How to split firewood yourself quickly and easily

Country house becomes more comfortable if it is equipped with a stove or fireplace. But in order to be able to enjoy the warmth of the blazing fire, the stove requires fuel. Usually his role is played by firewood, which is a chipped piece of wood.

Chopping wood

Firewood is necessary for heating stoves and fireplaces of country houses and cottages.

Many homeowners prefer to purchase ready-made logs, trying not to bother with such an event as chopping firewood. Others love to chop wood themselves, seeing this as an excellent opportunity to get a boost of energy and raise your muscle tone. For both of them, information about how to chop firewood properly can be a good help, because this skill is required not only for heating the house, but also for kindling a fire during a hiking trip or a friendly picnic.

What is necessary for splitting wood

In order to get even and beautiful logs suitable for melting the stove and fireplace, a minimum of fixtures will be required. Despite this, it is necessary to pay very close attention to their quality, because the success of the event will depend on this.

Scheme of chopping wood

The scheme of chopping wood.

So, the base on which the wood block logs will be installed must be very dense and strong, which will allow the spitting process to be carried out without damaging its surface. It is best to use decks that are cut out of a log as a base. The deck should be the thickest and most knotty part of the tree.

In order for the deck to be easily transferred to the right place of the site, when cutting it, you can leave two or three bitches convenient for gripping with your hands. It is the branches twisted inside the wood that give the deck the necessary strength and hardness.

Also, in order to split the wood, you need a sharp ax or a cleaver - also an ax, but only stupid and heavy. It is rather difficult to work as an ax because it requires great physical strength and dexterity. The advantage of the cleaver is that due to its own gravity it more quickly and successfully splits wooden blocks.

If you want to split large and dense logs, it is better to use a cleaver. Getting into the thickness of the wood, a thick and blunt blade works on the principle of a wedge, breaking the log into two parts. If thin and newly cut logs are to be split, a sharp ax will be needed. In addition, a sharp blade will be needed when you need to plan wood chips for kindling.

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Wood chopping rules

The use of a wedge for chopping firewood

The use of a wedge for chopping wood.

Despite the fact that the process of chopping firewood does not look very complicated, and many consider its success to be completely dependent on the availability of physical strength, it is necessary to know a few basic rules that will allow to get even and well-burning firewood. In order not to injure anyone while chopping logs and not to cause yourself an accidental injury, you will need to use the following recommendations:

  1. Before you start chopping wood, you should pick up an ax, wave it, choose the most comfortable position for work, get used to the weight of the tool and the location of the deck.
  2. It is advisable to wear gloves on your hands that can protect your hands from injury. It should be remembered that in the case of large amounts of work, even the most durable gloves can break through in two or three days. Sometimes it is necessary to wear several pairs of gloves at once, which will protect the joints of the fingers from the vibration that occurs when the ax blade enters the thickness of the wood.
  3. In order for the chips or ax to bounce off the logs, they could not hurt the legs, you need to protect them with boots or berets of dense material.
  4. It is necessary to regularly break away from the splitting and clean the place under your feet from the chips and pieces of wood that have accumulated there, which you can stumble at the most inappropriate moment.

But, in addition to safety, you need to think about how not to spend all your physical strength on the process of splitting firewood. So, you should carefully inspect each log and assess their capabilities.

For example, if the block has several twisted branches, it is very difficult to split it. The best option in this case is to throw the chock aside and do it when all the rest of the work is done.

If chumps have a diameter of more than 30 cm, you should not try to cope with them with an ax.

It is better to use a cleaver, which can be divided into several parallel plates. And then these plates can be cut with a sharp blade into thin and even firewood. The same technique should be used when chopping chocks with knots: first, plates with knots are cut off from the log, and then the whole log is divided into several parts.

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Technique splitting wood when working with an ax and a cleaver

Both professionals and beginners should adhere to a certain technique of splitting:

Device ax wood chopping

The device of the ax chopping wood.

  1. When working with a sharp blade, great attention should be paid to the positioning of the arms. So, supporting the log on the deck with your left hand, you should take it to the side, having only the base of the thumb on the surface of the chocks.
  2. Churbak, which split the hammer, often have a fairly large size and do not require support. Here the main thing is to stably position the log on the deck and strike in such a way that it does not fall down. You can use the following technique: first hit the center, then on the far part of the plane of the log, and at last - on the near. If you change the order of actions, you can damage the ax.
  3. At too active actions or inept chopping the ax blade can fly off the ax handle. To prevent this from happening, experts recommend soaking a tool in water before work: the ax handle will swell up and will not allow the blade to fly off.
  4. Putting a log on a deck, you want to pay attention to its end. Usually on well dried chocks there are cracks. It is advisable to strike with an ax on them - it is easier to split the wood. In the case when there are no cracks, which is often found on svezhespilennyh trees, you should hit according to the technique described above.
  5. If, when chopping firewood, the blade of an ax or splinter falls into a knot and cannot be released, you need to use the following method: the splinter, together with the log mounted on it, turns over and hits with a butt on the deck. As a rule, after one or several strokes, the blade is released.

If there is a need to quickly split firewood, you can use the information provided. Even people who have never held an ax in their hands, note that the skill for splitting wood occurs very quickly. It is enough to cut a few logs, and then it will go like clockwork.

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