How to pump a hydraulic rolling jack

Lifts are used by people for various purposes. They help to make various kinds of repair work. Today, jacks are especially popular. They are used by both ordinary car enthusiasts and professional car repair shops.

Driving hydraulic jack

Driving hydraulic jack.

The most popular are the rolling hydraulic jacks. They have a high load capacity, and in terms of use are considered the simplest. But in some situations there can be problems even with such reliable equipment. Rolling jack can lose its original properties over time. In this situation, it is worth thinking about pumping it. This is quite a difficult task that not every person will cope with. Next, we will discuss how to pump a hydraulic rolling jack.

The reasons for the decrease in efficiency

Due to its characteristics, the rolling jack is designed to work with liquids, which provide high rates of carrying capacity. Most often it is about oil. A special hydraulic version of this fluid is used here.

Hydraulic rolling jack

In order for the jack to serve for a long time, it is necessary to monitor the presence of oil in it and the condition of the gland and valves.

Basically, this design is considered one of the most reliable. She is able to work with a variety of weights. Sometimes the lifting capacity of such a jack can reach several tens of tons. Efficiency is the highest among all representatives of a class of the similar equipment.

However, no one is immune from the fact that the sliding hydraulic jack fails. There can be several reasons for this. The main reason is often the accumulation of a large number of air bubbles in the work area. For any hydraulic device it is disastrous. Very often this leads to the fact that it is necessary to pump the hydraulics. Air bubbles can dramatically reduce the efficiency of a device of this type.

It is imperative that you regularly check the amount of oil in the hydraulic jack system. If its level decreases, then it adversely affects the entire operation of the device. Free space is quickly filled with air bubbles. At the same time, work is deteriorating dramatically. This directly affects the load capacity. There are many methods that allow to eliminate such a malfunction. All of them have the right to exist. Next will be considered several options for how to do this. So, you can proceed directly to the instructions.

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Some practical methods

The device of the hydraulic rolling jack

The device of the hydraulic rolling jack.

  1. It is worth starting with the most primitive method of how to pump a hydraulic sliding jack. All work begins with the fact that the bypass valve and the cork of the oil tank opens. After that, it is necessary to apply maximum effort to quickly pump the pump of the hydraulic rolling jack. Thanks to this action, it is easy to ensure that all the air from the working cavity will flow into an oil storage tank. Now you can safely close the bypass valve and the opening of the tank.
  2. Basically, all air bubbles must be removed from the working cavity. If all work was carried out in accordance with the instructions and as competently as possible, the pump should work with the same power that was originally. This can be easily verified in practice. If everything is normal, then you can continue to operate the hydraulic sliding jack without any problems. There are situations when such a procedure does not completely remove air from the work area. In this situation, you can repeat the procedure several times. This will restore the life of the device. However, it is worth noting the fact that this is not the only method of pumping. There are other ways that are also effective. Next will be considered a universal method that will certainly help everyone get rid of the air in the hydraulic system.
  3. If the jack does not work at all or does not work at one hundred percent of its functionality, then you can always use the following troubleshooting method. It is worth paying attention to the locking needle. She turns away 2-3 turns. Find it is easy. It is available in the design of any hydraulic jack. Any accompanying documentation always shows such a needle. Now you can raise the screw to the highest point, and then release it. This will allow him to sit in the lowest position. All further actions are extremely simple.

Now simply need to do this operation two or three times. After that, the problem should be fixed. If this does not happen, then you can try to do the same. In fact, extremely simple actions should always lead to a positive result.

In the process of work, the level of oil in the hydraulic jack is mandatory checked.

If there is a shortage of it, then it is necessary to top it up after each action. In fact, it is not always only air that can cause a malfunctioning of the hydraulic flush jack. In some cases, you have to remove dirt from it. It can also cause numerous breakdowns.

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Removal of dirt: recommendations

So, now it is necessary to get rid of the dirt that can accumulate in the hydraulic jack. In fact, this is also quite easy to do. First you need to unscrew the casing head. The locking needle too gets out. Further, kerosene should be poured into the working cavity. This substance can now be purchased without any problems in any specialty store. Now it remains only to pump the jack with the locking needle unscrewed. This will eliminate and destroy all excess dirt.

After all work has been completed, it is imperative that all kerosene be removed from the working cavity and pour clean hydraulic oil into it. As a result, all the dirt is removed from the jack. Now you can exploit it again for one hundred percent of the possibilities.

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Some useful tips

In order for the hydraulic jack to work properly, it is imperative to use only hydraulic oil. This is due to the fact that only it is able to provide the necessary viscosity. Simple engine oil has a lower viscosity. It even does not work correctly without air ingress. In production, when it comes to important equipment, people always use only specialized hydraulic oil.

Oil for hydraulic jacks

There is a special oil for hydraulic jacks.

It allows you to work any units for many years without any damage. Purchase it today is quite simple. It is distributed by specialty stores. Of course, it is best to first find out which oil is best suited for this model of sliding hydraulic jack.

Most often, this information is indicated on the packaging. Based on it, you can already make some definite conclusions. Yes, there are models of ordinary oil, which have similar properties with hydraulic oil, but it does not always fit in this particular situation. Be sure to focus on the advice and recommendations of the manufacturer.

When you purchase a hydraulic rolling jack, you can always check its compression properties so that you do not get a faulty device that you have to pump right away. Immediately it is necessary to determine its compliance with the original performance and characteristics. Only then will it be necessary to make repairs much less frequently than in the case of an advance with inappropriate parameters by the unit. Sometimes the figures on the packaging do not correspond to what is actually indicated by the manufacturer. Check is never superfluous. This is the only way to get a really high-quality device at your disposal.

Scheme pumping hydraulic rolling jack

Scheme pumping hydraulic rolling jack.

When pumping it is necessary to follow the instructions given above. This is the only way to achieve a truly good result. If you want to use other methods, you can always get acquainted with them on websites. In fact, there are no better options. Hydraulic rolling jack became a real assistant to all car mechanics and tire service personnel. He always comes to the aid of his owners. Do not ignore this work of modern technology, if today it is widely available to everyone.

So, now we can sum up some of the results mentioned above. Now everyone knows how to pump hydraulic hydraulic jack. There is nothing difficult in this process. If you strictly follow the instructions, you can always get in practice the result that is needed. Hydraulics have always been considered whimsical. It is influenced by many different characteristics.

This may be air, dirt and other factors. If you compare this option with a conventional mechanical jack, then everything is much more serious, but we are talking about the most powerful and reliable tools. Yes, mechanics also allow you to lift heavy loads, but their weight is much lower than those produced by hydraulics. It is always necessary to have only a serviceable tool in order to obtain the characteristics that are required at the output. If a person has such a device at his disposal, he can repair it in any situation, even the most difficult.

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