you need to consider its principle of operation.

Rack jack

The rack jack is used not only when changing wheels in a car, but also in many other industrial areas, for example, when removing metal structures or building bridges.

The principle of operation of the lifting device

Today 2 main types of jacks are used:

  • manual;
  • motor driven.
Pneumatic Jack Diagram

Diagram of a pneumatic jack.

In addition, each of them, depending on the design, is divided into the following types:

  • pneumatic;
  • hydraulic;
  • screw;
  • lath

Each of the above devices is designed to lift various loads with the possibility of fixing on the same level (at a height of several meters).

Rack jack is considered one of the most reliable and durable devices for lifting loads. It is used even in industry, since it is able to lift loads weighing up to 10-12 tons. At the heart of such a lift is a special rail of high strength steel, equipped with a cargo platform. It provides lifting. Its main advantage is the low placement of the cargo area. After lifting to the required level, the rail is fixed with a special fixture for the stopper.

Diagram of the hydraulic jack

Diagram of the hydraulic jack.

The rack and pinion device, which is the basis of the jack, is driven by a handle that transmits the gain to a 3-speed box. Above and at the base of the jack there are special fastening elements for the sling, which are installed during its operation.

Rack type jack is an unprecedented success with off-road lovers, because it has an adequate margin of safety and reliability to cope with heavy-duty four-wheel drive trucks.

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Using rack jacks for off-road vehicles

Rack lifts were invented at the beginning of the 20th century and were used as tools for elevating trains. Today, such devices are most often used to lift SUVs. This is an indispensable device that will not fail in all weather conditions.

Screw jack device

The device of the screw jack.

To many off-road enthusiasts, rack and pin jacks are known as Hi-Jack, which has been rooted for a long time. It is a shortened version of the original device name (Hi-Lift Jack). Given the simplest design, Hi-Jack has several methods for off-road use. Its main advantage is the absence of the need to monitor the purity.

Rack lifts are very popular with novice off-road enthusiasts, but such a device should always be with experienced off-road drivers. You can never hope for the power of the car and its additional equipment in the form of rear and front winches. All this can fail at the most inopportune moment, it is then that you need a Hi-Jack jack.

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Types of rack lifts

One of the most popular hi-jacks in the world is American Hi-Lift, which is presented on the domestic market in two forms:

Rack jacking scheme

Rack jack scheme.

  • cast iron;
  • steel.

Both models perfectly cope with the lifting of vehicles weighing up to 1.5 tons with a height equal to the length of the rack mechanism.

The Russian auto parts market also offers domestic products, namely the jack of the Sorokin Instrument company. Another common device for lifting cars is a FarmJack Chinese jack. In appearance, these 2 devices are almost impossible to distinguish, both have many similarities with Hi-Lift products. The only difference is the color: the American device is burgundy and dark red, the Russian one is light red, and the Chinese one is yellow.

The last two jacks should be purchased only if you rarely use the device. They do a good job with the task, but their cycle of application is very limited. With a great off-road enthusiasm, it is recommended to purchase the original device from Hi-Lift. Despite the high price, it has an excellent margin of safety and will last for several decades.

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How to use rack jack for SUVs?

Having bought a rack jack, you should not put it in the luggage compartment or fix it on the rails. First of all, you need to try out a new lifting device and understand the principles of using it.

Rack and pinion liftHi-Lift

Rack Hi-Lift can lift up to 1.5 tons.

First of all, you need to pick up a uniform surface, park an SUV on it, put it on the handbrake and block the steering column. Under the wheels of the car should plug special props. If there are none, you can use brick blocks or fragments of boards.

After that, the lift is substituted either under the bumper for amplification, or under the door threshold. In this case, the lower part of the hi-jack should be shifted slightly inward in order to form a slight slope. In the process of lifting, the device will align naturally. If to substitute a jack in a vertical position perpendicular to the earth's surface, there is a risk to crush the side part of the body of an SUV. Therefore, the slope of the lift should be given special attention in the process of lifting the vehicle.

Once the rack jack is placed in accordance with all the rules, you can move the mode controller to the top position, up to the characteristic click. This may require some physical effort. Holding the handle, you need to pull it up. After the handle stops in the lower part of the threshold, you can begin the process of lifting.

This is done from the position on the left side of the jack. It is necessary to hold the handle with the right hand, and the rack base with the left hand. It is worth remembering that the thumb of the left hand should be pressed to the side of the rail. If the fingers are located on the side of the rack and pinion mechanism, there is a risk of injury, since the reliability of the jack in the event of improper use of the device cannot be guaranteed.

It should not be forgotten that the handle of the jack represents the same danger. If the handle slips or falls out of the hand during the lifting process, it can fall into any part of the body. For this reason, it is best to be cautious and keep your head away from the device.

