How to nail a cashing on the door

Doorways without appropriate framing cause a sense of visual incompleteness of repair. You can use the products of the construction industry, ennobling such spaces, especially since their choice is great. In addition, many manufacturers of door designs offer a set of trim, suitable for the selected model. How to nail a cashing on the door yourself - the question is simple, subject to all instructions, the design will become respectable.

Marking for easy installation of platbands

Marking for easy installation of platbands.

What may be required for work


  1. Cloths casing. If the door does not involve a set, then you will have to choose yourself, guided by your own taste. Usually factory platbands of standard sizes, so you only need to decide on the desired length and add to this 50 cm for stock. Especially if the master is a beginner.
  2. Decorative fasteners. It will be thin finishing nails.
  3. Liquid holding compositions.


  1. Hammer. It is necessary to choose a small diameter with an anvil, otherwise a large size with inept use will leave ugly dents.
  2. Saw-hacksaw with fine teeth. It should ensure its sharpness.
  3. Building level.
  4. Tape measure and pencil.
  5. Props
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Stages and features of work

Door Cashing

Device cashing on the door.

First of all, you should verify the quality of the walls adjacent to the door frame. On the box itself, you need to install dobora, if it is not aligned exactly along the walls. Concrete cover at the door must be perfect, otherwise the trim will not fall as it should. If necessary, the walls are put in order to the last finish.

Further platbands mark. It is necessary to do this from the flat side, because the convex one is intended for the obverse. The difficulty of marking work is to bring the trim in an ideal position at the joints. Angles should be exactly 45 °. It is very convenient to use a protractor, but if it is not at hand, then, by attaching the trim to the door, draw the desired angle and cut off the extra part. In order for the joints to be perfect, you need a quality tool for cutting - the small-toothed saw should be sharply sharpened. Wizards use for this electromachining machine.

The total length of the vertical casing should be the length of the box plus 5 mm. Having measured the necessary, the remains are cut off. The horizontal element of cashing is the last thing to do after the final assembly of parallel elements. For convenience, you can draw a horizontal line, which will be a beacon when combining cashing in with the door frame or doorways. When nailing the first element from two sides, you can not worry about the displacement - the fortified element will not go anywhere.

Installing cashing on the door

Installing cash on the door.

Now you can nail the cash on the door. This is done from two sides - top and bottom. Having marked the place for nails with a pencil, they carry out the final assembly in 50 cm increments. Without nailing the nails to the end, the caps are removed with a nipper, the nails are carefully retracted so as not to damage the decorative trim of the door trim.

It is time for mounting the upper part. To nail a short cashing in, it is also marked out first, in accordance with the already established ones. Beginners may have differences in the corners, if they nail all the necessary parts to the door box at once. Therefore, it is possible to measure the dimensions of a short element even before installation, and to nail it after installing long ones. If there are such flaws, the marking is carried out according to new measurements, because it is no longer possible to remove and nail down vertical guides without damage. You can hide the flaws, if the gaps at the joints do not exceed 1 mm. They are covered with acrylic sealant or wax, suitable for color. Short cashing is nailed just like all other components.

Beautiful door is ready. Often, home craftsmen use liquid nails for attaching decorative elements, in particular, such as cashing the door. Such compositions are sufficiently reliable to fix the fittings, and reduce the risk of poor-quality installation without damaging the door itself.

Installation highlights:

Fastening cashing on the door

Fastening cashing on the door.

  1. Items are cut to size.
  2. The composition of liquid nails is dotted on the inner flat surface, having previously noted for itself the border of the door frame. This will help avoid stains that are not susceptible to any detergent.
  3. Then cashing tightly pressed to the place of attachment. The door at this time should be in the closed position. It will be good to put any object performing the function of a vertical press during the setting of the nails: this way the element will sit securely.
  4. The rest of the parts are attached in the same way. The deadline for the final setting of the nails is specified in the instructions.
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Independent production and installation of platbands

If the owners do not want to use the products of factory production, you can try to do it yourself. But this is a troublesome thing, requiring skill in the carpentry profession. Therefore, you can use the trim from the old door frame, if they still meet the performance characteristics.

They can only be distinguished from factory products by width. If she is satisfied, the frames are freed from the old coating, smoothed, polished, covered with decorative veneer or varnish. Different colors and textures other than wood are offered to the consumer. The door may look unusual.

Installation of hand-made frames does not differ from the factory ones.

Door frame design

Door frame design.

However, decorative nails will not apply to them - too heavy elements. It is necessary to take the self-tapping screws and, during the installation, drown them deeper into the tree.

After the final installation, cover the canvas with the desired material - paint, veneer or even film. Many will find the coating beautiful as a result of the method of aging, especially if the door is of such quality.

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Terms of work and debriefing

  1. Installing a cashing is impossible without proper repair of the walls adjacent to the door. It is not possible to mask such cracks or gaps.
  2. Before mounting, the fit is checked immediately. If there are dents and bulges, they need to be repaired, otherwise the structure will be curved and nails will not save. It can also protect the host from various kinds of insects.
  3. The box must be sealed with mounting foam when it comes to the front door. Drafts are not the best way to act on wooden elements, bringing moisture with them.
  4. Doors should not be covered with volatile chemicals. Permissible only chemistry that prevents fire.
  5. The casings should be regularly maintained in accordance with the material of manufacture. For this you should choose a special detergent.

Mounting frames, framing the door is simple. Moreover, it requires a minimum set of materials and tools. Upholstery of the entrance or interior doors is necessary to complete the repair or installation of a new design, since it will be the face of the room and the house as a whole.

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