How to make your own pipe bender for shaped pipe

Manual pipe bender is simply indispensable for all kinds of work that involves the use of water, boiler or gas pipes with a size of 2 inches. In fig. 1, a tool can be seen that allows bending at an angle of 90 °. It is advisable to make a manual pipe bender if you have to bend products that have a small diameter, and the work does not imply the presence of too many pipes.

Scheme of the device bender

Figure 1. Diagram of a pipe bender.

Different options for the manufacture of pipe benders

A tool for bending a profile pipe with your own hands can be done by giving it the appropriate characteristics, among which is the possible diameter of the product. Thus, if the diameter is not more than 20 mm, it is permissible to work by means of a concrete slab in which holes are to be made. They have to put metal pins. The pipe must be skipped between the pins, bending it in a certain direction and giving it the desired angle.

If the thickness of the product exceeds 20 mm, it is necessary to make a more complex structure. This will require a base on which to install two rollers, the latter should have a circular cross-section of the side face. It should have a radius equal to the diameter of the product with which to work. Then the pipe must be installed between the rollers and strengthen one of its ends. The end, which will not be strengthened, must be fixed to the winch, after turning it off. Gradually, the product will find the desired angle.

Bending the profile pipe with your own hands can be done in a hot way, which is advisable to apply if necessary to obtain a smooth bend.

Drawing homemade pipe bender

Figure 2. Drawing homemade pipe bender.

To do this, quartz sand should be placed in the cavity, protecting the ends with wooden plugs. Then, at the base, it is necessary to form a certain number of holes through which the gas will flow. Chalk should be noted plot, which is supposed to be subjected to heat, then you can start the process. Once the pipe has reached the desired temperature, it can be bent using technology that uses a concrete slab.

Bent pipe with their own hands can be through the use of a special template. Thus not only aluminum, but also steel pipes can be bent. In order to make a template, you should use wooden boards with a thickness slightly greater than the diameter of the pipes with which to work. During the work, the pipe should not be allowed to slip out of the pattern; for this, the boards must receive a certain inclination. Reinforced blanks must be fixed on the surface. In addition to the template, here you need to install a stop at a certain distance, which will hold the bendable pipe. In fig. 3 you can see a simple model of the instrument bending the profile pipe.

The end of the profile pipes will need to be placed in the space between the reinforced pattern and the stop. At the next stage, the pipe should be taken at the opposite end, and after smooth movements to bend the product. In order to make the process simpler, it is permissible to use a lever, having installed a reinforcing bar in the pipe, as an alternative solution you can put a pipe on a product that has a larger diameter.

Scheme of the manual pipe bender

Figure 3. Diagram of the manual pipe bender.

It is recommended to avoid attempts to bend the pipe in the center of the template. This is due to the fact that the implementation of this kind of work involves the application of considerable effort, in addition, it can cause damage to the product.

The bending of the profile pipe can also be carried out using a template made of steel hooks fixed on the plywood web along the intended bend line. The advantage of this design is the possibility of adjusting the bend line using the hook relocation method.

A simple pipe bender for a profile pipe allows you to work not only with thin-walled and flexible products, but also with those that have thick walls. For this you need to use a hand winch. Using this design, it will be possible to work even with powerful specialized products. With the only amendment that for this in the manufacture of a wooden template does not need to make a bevel, and the fastening of pipes must be made using several stoppers.

In fig. 4 you can see the image of the tool for bending of profile pipes, which is used in different workshops.

Its manufacture can do yourself. In the course of work on such pipe benders, you may encounter the problem of selecting or producing the necessary templates and rollers. This is due to the fact that the quality of the bending is determined by the girth of the pipe.

If the tool is designed to work with flexible pipes, metal rollers and templates can be replaced by elements made of solid wood. Rollers can be prepared on a lathe.

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Tools and materials

Main details of the pipe bender

Figure 4. Main details of the pipe bender.

  • corner;
  • channel;
  • shafts;
  • chain mechanism;
  • tensioner;
  • shaft guide;
  • driving element;
  • adjustable screw;
  • a pen
  • the bolts.
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Making installation for bending

In fig. 2 you can see the installation for bending the profile pipe, you can make it yourself with the help of a certain set of tools and materials. Savings in the independent production of such a machine will be about 30,000 rubles. Before starting work, you can purchase materials for the manufacture of installations that provide stations for buying ferrous metals. As the only drawback of such an installation is not very presentable appearance. And efficiency will be on top.

A machine for bending pipes with their own hands will be composed of a frame, which can be made from a channel or a corner. As legs, pipes, a profile pipe or a corner can be used. The design should have shafts that are responsible for the function of pipe bending, it is preferable not to work independently on their manufacture, having placed an order with a turner. Among the main components of the installation is a chain mechanism, it transmits torque to shafts.

This part can be a gear with a chain, which are part of the timing mechanism of the car brand VAZ-2106. The tensioner, by the way, can also be borrowed from the car. The guide for the adjustable shaft can be obtained by welding two 20-mm corners. The driving element, which is part of the guide, drives the adjustable shaft, it is permissible to make it using a profile tube with a cross section equal to 40x20 mm.

The installation for bending the pipe with her own hands will not function without a handle, she will be responsible for bringing the mechanism into action. This component can be made from any suitable metal at hand.

Fixation of the main shafts can be accomplished with the help of bolts, for which initially it is necessary to arrange the holes in the channel bar.

The requirement to bend pipes may arise not only during work on laying communications, but also in the construction of structures, which are based on shaped pipes. Among these structures can be distinguished visors and greenhouses sheathed with polycarbonate. Often the pipes are the basis of the frame of the cage for pets.

The profile bender can be made independently by selecting the appropriate model.

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