How to use a screwdriver with indicator

Screwdriver with indicator - how to use this tool? Sometimes home craftsmen have a similar question.

Screwdriver set with indicator

Screwdriver device with indicator.

Functionality of different types of screwdrivers with indicator

In each house there is a minimum set of necessary tools, such as a hammer, nails, pliers. Along with them should be a screwdriver with indicator. After all, only with its help you can check the voltage in the outlet, current, as well as the location of the wiring and microwaves without harm to your health.

Screwdriver indicator is very easy to use, you do not need to learn additional diagrams and instructions to deal with the details of the tool. It is easy to understand how the indicator works, maybe even a beginner.

Types of tester screwdrivers

Types of tester screwdrivers.

By pressing the button on one side and using the other end of the indicator to measure the voltage, we get a glowing light bulb that indicates the presence of current. So work these devices with light bulbs and LED detectors. The transistor, which is also located in this type of instrument, helps to determine the open circuit, the polarity of the current source and find the location of the wiring.

A tool with a LED indicator includes a battery, which increases the duration of use of the device. This device can not only measure the presence of current, but also to check the integrity of the wiring and cable in a contactless way. LED helps to determine the presence or absence of voltage. The instruction to it is also not needed.

The electronic indicator is becoming more and more popular. It can have a special display, as well as be produced without it. Instead of a light one, an electronic voltage indicator is used in the electronic one, which makes it more convenient to use. Sometimes instructions are attached to such a device.

Universal indicator will help analyze the wiring and identify the location of the circuit. He is very good at working with electrical appliances and vehicles. In this type of instruments, both a sound and light determinant are used.

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The principle of the indicator screwdriver

The principle of the indicator screwdriver

The principle of the indicator screwdriver.

It is a good assistant in the repair work, helps to make out where the wire is, and then connect the lighting fixtures and switches.

For example, to mount a wall outlet into a wall, you need these things:

  • socket;
  • screws;
  • "glass";
  • screwdriver with indicator;
  • gypsum.

A tool with a conventional indicator should be clamped on one side, and only then can the measuring actions be performed. The device with the LED does not need to be clamped, it will light up if you check the phase contact. The universal screwdriver has a mode switch.

It is possible to choose both contact use, and contactless, with high or low sensitivity. How the indicator screwdriver works depends on its type.

Indicator screwdriver is used in such cases:

  • check circuit with current;
  • gap search;
  • circuit diagnostics;
  • checking the polarity and condition of the battery;
  • wire integrity check;
  • check the correct connection of the switch to the phase.

In each of these cases, follow important safety instructions.

If you check the circuit with alternating current, then you need to touch the indicator to the bare wire. To diagnose a break, you should run the side of the indicator over the wire. In all cases, in the presence of voltage, a light or sound signal will occur.

Before using the indicator screwdriver, check it for serviceability.

There should be no cracks or other signs of breakage on the case. If the indicator screwdriver runs on batteries, then do not forget about changing them. You don't even need instructions for this.

If you find even a minor damage, it is better to immediately throw away such a device. You can buy it for a little money, and repairing an old tool will cost you much more.

When checking the work is not worth the hurry. It is better to accurately double-check several times than to get damage from the current.

If you are not sure about the correct use of one or another type of indicator, then it is better to seek help from a specialist and discuss with him how to use this device.

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