How to make an adapter to the motoblock

Owners of private sites often face the need to purchase specialized equipment. Land requires constant care for themselves, and this is loosening, and plowing, and hilling beds. If all these procedures are done manually, then it will take a lot of time and effort to do everything qualitatively. But how can a pensioner cope with such work? It was for this purpose that motorblocks were developed. With it, any work on the cultivation of land becomes much easier. And then there is the next nuance - the adapter. This is a special attachment that helps to carry out all processes.

General view of the adapter to the motorblock

The hinged adapter to the motor-block facilitates and simplifies work on cultivation of the earth.

But if you purchase a walk-behind tractor with a ready-made carriage with a seat, it will be quite expensive. Therefore, you should think about how to make the adapter to the walk-behind tractor itself, because it does not present much difficulty.

Varieties of adapters for motobloki

Such attachments help to turn the motoblock into a kind of mini-tractor. It connects the tool and all additional elements: a nozzle for planting, hilling, flat cutter, plow, etc. If you install the adapter to the tiller, then all landscape gardening and gardening work is greatly simplified, as they are automated. It also helps to increase the operating speed to 10 km / h.

The design of the adapter has the appearance of the back of the cart with a seat.

Wheel attachment

The attachment wheel.

Some models may have a special lever for lifting. It contributes to a more comfortable control mechanism. If necessary, the tiller can be used to transport small loads. Depending on the purpose for which the technique will be used, the drawbar can be elongated or shortened. In the first case, they are used for more dimensional machines, and in the second - for lighter structures.

In more advanced models, the drawbar can also be of the telescopic type, in addition, they have the ability to adjust the track width.

To connect the adapter to the motor block, a single enlarged hitch is used, consisting of 2 parts: the first is a link, and the second acts as a regulator. If there is a need to equip the unit with several tools at the same time, then use the double universal hitch.

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How to assemble an adapter for motorblock: recommendations

Drawing adapter to the walk-behind tractor

Drawing adapter to the motorblock.

You can perform a more complex construction or simplified. Below are both options.

For the simplest version of the adapter will need:

  • pipes of rectangular section;
  • welding machine;
  • wheels;
  • bearings;
  • channel number 10, length 40 cm;
  • mounting bolts;
  • coupling knot;
  • seat

The build phase is as follows:

The main elements of the adapter

The main elements of the adapter.

  1. First of all, the pipe is cut into sections of 1.7 and 0.5 m. By the end of a longer pipe, a short one is strictly perpendicularly welded. It will be the base for mounting the wheel racks. Immediately it is necessary to make marks of 30 cm, which will mark the height of the uprights from the axis.
  2. Next, the wheels are mounted on the hubs, which are made, if necessary, using a lathe. So as not to buy new wheels, you can use the old, from the garden cart. The bearings are first fastened to the sleeves, and then welded by bracing the braces onto the central tube and sleeves. The length should be oriented at an angle of inclination relative to the structure itself.
  3. The frame is manufactured in dimensions of 40x40 cm, but if necessary, these dimensions can be increased or decreased. For the organization of attachments, a channel bar is attached to the rear end of the frame by welding. The side pipes of the structure are bolted together. On the frame should also be installed lever. It can have three “knee” lengths: 0.2, 0.3, and 0.5 m. To increase the adjustment force, an additional lever should be installed (75 cm long).
  4. Often, coupling units are bought in stores. But here it is immediately worth noting that this element must be of high quality. Therefore, if you plan to do it yourself, then this quality is given special attention.
  5. The seat is attached to the metal support, which must be welded to the base of the frame, that is, the central tube.

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Extra points

You can use a more complex option. In order to make an adapter for a motorblock of this design, you should prepare:

  • steel pipes;
  • corners;
  • sheet steel;
  • wheel - 2 pcs .;
  • seat;
  • welding machine.
Adapter Coupling Mechanism

The device mechanism for coupling the adapter.

This adapter for the tiller will be more versatile, unlike the first model. In this case, the equipment will be used not only for tillage, but also for the transportation of cargo. Additionally, plows, harrows, hillers, etc. can be used. In addition, in winter, you can equip the motoblock with a scraper to remove the snow.

In this design, the main elements are the rim, wheels, seat and coupling devices.

  1. The first step is to create a kinematic scheme. This is done in order to calculate all loads evenly. You can also use ready-made drawings.
  2. Working on the frame, you should remember about the arrangement of the plug with the sleeve. They provide free trailer turning. The steel sheet is used for a body whose height is not less than 0.3 m. The hitch itself looks like this: an iron pin of 0.15 m is inserted into the aperture of the drawbar, which has the shape of the letter “P”. But here it should immediately be noted that this option wears out quickly, because due to the constant rotation of the trailer, the coupling holes quickly become unusable. Therefore, experts recommend a U-like chain to lengthen.
  3. The seat is mounted at a distance of 0.8 m from the front end of the frame. This process is carried out through bolts.

As is clear from the foregoing, there is no particular difficulty in creating an adapter for the motoblock. Therefore, there is no need to overpay when buying such equipment, when everything can be done by hand. All components can be purchased in the store, or they can be found in the arsenal of any summer resident. Well, in extreme cases, tools can be borrowed from a neighbor.

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