Raising an SUV

To raise the SUV lift is substituted under the bumper or under the door threshold.

Making sure that everything is done correctly, you need to firmly grasp the handle and begin its movement in the direction from the bottom up and back. The distance of the movements must be determined by listening to the characteristic clicks of the keys.

When elevtovtovanii SUV is extremely important to trace the position of the jack: it should not be distorted. After raising to the desired level, the handle will need to be fixed in the folded position. Do not forget to check the stability of the vehicle by shaking it with a slight movement of the hand.

When changing the wheel can not be in the side of the lift, since falling off, it will fall in that direction. This can lead to disastrous consequences for the person.

Upon completion of the wheel replacement, the SUV will need to be lowered, and this process is no less complicated and dangerous than the lifting procedure. When you release the handle from the mount, you need to start lowering it, simultaneously switching the mode controller to the lower position. This action sometimes causes difficulties, so you should hit the lock slightly if it is not amenable to simple pressing.

Installing the jack under the SUV

When installing the jack, its lower part should be moved inward, so that there would be no risk of mashing the body of an SUV.

The handle must be raised and lowered. The second action is quite simple and does not require physical effort until the key of the rack mechanism transfers the load to your hand. Therefore, you should hold it very tightly. In the process of lifting the handle, the load will weaken and will disappear completely at half way.

It is extremely important to hold the handle while it is falling. To loosen the force is possible only when it approaches the rack and pinion mechanism.

After a full descent of the SUV, the holder will automatically lower by the rack and pinion mechanism. In some cases, it locks in place, so you need to raise the handle and slightly pull it.

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Varieties of use of a rack jack off-road

Experienced off-road travel enthusiasts know firsthand the situation when a car hangs on an inter-track. To pull him out of this position, you can use the rack jack. To do this, you need to raise the SUV to the level until you see a wheel out of a rut. Then you need to push the car to the side so that it falls from the lift. The SUV will move, and the center of the track will be released.

High-jack is considered an indispensable device when an SUV gets into the swamp. To slip under the wheels of the sand truck, you need to raise the car. As is known, the rack jack functions in any conditions, so it will cope with this task without any problems.

Hi-lift device

The device lift Hi-Lift.

Often, an SUV has to pull out of the marshlands using a winch mechanism. In such situations, its wheels or body parts can rest against massive snags or other obstacles that cannot be removed by the physical efforts of a person. In this position, the rack jack will help with the task.

Lifts on the rack and pinion mechanism are multifunctional devices. With proper skill, you can redirect the weight of an SUV in order to oust the bezel of the tire from the disk. This is especially useful in cases where it is not possible to get to the nearest car service center to transfer wheels.

The rack jack can be used for serious accidents when the car body is wrinkled. Rearranging the removable nose and removing the support at the base of the lift, you can easily push any type of body metal without much effort.

There is a special model of rack jack from Hi-Lift called Off-road Kit, which includes additional attributes in its kit (chain with hooks, mounting brackets and korozashchita). With the help of these devices, an ordinary lift can be turned into a full-fledged hand-operated winch.

In addition to the above modifiers, some hi-jacks are equipped with a special device called Lift-Mate. It serves to lift the SUV, which is not equipped with a body kit. At the same time, a vehicle liftovanny in this way is limited in the following actions:

  • wheel replacement;
  • rearrangement of an SUV with intercolumn shift;
  • opportunity to move off in the raised position.
Pulling the car from the intercourse

You can pull the car out of the intercourse with a jack.

This method of lifting is used only for placing any accessories under the wheel.

For off-road vehicles, equipped with a bumper with a bowed bottom, special modifiers are released under the name Bamper Lift. It can be used to lift a car with a rack and jack at the front or rear. If the lifting has to be carried out in soft soil conditions (sand, clay). An indispensable addition will be the Off-road Base device, which is a small plastic platform installed under the jack base.

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Care of the rack elevator

As mentioned above, the rack-mount hoist does not need special care. Upon completion, you can brush away the dirt or rinse in the nearest puddle, so as not to dirty the trunk.

Many people are accustomed to providing such devices with proper care, so they maintain their durability by thoroughly cleaning and lubricating with engine oil. Rack jack oil will bring only harm, because it attracts excess dust and dirt. Of course, the lift may jam due to debris inside the rack. To activate the device, it is enough to throw water over it so that the internal parts can be cleaned.

Hi-jacks are recommended to be stored on the side of the rails, since the long base will not allow placing the device in a different position. In addition, in this position, the lift will not prevent the placement of additional fog lamps on the upper trunk. It is undesirable to keep the jack inside the cabin, because it will contaminate it, not to mention the difficulties in removing the device.

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