How to nail ondulin

In modern construction markets a large selection of roofing material, but ondulin today is in great demand. This material is gaining its popularity due to its lightness and durability. It consists of corrugated sheets that are durable and reliable, and they are also easy to fasten.

Installation of ondulin

Ondulin today is popular for its lightness and durability.

Roofing material, which is used ondulin, can be used in any climatic conditions and on buildings for various purposes. The main advantage is that it can be covered even over the old roof, which will save the cost of its repairs. But before you start using the material, you should carefully read the instructions for its use.

Ondulin has another name - euroslate, and it is made from:

  • cellulose;
  • fiberglass;
  • bitumen for impregnation.

How to start the construction process?

Before starting work, it is necessary to calculate the amount of roofing material. This roofing material has standard dimensions of 95x200 cm. Since the roofs have different geometric shapes, the calculation should be made according to the formulas, calculating the area of ​​each of them. Then all the data is summarized, and thus the roof area is determined.

Additional elements are attached to Ondulin:

Ondulin roof elements

Elements for the device of a roof from ondulin.

  • the horse;
  • Endova;
  • nails;
  • curtain filler;
  • sealant in the form of a self-adhesive tape;
  • apron;
  • ventilation tube.

To create an aesthetic appearance of the coating, it is recommended to use only those elements that come with Ondulin.

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How to lay the roof of ondulin?

Laying the Euro-slate does not pose any difficulty and therefore does not require special skills and tools. It is quite possible to mount it independently and without assistance.

When laying the roof of ondulin followed the same rules as when installing slate. The only difference is that ondulin has the ability to bend, which allows its use for complex surfaces.

To nail ondulin on the old roof, it is necessary to assess the condition of the rafters, whether they can withstand the additional load. In the event that the condition is satisfactory, a crate is installed on the old roof, on which sheets of euroslate will be mounted.

Since this roofing material does not have a high rigidity, the lathing should be performed in very frequent steps in order to avoid sagging from loads during the winter period. Sawing roof sheets produced using a hacksaw or electric jigsaw.

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Staged installation of ondulin

& quot; Cake & quot; for ondulin roof

"Pie" for the roof of ondulin.

  1. You need to start with the installation of the batten for which the bars are used, but when making the batten it is important to take into account the angle of the roof and the wind rose in the region. The installation of the lathing starts from an angle that is less prone to winds.
  2. When mounting the bars for the batten, nail along the axis at a uniform distance of 60-70 cm.
  3. If, nevertheless, the distance between the bars is large, then for additional reinforcement the slats are packed between them, but on the condition that the ramp will be 20 degrees.
  4. Ondulin is laid from the bottom up, in a staggered manner, and begin installation from the corner of the roof. Starting to lay the second row, the first sheet should be cut in half along the longitudinal line.
  5. Fix the sheets with special nails that are included in the kit. On one sheet takes twenty pieces. Mount horizontally. In order to properly nail the ondulin, they use stretched twine, which allows you to hammer nails exactly on a flat line. Euroslate nails are made with rubber hats, according to the color of the coating.
  6. The first row is nailed into each ridge, and the succeeding rows - through one.
  7. Laying the second row, is overlapped on the first. The third captures the second, and according to this principle, the entire coating is fastened.
  8. Sheets of the cover vertically attached to the crate, and the overlap on the adjacent sheet should be 150 mm.
  9. As all sheets of Ondulin will be installed and nailed, it is necessary to fasten the ridge elements. They are mounted with overlapping nails to the additional bars. The joints of the roofing material are covered with an apron, where waterproofing is pre-arranged, which is necessary to prevent precipitation from entering. Nails are used to attach the apron.
  10. If the roof is provided for a gable, then a special corner is used to finish the ridge.

When creating roof ventilation, ventilation pipes are installed, which are designed for ondulin roofs, they are mounted on the sheet wave. Install the pipe under each wave and fasten with nails.

Mounting ondulin depending on the slope of the roof

Mounting ondulin depending on the slope of the roof.

To provide access to the roof surface and for illumination of the attic, a dormer window is made. Fastening it produces nails to the crate. Ondulin, located on top, overlaps the window. To isolate the connecting joints of windows and roof sheets, they are glued with a hermetic self-adhesive tape. The tape is also used to protect the eaves from the effects of precipitation on wooden elements.

After mounting the roof, it must be inspected for openings. If they exist, they are sealed with a special filler. But you need to take into account that the gaps are filled, if the attic is not equipped with artificial ventilation.

Improving the waterproofing of the eaves, apply the eaves box.

The overhang of the roofing sheet above the eaves should be about 50 cm.

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Characteristics of ondulin

Many craftsmen believe that today Ondulin is the most high-quality material of all roofing coatings due to its technical indicators, which include the following characteristics:

Ondulin roof

Ondulin has high reliability due to the impregnation of bitumen.

  • has high reliability due to impregnation with bitumen, which does not allow the surface to absorb water, and also provides the roof with high waterproofing;
  • it is an environmentally friendly material that does not affect human health;
  • because of its composition has a long service life of up to 50 years;
  • affordable price;
  • can be applied over a large area of ​​coverage;
  • It does not require special care;
  • its coating does not lag behind and does not peel off;
  • It is resistant to temperature and natural loads.

It has one drawback - the color burns out after some time and loses its former brightness. Ondulin is mainly brown.

And in conclusion I would like to note: when starting work, for complete confidence in the correctness of installation, you need to carefully study the instructions and follow all the requirements and rules when attaching the material. The instruction, which is attached to the ondulin, contains not only information on the application, but also diagrams in which it is explained how to arrange the roof of the ondulin material.

Thanks to these schemes and drawings, even inexperienced can use the material. After all, it depends on the manufacturer’s warranty, which is the first 15 years. Also, the manufacturer attaches a hygienic certificate and a fire certificate to the warranty card. Knowing all the nuances, you can easily nail ondulin yourself. Good luck!

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