How to make sharpening plane with their own hands

A plane is one of the most important tools in the house, but working with it can turn into real flour, if it is not properly sharpened. Sharpening can be done with your own hands, you just need to be careful. Properly sharpen the plane is not as difficult as it may seem, you only need to adhere to the instructions of experts. The planer blade should slide easily, with a thin layer of wood being removed.

Work electroplane

In order to get the desired result when working with a plane without unnecessary problems, it is necessary to sharpen it correctly.

For proper sharpening planer, you need the following tools:

  • grinding machine;
  • a rock.

In addition to such tools, you must be patient, then you can sharpen the plane quickly and efficiently. And you need to immediately acquire a quality tool, then there will be no big problems.

Planer sharpening process

Scheme options sharpening plane

Diagram of options for sharpening a planer knife: a - on the wheel; b - on a grinding stone; in - the position of the chamfer blade cutter when sharpening on the axle; g - sharpening on the grinding wheel with the use of a resistant device.

If the plane is to work with solid wood, then you need to be prepared for the fact that his knife will quickly intercede as a result of the interaction. The tip wears out very quickly, there are potholes and jags on it. It is especially problematic to work with such a tool if a nail comes across in planed wood. If the notches are large, then for sharpening it is best to use sandpaper. It should be borne in mind that it is best to sharpen a planer knife if the emery wheel has a large diameter. If the size of such a circle is smaller, then the notch is large. Then you still have to do the alignment of Pasca, since it must be perfectly flat.

It is very good to have 2 different circles for sharpening, one of them should have large grains, and the second should be fine-grained. In this process it is very important to observe the correct angle of sharpening. In this process, a special emphasis is needed, since only specialists with certain skills can just hold the knife in their hands and sharpen it. The angle of sharpening is very important, you should pay special attention to this.

Planer sharpening angle

Scheme angle sharpening plane.

It is not necessary to press a strong piece of iron to a rotating circle, as many do to “tear off” a large metal layer in a short time. Thus, the plane of the plane is quickly “burned out” as a result of severe overheating, and the hardening of the metal is disturbed. In order to prevent all this, it is necessary to cool the metal from time to time, for which it is enough just to dip it in cold water. After editing on the emery wheel is completed, the blade must be corrected on a fine-grained bar. At the end you need to finish the blade on a special stone for grinding (if not, then you can use a leather belt with polishing paste). You need to be prepared for the fact that such a process is laborious and time consuming. To avoid this, it is strongly recommended not to sharpen the plane after it becomes very dull, but to do it from time to time, as soon as the cutting of wood begins to be worse.

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Useful recommendations

The angle of sharpening of a planer knife in most cases is 25-45 °, but it is impossible to say exactly what the angles should be.

It all depends on the density of the wood.

To keep to the specified angle, it is recommended to use a special template, you can make it yourself. In order to make it easier to work, it is recommended to use 1 universal template for different angles.

When sharpening, the blade of the knife should not be pulled out of the block, otherwise too thick chips will be caught, which can lead to negative consequences. If the knife is set too small, it will remove very fine chips. This leads to the fact that the processing time will take a lot. It is impossible to work with a plane with a beveled knife, since it will be impossible to make a flat surface (especially if we are talking about a wide material).

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