How to pour oil in the jack

At present, it is the hydraulic jack that is becoming more and more popular both among the workers of the repair shops and among ordinary people. They are able to lift heavy loads, while applying a minimum of effort to work. This is the best option for modern life. Today, you can buy a hydraulic jack in almost any specialty store. Sometimes during its operation a situation may arise when it is necessary to change the oil in the jack, which is not always easy.

The device of the hydraulic jack

The device of the hydraulic jack.

Many do not even know how to do it. Hydraulics always works with oils, but they tend to evaporate and leak through various leaks in the device. How to change the oil, will be discussed below. In fact, everything is extremely simple, the most important thing is to know, and which particular version of the device is in the garage. How to pour oil into the jack is a very relevant question.

To begin with, everyone must find out what type of jack he has in the garage or in the trunk is stored. Currently used two types of hydraulic jacks - rack and bottle. Both options are widely used, which is why the option of changing the oil in both devices will be considered.

Filling in rack jack

Mechanical rack jack

Rack jack - the most popular tool in the repair of a car or an old house.

It is worth starting with the simplest device that is used to lift loads of impressive mass. Rack jack has very impressive dimensions, which, by the way, do not affect the process of pouring oil.

Before starting work, make sure that the unit is completely lowered. For insurance, you can turn the exhaust valve counterclockwise to remove all remaining voltages.

Then you can begin to search for the opening of the neck, through which the oil will be poured. Most often it is located directly on the hydraulic fluid tank. It is unlikely that the manufacturer of the model that the reader has at his disposal hid it in some inaccessible place. Search is worth it on the tank. This is where the neck often hides. It is worth a close look at the bottom of the cylinder. Many manufacturers of hydraulic jacks precisely here and have it. If it is found, this means that you can proceed to the next stage of work, which is the direct pouring of oil.

In any case, a cap or bolt will be located on the filler neck, which protects the oil from external factors. These devices need to be unscrewed or pulled out. Now you need an oil can. Its nozzle is inserted into a mouth. Now, slowly but surely, you can start pouring oil into the neck. This is done very simply and primitive. Surely any reader will cope with this task without any problems.

Jack Training

To lower the jack, turn the exhaust valve counterclockwise.

Poured into the hydraulic jack until it starts to pour over the edges. At this point, stop and stop the flow of fluid. Next, close the neck. In this case, you need to use a special tool to tighten the bolt to the maximum. Now we can state the fact that the oil in the jack is poured. It should be noted that the process itself is reduced to a sequence of primitive actions that can even be performed by a representative of the weaker sex. The conversation was only about the rack and pinion hydraulic jack, which means that it is also worth talking about the bottle version of this device.

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Bottle Jack Fill

It remains to consider the topic of pouring oil into a bottle hydraulic jack. As mentioned above, its design is somewhat different from that which the rack model has. Of course, the process of pouring oil in this case will also differ from the first option.

It’s worth starting the work with the same thing that started it last time. First you need to make sure that the hydraulic bottle jack is fully lowered. To remove excess voltage, you can use the exhaust valve, which turns counterclockwise.

Now we need to take up the search for a filler hole. In this case, it is located on the main cylinder of the device. This refers to the same cylinder that carries the functions of the body. The cap is most often located at a distance of 1.3 from the top of the unit.

Now you can go directly to the process of pouring oil into the hydraulic jack.

To begin with, of course, the bolt or plug is removed from the filler hole.

This is done very simply, so it’s not worth talking about this process in more detail.

Filling oil in a bottle hydraulic jack

The filling process should be stopped as soon as the oil level rises to 0.3 cm under the filling hole.

Then again takes the oiler. It must first be filled with oil. This is done very simply. By the way, you can use the most primitive version of this device. Air is simply removed from it, and then the free space is occupied by hydraulic oil. You can use more advanced device options. Fortunately, the market offers many solutions to this problem. In some cases, you can use homemade units. This is not prohibited to do. It all depends on the capabilities of the person, as well as on what equipment he has available. So, the nose of the oil can be placed in the filler hole.

Next is the process of pouring directly. This should be done very carefully so as not to spill extra drops on the case. Fill with liquid until the distance in the tank from the oil to the filler hole is equal to 1/8 inch. Now you need to stop the action and remove the oil can from the cylinder.

It remains only to put in place the plug or bolt. It is very important that the hydraulic jack is in the initial position so that the liquid does not start to spill past.

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Some tips and warnings

Before you begin the process of pouring oil, be sure to read the instructions for use of this particular brand of equipment. The fact is that in some cases, the technology may be slightly different from those that were presented above.

Before use, it is imperative to remove excess air from the device. In some cases, the check valve can not remove everything. Some trick should be applied. To do this, the hydraulic jack first rises and then drops to a minimum. It is necessary to make such manipulations approximately 2-3 times. As a rule, all the surplus during this time is gone.

You do not need to open the valves that are used in the device, because this can lead to a violation of the integrity of the whole mechanism.

No need to pour any liquid into the equipment. Alcohol-based liquids should never be used. Braking is also not suitable for these procedures. A wide range of hydraulic oils is available on the market. That is what you need to use. It has optimal flow and viscosity indexes. In some cases, alternatives can also be used, but which are recommended by the device documentation.

So, now everyone knows how to change the oil in the hydraulic jack. As is clear, in this process there is nothing difficult. The most important thing is self-confidence, and everything else will follow.

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