How to make a spray gun with your own hands

Want to learn how to make a spray gun with your own hands? Now you once and for all forget about the tedious fuss with brushes and brushes. Indeed, to make a quality repair at home, it is not at all necessary to spend money on expensive professional airbrushes. All you need is patience and a little sharpness. We present you two ways to make a spray gun - budget and advanced.

Spray gun device

Spray gun device.

Method number 1: budget

It will take an ordinary fountain pen and a small piece of foam, like the one that is usually used to insulate balconies and make sound insulation. From foam, we cut the workpiece in the shape of your chosen container for paint. In the role of such a vessel can be any bottle with a rather wide neck. Carefully create a “detail” from foam plastic that could fit tightly into the bottle with its lower part.

The next step is drilling holes in our workpiece.

Airbrush from the gel pen and syringe

Airbrush from the gel pen and syringe.

  1. The first hole should be located at the very top and be vertical - this is where we insert the cut off piece of the rod from the long fountain pen. The stop can be a cork from the bottle that you have chosen to fill the paint with. Not only that all components for our home production cost a penny, so it is also completely waste-free!
  2. We perform the second hole horizontally and fix the pen case in it.

This completes the basic assembly of our airbrush. Fill the bottle with the paint you need and spray it on the surface to be painted, i.e. Simply we blow in tube from pens.

Move the handle bar and body until you adjust the jet size to the one you need. Of course, the more you blow into the phone, the stronger the pressure will be.

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Improving the new airbrush

Homemade airbrush

Homemade airbrush.

Of course, to achieve from such a "primeval" airbrush ideally even and thin spraying is unlikely to succeed. However, you can create quite interesting textures with it or paint them with neat drops. For example, to get a nice and natural wood structure on the door, to make a "fantasy" repair in the nursery, etc.

But what to do if you are coming more delicate painting events? The answer is obvious: our paint sprayer needs a small upgrade. Nothing complicated here. In a foam plastic cork, we make an additional hole vertically and insert a second rod into it (of smaller diameter than the first). All these manipulations are done in order to increase the pressure in the tank with paint and eventually achieve a more powerful spray jet without having to blow even more.

We drill another hole in the body of the pen and fix the third rod in it. Modernization of the spray gun is complete! An improved paint sprayer will not be afraid of even the most responsible repairs in your home, because now it is able to do its job more efficiently, and also deals with fairly thick paint without any problems.

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What should be taken into account when collecting the tool yourself?

There are several important points to remember about when starting to make a spray gun with your own hands:

The device receiver for the spray gun

The device receiver for the spray gun.

  1. Polyfoam, on the basis of which our spray gun is created, allows using only water-soluble paints. Otherwise, there is a risk that the paint will corrode its surface. If this restriction does not suit you, you will have to make a rubber stopper instead of foam plastic - rubber is completely resistant to the aggressive influence of solvents. But the core of the pen is not afraid of even the most powerful colors.
  2. It should be understood that such an airbrush does not differ too long life. If you want to use it quite actively, for example, to carry out a full repair with painting of all walls, we recommend to take the idea into service, but replace the materials with stronger and more durable ones.
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Method number 2: advanced

Scheme of the compressor with gear

Scheme of the compressor with gear.

Are you serious, would like to know how to make the gun more durable and get a more versatile assistant? A glass or plastic bottle comes to the rescue. It is on its basis that we will design the sprayer. Look for a bottle with a high-quality screw neck, its diameter should be at least 2-2.5 cm. You will also need a 20 cm tube made of copper or aluminum with a diameter of 4 mm. We bend it and attach a special tip to the lower end, which will connect the entire structure with a hairdressing spray or a vacuum cleaner.

Turn out the nozzle from the rod of brass and fix it on the upper end of the tube. In the role of the handle will bakelite handle. If the thickness of your workpiece is decent, it will not hurt to make a groove along the profile of the tube. We connect both parts of the handle with screws and grind them carefully.

The next step is to prepare a copper tube for suction with a diameter of about 2 mm and insert it into the brass socket from the plug.

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Finishing touches

We make a bracket from a sheet of steel, beforehand leaving an oval hole under the socket in it. Putting the top of the tube on the cone, another good cleaning - and you can begin to assemble.

The correct position of the spray gun when painting the surface

The correct position of the spray gun when painting the surface.

  1. The first step is to properly adjust the position of the suction tube. The top edge should be located approximately on the axis of the nozzle. Experiment with the height of the end of the tube until you achieve a spray of the desired quality - delicate and uniform.
  2. After the correct position is found, it will remain to glue or solder the tube to the socket itself.
  3. Glue the nest to the lid of the bottle, and then tighten the nut number 1.
  4. Nut number 2 will maintain the desired position in relation to the nozzle.

If you have a serious repair, a good idea would be to make nozzles with different bore diameter - so the spray gun will become even more versatile.

As you can see, the devil is not so terrible as he is painted: it is quite simple to make a spray gun with your own hands.

Successes you in creativity!

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