How to nail a plastic or wooden plinth

Each master in the process of repair is faced with the task of how to beat the baseboard. This part of the interior performs important functions in the arrangement of the room. This structural element decorates the technological gap, located along the perimeter of the room, and also forms the interior picture, being the final finishing touch. If you need to hide communications, you can purchase a baseboard, which has recesses for this.

Plastic plinth with cable channel

A plastic plinth with a cable channel not only decorates the technological gap around the floor, but also hides all wires.

Features of the installation of the plinth

Before nailing a plinth, many cannot decide which surface to use as a base, floor or wall. At the same time, nailing the described element of the interior is necessary to the surface with which it will most easily work. For example, if laying of linoleum is supposed, then it is better to mount to the wall. If wooden flooring or parquet is used as the flooring, and the walls are represented by concrete slabs, then it will not be so difficult to drive fasteners in the form of nails or screws into wood, as it is necessary to install plastic dowels in the beginning. On the contrary, in the presence of a concrete screed on the floor and walls, which can be finished as a timber, it is preferable to fix the plinth to wood. However, if necessary, fixing this part of the interior can be made to any surface, as for linoleum.

Technology installation of wooden plinth

Technology installation of wooden plinth.

If it is necessary to install to a partition that is made of gypsum board, or to walls aligned with a lime or plaster mixture, as well as to surfaces that are lined with soft stone, fixing should be done exclusively using yellow finish nails that are equipped with small hats. This will get a neat look. At the same time it is necessary to refuse dowels, ordinary nails and self-tapping screws, since there will be no such fasteners in these materials.

It is permissible, of course, to install a plinth using liquid nails, but this method can be used if it is not intended to redo the interior. This is due to the fact that the subsequent dismantling will be very difficult.

If you are faced with the question of how to nail the baseboard, then you can use special clips for this, but this method of work requires the master to have certain skills, which is why a person with insufficient experience is advised to abandon this technology, however The installation of the plinth should be done after fixing the linoleum.

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Installation of plastic plinth

Plastic baseboard components

Components of plastic plinth.

Many consumers today have increasingly begun to prefer plastic skirting wooden. Plastic will look harmoniously if linoleum is used as a floor covering. But the parquet floor will be better to look with a plinth made of natural material. But it is worth considering that the wooden plinth will be more expensive. If you want to save money, you can buy plastic items that mimic natural materials.

It is more simple to work with synthetic material, since the individual components do not have to be customized for each other.

Before fixing the plinth made of plastic, it is necessary to prepare fasteners, which can be nails or self-tapping screws. They should be deepened through the longitudinal groove of the fixed element. If you intend to lay the cable in a special slot, then the wire must be laid in the appropriate space during installation. The cable should be mounted below the fastener installed in the wall.

In order to fix the plastic element to the concrete surface, it is necessary to perform the following operations. The profile strips need to be laid by selecting one of the corners of the room as the starting point. Next, the mount must continue, moving in the direction of the hour hand. On the surface of the plinth it is necessary to note the points of installation of fasteners, the distance between the adjacent fasteners should be determined by the unevenness of the surface and the power of the plinth. At the prepared points, it is necessary to arrange the holes, the diameter of the drill for this should be less than the corresponding parameter of the caps of the self-tapping screws. Install plastic plugs in the prepared holes. Screws must be installed through the holes in the dowels. After the ends of the profile and the installation location of the screws should be closed with plugs.

Plastic plinth mounting technology

Technology installation of plastic plinth: 1. Fastening the rear panel of the plinth. 2. The distance between the panels to install the corners. 3. Assembling the baseboards and laying the cable. 4. Install the cable channel cover.

In order to get holes of the same depth, you need to make a mark on the drill. At this stage, the fasteners should not be tightened to the end, you just need to bait the screws. Finishing tightening is done after the baseboard is mounted on the perimeter. However, with the final tightening should not be too zealous, as the plastic can become covered with cracks or change the original linear dimensions.

For the work should prepare some tools and materials:

  • dowels;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • drill;
  • caps;
  • plinth

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Installation of wooden plinth

After you managed to lay the linoleum, you can proceed to the installation of wooden plinth. Initially, it is necessary to carry out measurements in order to understand how to cut the material. In order to form a pairing element should be sawed at an angle of 45º. If you are unable to carefully cut off the corner, you can decorate the error with a sealant, and then cover it with a tone. If you have to work with a base of wood, the work must be done according to the traditional scheme. If it was decided to use the floor as a base, the element should be fitted as closely as possible to the wall. Using nails as fasteners will be the most successful solution. It is recommended to use a chisel in order to finish the nailing in a wooden element. The requirement is due to the fact that it will eliminate the likelihood of damage by accidental impact of a tree. Fixing the plinth can be made to the concrete base. In advance prepared for the installation of the bar to drive the nails, the sharp part of which should go out from the back of the plinth a fraction of a millimeter.

After the profile, it is necessary to lay on the intended place of attachment, which will allow nails to mark the location of the traffic jams from the tree. What for each hat to hit with a hammer. Marked points should be marked with a pencil, drilling holes in these places using a drill. Into the holes it is necessary to install corks of wood into which nails can be driven afterwards. You can use dowels instead of wooden plugs, then the technology will be similar to the method of installation of plastic plinth using self-tapping screws. Initially, it is necessary to equip the holes in the baseboard, then through them you need to mark points. Then a drill for concrete is to make holes for dowels, installing plastic fixtures, then you can attach the strips and fix. Holes for installation of plugs or dowels should be prepared before pasting the wallpaper.

If you decide to lay linoleum on the floor, then it may be preferable to mount the baseboard to the wall.

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